31st Aug 14 02:37:03Video Game.Warframe
26th Aug 14 12:59:45Video Game.Dishonored
22nd Aug 14 04:46:01Vancian Magic
19th Aug 14 10:27:52Characters.Dungeon Of The Endless
19th Aug 14 10:23:26Characters.Dungeon Of The Endless
19th Aug 14 09:19:59Level Locked Loot
19th Aug 14 08:54:22Exactly What It Says On The Tin
19th Aug 14 06:39:55Hopeless Boss Fight
18th Aug 14 04:30:46Door To Before
16th Aug 14 05:58:16The Battlestar
15th Aug 14 03:59:57Iaijutsu Practitioner
13th Aug 14 10:59:47Characters.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 10:12:28Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 10:10:09Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 10:05:21Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 10:04:32Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 10:03:49Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 10:03:19Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 11:15:46Steam
11th Aug 14 11:14:21Useful Notes.Unity
11th Aug 14 11:10:39Characters.Video Games
11th Aug 14 11:09:15Tropers.Arca
11th Aug 14 09:08:21Characters.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 09:06:06Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 09:05:19Characters.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 08:28:25Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 08:16:34Video Game.Dungeon Of The Endless
11th Aug 14 06:42:58Video Game.Endless Space
11th Aug 14 06:38:50Video Game.Endless Space
1st Aug 14 02:36:17Fridge.XCOM Enemy Unknown
1st Aug 14 01:40:02Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
28th Jul 14 07:32:45One Man Army.Real Life
28th Jul 14 11:47:18Characters.XCOM Enemy Unknown
28th Jul 14 01:49:51Pokemon Speak
28th Jul 14 01:35:42Characters.Ace Combat Assault Horizon
28th Jul 14 01:17:33Video Game.Ace Combat Assault Horizon
28th Jul 14 01:16:44Video Game.Ace Combat Assault Horizon
28th Jul 14 12:42:14Creator.Steve Blum
28th Jul 14 12:33:43Characters.Ace Combat Assault Horizon
23rd Jul 14 02:07:05Video Game.Spiral Knights
17th Jul 14 08:14:47Video Game.Spiral Knights
17th Jul 14 07:36:57Final Boss New Dimension
15th Jul 14 06:37:36Cool Sword
15th Jun 14 09:28:21Video Game.Transistor
2nd Jun 14 03:34:07Video Game.Luftrausers
1st Jun 14 07:39:04Video Game.PAYDAY 2
1st Jun 14 12:48:42Video Game.Luftrausers
26th May 14 08:13:46Characters.Warframe
26th May 14 07:32:54Having A Blast
26th May 14 05:08:38YMMV.Warframe
26th May 14 04:38:55Video Game.Warframe
23rd May 14 08:09:46Real Time Strategy
22nd May 14 06:47:14Characters.Transistor
22nd May 14 03:56:38Video Game.Transistor
22nd May 14 03:55:41Characters.Transistor
22nd May 14 12:15:00Characters.Transistor
21st May 14 11:57:19Characters.Transistor
21st May 14 11:51:09WMG.Transistor
21st May 14 06:58:01Characters.Transistor
21st May 14 05:12:15YMMV.Transistor
21st May 14 05:09:02Video Game.Transistor
21st May 14 05:08:10Video Game.Transistor
21st May 14 05:07:27Video Game.Transistor
21st May 14 02:06:18Video Game.Transistor
21st May 14 01:46:32YMMV.Transistor
21st May 14 01:34:12Video Game.Transistor
19th May 14 04:03:12Characters.Shadowrun Returns
9th May 14 03:24:05Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
9th May 14 09:02:23Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
9th May 14 09:01:46Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
7th May 14 04:15:55Characters.Shadowrun Returns
7th May 14 03:39:15Videogame.Shadowrun Returns
5th May 14 03:33:12Bavarian Fire Drill
3rd May 14 11:33:17Video Game.Hawken
1st May 14 10:10:03Characters.Hawken
1st May 14 12:25:37Characters.Hawken
30th Apr 14 01:19:26Secondary Fire
29th Apr 14 09:53:19Video Game.Hawken
29th Apr 14 09:45:38Characters.Hawken
28th Apr 14 07:45:05Gratuitous Foreign Language
28th Apr 14 07:38:21Guns Akimbo
28th Apr 14 07:37:05Guns Akimbo
28th Apr 14 10:52:45Characters.XCOM Enemy Unknown
28th Apr 14 10:52:19Characters.XCOM Enemy Unknown
28th Apr 14 10:21:31Characters.XCOM Enemy Unknown
28th Apr 14 09:58:29One Stat To Rule Them All
28th Apr 14 02:55:37An Interior Designer Is You
27th Apr 14 06:45:57Characters.Hawken
27th Apr 14 06:22:08Video Game.Hawken
27th Apr 14 06:17:08Video Game.Hawken
26th Apr 14 06:35:59Characters.Warframe
26th Apr 14 05:44:21Did You Actually Believe
24th Apr 14 05:15:21Video Game.Warframe
24th Apr 14 05:00:57Video Game.Warframe
23rd Apr 14 12:05:21Hit And Run Tactics
4th Apr 14 04:18:57Tabletop Game.Numenera
4th Apr 14 11:23:32Tabletop Game.Numenera
3rd Apr 14 06:27:59Tabletop Game.Numenera
1st Apr 14 03:58:12Bathos
29th Mar 14 07:43:10Excuse Plot
28th Mar 14 10:08:59Video Game.Unreal Tournament
27th Mar 14 09:03:50Trivia.Red Faction
27th Mar 14 09:03:27YMMV.Red Faction
27th Mar 14 08:59:37Franchise.Red Faction
27th Mar 14 08:44:59Phlebotinum Rebel
24th Mar 14 04:06:17No Flow In CGI
24th Mar 14 02:48:41Hand Blast
23rd Mar 14 05:19:48Video Game.X Com
23rd Mar 14 04:55:49Depleted Phlebotinum Shells
22nd Mar 14 03:57:02Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
5th Mar 14 09:10:57Characters.PAYDAY The Heist
5th Mar 14 08:36:26Awesome.PAYDAY The Heist
5th Mar 14 08:15:23Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
28th Feb 14 01:21:09Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
25th Feb 14 06:59:07Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
21st Feb 14 05:00:40Vibro Weapon
19th Feb 14 04:37:37Video Game.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
19th Feb 14 03:53:12Video Game.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
17th Feb 14 11:40:30Hot Blade
17th Feb 14 11:35:42Hot Blade
17th Feb 14 07:07:54Quotes.Schlock Mercenary
1st Feb 14 06:42:59Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
25th Jan 14 05:21:16Video Game.Warframe
25th Jan 14 05:03:14Scarf Of Asskicking
18th Jan 14 07:30:18Sci Fi Name Buzz Words
18th Jan 14 07:09:22Anime.Space Dandy
11th Jan 14 05:47:54Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
11th Jan 14 12:17:20Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
4th Jan 14 10:54:41Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
1st Jan 14 04:17:45Corridor Cubbyhole Run
31st Dec 13 08:47:19Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
30th Dec 13 02:49:30Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
30th Dec 13 07:29:46Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
30th Dec 13 07:23:30Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
30th Dec 13 07:20:24Trivia.PAYDAY The Heist
30th Dec 13 04:06:14Red And Black And Evil All Over
30th Dec 13 03:41:21Shock And Awe
30th Dec 13 02:00:48Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
28th Dec 13 06:14:57Funny.PAYDAY The Heist
28th Dec 13 12:41:36The Cartel
23rd Dec 13 04:42:38Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
23rd Dec 13 01:28:06Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
22nd Dec 13 10:48:33Shout Out.PAYDAY The Heist
21st Dec 13 01:26:44Video Game.PAYDAY The Heist
19th Dec 13 05:17:31Video Game.Warframe
19th Dec 13 04:50:38Video Game.Warframe
2nd Dec 13 11:05:31Shout Out.Saints Row IV
1st Dec 13 08:41:04Trivia.Saints Row IV
29th Nov 13 08:14:25Trivia.Risk Of Rain
29th Nov 13 08:11:01Video Game.Risk Of Rain
29th Nov 13 07:57:42Characters.Risk Of Rain
28th Nov 13 01:26:22Creator.Troy Baker
28th Nov 13 01:23:35Creator.Troy Baker
28th Nov 13 07:24:19Video Game.Path Of Exile
25th Nov 13 06:07:03Video Game.Risk Of Rain
25th Nov 13 05:04:07Characters.Risk Of Rain
24th Nov 13 02:06:24Characters.Risk Of Rain
23rd Nov 13 08:29:50Video Game.Risk Of Rain
23rd Nov 13 06:32:39Characters.Risk Of Rain
23rd Nov 13 06:31:46Characters.Risk Of Rain
23rd Nov 13 06:16:35Characters.Risk Of Rain
23rd Nov 13 04:18:05Video Game.Risk Of Rain
23rd Nov 13 02:09:00Video Game.Risk Of Rain
10th Nov 13 09:01:09Quotes.Schlock Mercenary
1st Nov 13 07:39:32Stop Motion
25th Oct 13 07:34:28Video Game.Warframe
25th Oct 13 07:03:35Video Game.Warframe
20th Oct 13 07:31:55Quotes.Schlock Mercenary
17th Oct 13 05:19:37Exotic Eye Designs
12th Oct 13 05:32:31Video Game.Homeworld
30th Sep 13 02:30:42Tabletop Game.Only War
29th Sep 13 02:19:55The Little Detecto
29th Sep 13 11:25:31Faster Than Light Travel
27th Sep 13 02:23:59Video Game.Warframe
24th Sep 13 04:18:26Video Game.Homeworld
24th Sep 13 11:23:33Video Game.Homeworld
24th Sep 13 11:14:46Video Game.Homeworld
21st Sep 13 07:03:56Video Game.Star Wars Republic Commando
21st Sep 13 02:21:04Video Game.Star Wars Republic Commando
16th Sep 13 05:50:55Automatic Crossbows
10th Sep 13 05:20:56Video Game.Hard Reset
9th Sep 13 09:22:54Video Game.Hard Reset
2nd Sep 13 12:50:28Video Game.Hard Reset
29th Aug 13 06:46:53Web Video.Crash Course
27th Aug 13 09:13:32Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
27th Aug 13 07:54:47Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
15th Aug 13 02:13:31Video Game.Warframe
14th Aug 13 07:05:55Tabletop Game.Deathwatch
5th Aug 13 01:22:54Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
5th Aug 13 09:34:35Video Game.Shadowrun Returns
3rd Aug 13 01:02:23Western Animation.Oban Star Racers
3rd Aug 13 12:44:14Characters.Oban Star Racers
3rd Aug 13 12:15:46Video Game.Shadowrun Returns
31st Jul 13 07:18:52Western Animation.Oban Star Racers
29th Jul 13 04:47:54Not Helping Your Case
29th Jul 13 02:21:06Cast From Lifespan
27th Jul 13 03:29:52Tricked Out Gloves
27th Jul 13 03:25:10Characters.Warframe
26th Jul 13 03:17:35Having A Blast
24th Jul 13 05:16:49Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
24th Jul 13 04:28:52Video Game.X-COM
23rd Jul 13 07:58:32All According To Plan
23rd Jul 13 07:36:24Pandaing To The Audience
23rd Jul 13 07:35:34Pandaing To The Audience
12th Jul 13 11:00:43Characters.Warframe
5th Jul 13 01:35:34Epic Rocking
1st Jul 13 03:58:28Rainbow Pimp Gear
30th Jun 13 01:29:57Alliterative Name.Video Games
30th Jun 13 04:56:19YMMV.Final Fantasy XIV
30th Jun 13 04:55:56Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
29th Jun 13 09:20:56Sharpened To A Single Atom
18th Jun 13 01:10:23Video Game.Warframe
14th Jun 13 09:22:29Video Game.Warframe
11th Jun 13 01:51:00YMMV.Metal Fatigue
11th Jun 13 01:45:51Video Game.Metal Fatigue
11th Jun 13 12:13:45Funny.Gunpoint
10th Jun 13 04:30:05Video Game.Warframe
10th Jun 13 03:27:46Video Game.Warframe
9th Jun 13 01:07:51Video Game.Warframe
8th Jun 13 02:23:56Video Game.Warframe
8th Jun 13 04:46:56Video Game.Warframe
8th Jun 13 03:20:45Video Game.Warframe
8th Jun 13 02:02:44Video Game.Warframe
7th Jun 13 06:22:43Video Game.Warframe
7th Jun 13 05:42:29Video Game.Warframe
6th Jun 13 11:17:34Chinese Vampire
6th Jun 13 11:14:07Video Game.Warframe
5th Jun 13 09:38:49Video Game.Warframe
4th Jun 13 10:49:32Video Game.Warframe
3rd Jun 13 08:27:47YMMV.Warframe
3rd Jun 13 02:09:05Video Game.Warframe
3rd Jun 13 01:48:26Video Game.Warframe
2nd Jun 13 03:10:17Video Game.Warframe
1st Jun 13 10:53:03Video Game.Warframe
31st May 13 05:00:15Video Game.Dust An Elysian Tail
31st May 13 04:00:52Video Game.Warframe
30th May 13 08:19:20Video Game.Warframe
30th May 13 03:02:59Video Game.Dust An Elysian Tail
29th May 13 10:18:00Video Game.Warframe
29th May 13 10:02:14Video Game.Dust An Elysian Tail
27th May 13 06:57:50Video Game.Warframe
27th May 13 06:55:51Video Game.Warframe
17th May 13 10:23:44Manga.Outlaw Star
10th May 13 08:48:26Video Game.Warframe
10th May 13 08:39:46Video Game.Warframe
10th May 13 08:00:04YMMV.Warframe
10th May 13 07:54:57Video Game.Warframe
8th May 13 08:33:58Video Game.Warframe
7th May 13 02:16:32Video Game.Warframe
7th May 13 02:05:41Video Game.Warframe
7th May 13 01:52:10Video Game.Warframe
7th May 13 10:19:39Characters.Warframe
7th May 13 09:32:03Video Game.Warframe
24th Apr 13 10:30:09Video Game.Warframe
24th Apr 13 07:34:35Video Game.Warframe
14th Apr 13 12:45:23Characters.Warframe
2nd Apr 13 10:47:39Video Game.Sniper Elite V 2
2nd Apr 13 10:44:15This Cannot Be
2nd Apr 13 06:36:49Ghostapo
2nd Apr 13 06:32:43Video Game.Sniper Elite V 2
2nd Apr 13 06:27:23Video Game.Sniper Elite V 2
29th Mar 13 03:39:19Brand X
28th Mar 13 03:17:46Funny.Samurai Jack
28th Mar 13 01:52:28Planet Of Dunce Caps
24th Mar 13 09:54:22Samurai
23rd Mar 13 04:43:26Video Game.Warframe
23rd Mar 13 11:42:12Video Game.Warframe
22nd Mar 13 09:46:51Blade Below The Shoulder
22nd Mar 13 08:23:14Western Animation.Samurai Jack
16th Mar 13 05:18:02Our Werewolves Are Different
8th Mar 13 12:09:05Funny.Dead Space 3
8th Mar 13 12:05:03Trivia.Dead Space 3
2nd Mar 13 04:59:31Video Game.Warframe
2nd Mar 13 04:34:52Video Game.Warframe
2nd Mar 13 02:42:07Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
1st Mar 13 02:35:53Video Game.Warframe
28th Feb 13 01:21:13Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
28th Feb 13 12:52:19Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
27th Feb 13 10:22:04Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
27th Feb 13 08:23:09Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
27th Feb 13 04:30:43Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
22nd Feb 13 02:55:12Video Game.Warframe
22nd Feb 13 02:54:51Video Game.Warframe
22nd Feb 13 11:34:53Video Game.Warframe
21st Feb 13 12:46:58Video Game.Warframe
19th Feb 13 09:30:19Video Game.Warframe
12th Feb 13 11:14:06Video Game.Warframe
10th Feb 13 12:41:52Badass Longcoat
10th Feb 13 12:39:04Badass Longcoat
10th Feb 13 09:30:28Roleplay.Skyrates Roleplay
10th Feb 13 08:17:51Video Game.Planetary Annihilation
9th Feb 13 09:21:06YMMV.Warframe
9th Feb 13 09:20:55Video Game.Warframe
8th Feb 13 05:30:30Video Game.Warframe
8th Feb 13 12:51:22Video Game.Warframe
8th Feb 13 03:39:01Divide And Conquer
5th Feb 13 11:12:56Video Game.Warframe
5th Feb 13 06:24:54Complacent Gaming Syndrome
5th Feb 13 04:54:47Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
3rd Feb 13 09:09:54Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
2nd Feb 13 09:07:41Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
2nd Feb 13 09:00:28YMMV.Blacklight Retribution
2nd Feb 13 06:03:17Video Game.Warframe
2nd Feb 13 01:58:54Video Game.Warframe
1st Feb 13 02:05:28Video Game.Warframe
1st Feb 13 11:20:03Video Game.Warframe
31st Jan 13 02:36:48Video Game.Warframe
31st Jan 13 02:31:03Video Game.Warframe
31st Jan 13 02:05:13Our Liches Are Different
30th Jan 13 08:19:31Webcomic.JL 8
30th Jan 13 12:41:12Big Friendly Dog
28th Jan 13 10:40:07One Hit Polykill
28th Jan 13 10:34:47Video Game.Warframe
27th Jan 13 02:28:46Roleplay.Skyrates Roleplay
25th Jan 13 10:36:23Video Game.Warframe
24th Jan 13 01:26:00Video Game.Warframe
19th Jan 13 10:23:06Video Game.Warframe
18th Jan 13 06:33:25Blade Spam
18th Jan 13 06:06:39Video Game.Warframe
18th Jan 13 03:43:00Power Tattoo
17th Jan 13 03:42:20Video Game.Warframe
16th Jan 13 03:39:13Never Gets Drunk
16th Jan 13 07:42:57Video Game.Warframe
16th Jan 13 07:30:43YMMV.Warframe
16th Jan 13 07:29:40YMMV.Warframe
15th Jan 13 08:26:24Video Game.Warframe
14th Jan 13 10:24:50Videogame Settings
14th Jan 13 09:59:12Video Game.Dark Void
14th Jan 13 09:58:56Video Game.Dark Void
14th Jan 13 09:53:43Video Game.Dark Void
13th Jan 13 10:24:19Characters.Freefall
13th Jan 13 06:33:32Devil But No God
12th Jan 13 10:25:35Tropers Do It.With Video Games
12th Jan 13 06:51:32Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
12th Jan 13 03:11:17Video Game.Warframe
11th Jan 13 01:00:19Lame Rhyme Dodge
11th Jan 13 12:42:19Video Game.Warframe
11th Jan 13 07:22:54Video Game.Warframe
10th Jan 13 05:00:46Video Game.Warframe
8th Jan 13 04:40:46Single Stroke Battle
5th Jan 13 08:52:06Video Game.Far Cry 3
5th Jan 13 06:59:01Knife Fight
4th Jan 13 01:43:15Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
3rd Jan 13 03:21:49Webcomic.The Whiteboard
3rd Jan 13 02:47:02Characters.Far Cry 3
2nd Jan 13 11:46:50Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
31st Dec 12 04:29:14Character Alignment
28th Dec 12 07:41:37Just Following Orders
27th Dec 12 10:27:59Quotes.He Who Fights Monsters
26th Dec 12 10:26:01Intelligent Gerbil
25th Dec 12 08:29:03Hostile Waters
25th Dec 12 08:16:37YMMV.Hostile Waters
25th Dec 12 03:31:37Hostile Waters
24th Dec 12 11:06:25Hostile Waters
24th Dec 12 05:06:26Military Mash Up Machine
24th Dec 12 04:58:10Hostile Waters
21st Dec 12 04:29:35Video Game.Fallout 3
13th Dec 12 05:47:49Video Game.Sine Mora
13th Dec 12 04:59:47Sugar Wiki.Genius Programming
12th Dec 12 03:06:43Scenery Porn
11th Dec 12 07:48:30Helmets Are Hardly Heroic
11th Dec 12 07:22:16Video Game.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
11th Dec 12 07:03:49Video Game.Sine Mora
10th Dec 12 08:44:17And Your Reward Is Clothes
10th Dec 12 08:14:22Video Game.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
10th Dec 12 08:09:41One Riot One Ranger
10th Dec 12 08:09:00One Riot One Ranger
10th Dec 12 06:13:20Video Game.Sine Mora
10th Dec 12 05:18:10Smart Bomb
10th Dec 12 01:55:13Video Game.Sine Mora
10th Dec 12 01:33:29Video Game.Sine Mora
10th Dec 12 01:17:24Video Game.Sine Mora
9th Dec 12 12:51:26YMMV.Borderlands 2
9th Dec 12 12:42:35Characters.Borderlands 2
8th Dec 12 09:09:13Video Game.Sine Mora
8th Dec 12 06:50:57Video Game.Sine Mora
8th Dec 12 06:40:16Video Game.Sine Mora
8th Dec 12 12:26:59Characters.Borderlands 2
8th Dec 12 12:20:36Characters.Video Games
8th Dec 12 12:16:09Characters.Sine Mora
8th Dec 12 04:40:01Characters.Sine Mora
7th Dec 12 08:48:30Characters.Sine Mora
6th Dec 12 10:46:34Awesome.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
29th Nov 12 09:03:53Awesome Music.PC Only
19th Nov 12 11:24:04Awesome Mc Coolname
18th Nov 12 11:38:58Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
16th Nov 12 11:10:47Slashed Throat
16th Nov 12 11:05:32Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
13th Nov 12 07:09:01Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
13th Nov 12 05:56:11Video Game.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
7th Nov 12 01:04:04Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
6th Nov 12 03:13:05Video Game.Dawn Of War
6th Nov 12 03:08:09Video Game.Dawn Of War
2nd Nov 12 10:06:45Video Game.Blacklight Retribution
2nd Nov 12 09:35:14Tabletop Game.Only War
26th Oct 12 04:09:43Heartwarming.Fallen London
26th Oct 12 02:42:04Video Game.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
26th Oct 12 02:27:28Funny.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
25th Oct 12 10:23:12YMMV.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
25th Oct 12 10:18:45Video Game.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012

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