Aquila 89's Recent Edits

24th Aug 16 03:03:26Music.Roy Zimmerman
23rd Aug 16 02:03:29Creator.Lupita Nyong O
22nd Aug 16 02:28:34Film.Black Swan
22nd Aug 16 02:25:22Literature.The Catcher In The Rye
22nd Aug 16 02:09:07Film.Free State Of Jones
22nd Aug 16 10:55:13Western Animation.Anomalisa
22nd Aug 16 10:54:29Creator.Jennifer Jason Leigh
22nd Aug 16 08:12:37Game Of Thrones.Tropes A
22nd Aug 16 03:38:04Price On Their Head
22nd Aug 16 02:29:18Creator.Matthew Vaughn
22nd Aug 16 02:14:15Creator.Aaron Sorkin
22nd Aug 16 02:12:47Creator.Jonah Hill
22nd Aug 16 02:01:45Trivia.Sausage Party
21st Aug 16 09:37:44Critical Dissonance.Film
21st Aug 16 09:29:52Critical Dissonance.Film
21st Aug 16 05:15:53Series.Fawlty Towers
21st Aug 16 05:15:27Series.Fawlty Towers
21st Aug 16 04:59:45Trivia.On Golden Pond
21st Aug 16 12:53:45YMMV.The Revenant
21st Aug 16 12:53:17YMMV.The Revenant
19th Aug 16 09:15:59Game Of Thrones.Tropes L To O
19th Aug 16 04:14:01Tear Jerker.Game Of Thrones
19th Aug 16 02:02:54Quotes.Et Tu Brute
19th Aug 16 02:02:05Quotes.Et Tu Brute
17th Aug 16 01:24:25Creator.Woody Allen
17th Aug 16 05:22:55Quotes.New Meat
17th Aug 16 03:23:12Film.Everyone Says I Love You
17th Aug 16 03:20:56Film.Everyone Says I Love You
17th Aug 16 03:12:30Creator.Woody Allen
17th Aug 16 03:09:40Creator.Woody Allen
17th Aug 16 03:09:01Creator.Woody Allen
16th Aug 16 02:16:10Creator.Woody Allen
16th Aug 16 01:59:51Trivia.Sausage Party
16th Aug 16 01:40:18YMMV.Sausage Party
16th Aug 16 06:29:29Creator.Paul Rudd
16th Aug 16 04:39:37Characters.Two And A Half Men
16th Aug 16 04:37:53Characters.Two And A Half Men
15th Aug 16 02:56:57Audience Alienating Premise
15th Aug 16 02:48:26Audience Alienating Premise
15th Aug 16 02:41:29YMMV.Suicide Squad 2016
14th Aug 16 02:19:09Quotes.Everyone Loves Blondes
14th Aug 16 10:14:21Trivia.Florence Foster Jenkins
14th Aug 16 08:38:48Trivia.Sausage Party
14th Aug 16 08:38:15Trivia.Sausage Party
14th Aug 16 08:35:43Trivia.Sausage Party
13th Aug 16 09:38:00Series.American Crime Story
13th Aug 16 07:59:52Theatre.RUR
13th Aug 16 04:09:57Trivia.Suicide Squad 2016
12th Aug 16 11:04:39Calvinball
12th Aug 16 07:26:03Creator.Nintendo
10th Aug 16 12:11:14Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
10th Aug 16 12:09:02Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
10th Aug 16 10:22:34Literature.Flowers For Algernon
10th Aug 16 02:06:33Literature.Game Change
9th Aug 16 02:45:22Quotes.Boardwalk Empire
9th Aug 16 02:42:25Fake Irish
8th Aug 16 02:16:14Recap.Futurama S 7 E 25 Stench And Stenchability
8th Aug 16 02:13:44Recap.Futurama S 7 E 25 Stench And Stenchability
8th Aug 16 01:12:41Film.The Country Girl
7th Aug 16 12:07:29Comic Book.Maus
7th Aug 16 12:05:19Comic Book.Maus
7th Aug 16 11:57:55As Himself
6th Aug 16 12:03:20Creator.Jesse Eisenberg
6th Aug 16 12:02:55Creator.Jesse Eisenberg
6th Aug 16 11:13:36Theatre.A View From The Bridge
6th Aug 16 10:29:51Discworld.Small Gods
6th Aug 16 10:25:16Discworld.Small Gods
6th Aug 16 10:23:57Discworld.Small Gods
6th Aug 16 10:18:49Flat World
6th Aug 16 02:11:53Trivia.Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium
6th Aug 16 01:42:17Funny.Reservoir Dogs
6th Aug 16 01:09:38Dawson Casting.Live Action TV
5th Aug 16 02:56:24Creator.Ben Affleck
5th Aug 16 04:12:48Useful Notes.HM The Queen
4th Aug 16 11:25:02Series.A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
4th Aug 16 11:05:36Funny.VEEP
4th Aug 16 09:43:34Creator.Kate Winslet
4th Aug 16 12:53:04Characters.Boardwalk Empire Chicago Gangsters
4th Aug 16 12:52:40Characters.Boardwalk Empire Chicago Gangsters
3rd Aug 16 02:47:05Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister Household
3rd Aug 16 02:36:53Overly Long Name.Real Life
2nd Aug 16 11:53:24Creator.Jonah Hill
2nd Aug 16 11:52:35Creator.Seth Rogen
2nd Aug 16 03:31:12Series.Louie
2nd Aug 16 12:32:06Comic Book.The Night Gwen Stacy Died
2nd Aug 16 05:49:06Genius Cripple
2nd Aug 16 05:47:09Disposable Sex Worker
31st Jul 16 11:40:28Literature.American Psycho
31st Jul 16 06:38:21All Girls Want Bad Boys
31st Jul 16 02:58:32YMMV.The Secret Life Of Pets
31st Jul 16 02:27:27Characters.Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
31st Jul 16 02:10:32Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 10 The Winds Of Winter
31st Jul 16 12:45:54Politicians Kiss Babies
31st Jul 16 12:12:05Literature.The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
31st Jul 16 12:04:28Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
30th Jul 16 01:26:41Creator.Drew Barrymore
30th Jul 16 02:17:25Suspiciously Specific Denial
30th Jul 16 02:16:58Suspiciously Specific Denial
29th Jul 16 07:21:01Hot Gypsy Woman
29th Jul 16 07:04:05Theatre.Mother Courage And Her Children
28th Jul 16 01:40:01Series.Would I Lie To You
28th Jul 16 10:06:34Webcomic.Menage A 3
27th Jul 16 08:14:36Hot Springs Episode
27th Jul 16 05:22:41Game Of Thrones.Tropes P To S
26th Jul 16 12:13:09YMMV.Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips
26th Jul 16 08:49:58Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
26th Jul 16 08:03:03Literature.Room
26th Jul 16 08:00:53Literature.Room
23rd Jul 16 04:41:55Characters.Menage A 3
22nd Jul 16 03:03:20Funny.Mock The Week
20th Jul 16 02:03:55Funny.Burn After Reading
20th Jul 16 12:46:03Quotes.Finnegans Wake
20th Jul 16 12:45:34Quotes.Finnegans Wake
18th Jul 16 03:39:21Theatre.RUR
18th Jul 16 04:56:12Literature.The Drawing Of The Three
17th Jul 16 11:49:02Trivia.The Legend Of Tarzan
17th Jul 16 11:46:25Trivia.The Legend Of Tarzan
15th Jul 16 03:20:41YMMV.Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
15th Jul 16 12:18:31Film.The Queen
14th Jul 16 04:54:13Stop Being Stereotypical
14th Jul 16 04:51:57D Cup Distress
14th Jul 16 04:50:12D Cup Distress
13th Jul 16 02:33:20Music.Roy Zimmerman
13th Jul 16 02:32:26Music.Roy Zimmerman
11th Jul 16 03:17:53Screenwriters
11th Jul 16 03:09:10Funny.American Crime Story
11th Jul 16 01:29:08Creator.Elizabeth Taylor
9th Jul 16 10:01:42Western Animation.The Secret Life Of Pets
9th Jul 16 09:47:27Western Animation.The Secret Life Of Pets
8th Jul 16 12:28:19YMMV.Jade
8th Jul 16 12:27:53YMMV.Jade
8th Jul 16 09:51:27Creator.Ang Lee
8th Jul 16 09:50:32Creator.Vin Diesel
8th Jul 16 09:40:57Music.Destinys Child
8th Jul 16 07:38:47Useful Notes.Nero
7th Jul 16 12:28:24Useful Notes.Josef Stalin
5th Jul 16 09:55:02The Mourning After
5th Jul 16 02:40:02Literature.Firestarter
4th Jul 16 01:31:11Creator.Emilia Clarke
3rd Jul 16 07:36:51Creator.Kristen Stewart
3rd Jul 16 07:33:11Series.Two And A Half Men
3rd Jul 16 07:32:17Series.Cybill
3rd Jul 16 07:30:29Series.Cybill
2nd Jul 16 02:12:06Film.Black Swan
2nd Jul 16 06:55:11Literature.Malevil
2nd Jul 16 05:26:23Series.Real Time With Bill Maher
30th Jun 16 03:24:18Series.Veep
29th Jun 16 01:52:42Funny.VEEP
29th Jun 16 01:49:09Characters.Veep
27th Jun 16 02:00:58Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 10 The Winds Of Winter
27th Jun 16 05:06:18Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 10 The Winds Of Winter
27th Jun 16 05:03:54YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 10 The Winds Of Winter
27th Jun 16 04:09:36Funny.Game Of Thrones Season Five Onwards
26th Jun 16 02:32:38Popcultural Osmosis
26th Jun 16 10:29:13Literature.Geralds Game
26th Jun 16 10:07:19Affectionate Nickname
25th Jun 16 02:35:41Characters.The Stand
21st Jun 16 03:44:41Quotes.Cessation Of Existence
21st Jun 16 05:33:53Funny.The Honeymooners
20th Jun 16 04:47:12Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
20th Jun 16 03:07:28Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
20th Jun 16 03:11:21Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
20th Jun 16 03:11:03Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
19th Jun 16 12:51:13Film.Me Before You
19th Jun 16 12:32:10Literature.Baudolino
18th Jun 16 08:21:41Creator.Ron Howard
18th Jun 16 06:59:23Funny.X Wing Series
17th Jun 16 04:17:20Music.Richard Wagner
17th Jun 16 05:43:32Suppressed Mammaries
17th Jun 16 01:18:57Film.The Bad And The Beautiful
16th Jun 16 02:12:36Literature.American Psycho
16th Jun 16 12:58:35Quotes.All Crimes Are Equal
16th Jun 16 12:51:30Advert Overloaded Future
16th Jun 16 11:58:59Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister Household
14th Jun 16 02:55:37Analogy Backfire
14th Jun 16 02:40:28Creator.Jessica Lange
13th Jun 16 12:58:50Series.Veep
13th Jun 16 06:30:02Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 8 No One
13th Jun 16 05:50:44Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
13th Jun 16 05:48:26Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
12th Jun 16 06:02:40Creator.Melissa Mc Carthy
12th Jun 16 05:16:09Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
12th Jun 16 05:12:35Literature.Elmer Gantry
12th Jun 16 02:59:35Quotes.The Dung Ages
12th Jun 16 02:59:16Quotes.The Dung Ages
12th Jun 16 02:48:42Literature.The Diary Of Samuel Pepys
11th Jun 16 02:54:39Series.Boardwalk Empire
11th Jun 16 02:43:37The Danza
11th Jun 16 02:39:06Trivia.Hail Caesar
10th Jun 16 10:17:51Vengeance Feels Empty
10th Jun 16 04:06:34Creator.Woody Allen
10th Jun 16 04:02:34Creator.Woody Allen
9th Jun 16 02:34:07Characters.Austin Powers
9th Jun 16 10:42:46Tear Jerker.A Song Of Ice And Fire
9th Jun 16 10:42:05Tear Jerker.A Song Of Ice And Fire
9th Jun 16 05:52:25Film.Return Of The Jedi
9th Jun 16 04:21:36Country Matters
9th Jun 16 04:10:21Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
8th Jun 16 04:50:24Creator.Seth Rogen
8th Jun 16 03:02:31Film.The Seven Year Itch
8th Jun 16 08:05:54Characters.Game Of Thrones Other Northern Houses
8th Jun 16 07:42:10Creator.Marlon Brando
8th Jun 16 05:27:01Characters.Veep
8th Jun 16 05:24:59Characters.Veep
8th Jun 16 05:21:04Characters.Veep
8th Jun 16 01:59:04Funny.VEEP
8th Jun 16 01:53:03Funny.VEEP
8th Jun 16 01:52:08Characters.Veep
7th Jun 16 06:55:53Quotes.Game Of Thrones
7th Jun 16 06:55:24Quotes.Game Of Thrones
7th Jun 16 06:55:00Quotes.Game Of Thrones
7th Jun 16 06:50:17Quotes.Game Of Thrones
7th Jun 16 06:44:03Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 7 The Broken Man
6th Jun 16 03:13:51Finger Forced Smile
6th Jun 16 06:42:55Series.Veep
6th Jun 16 06:36:42Series.Veep
6th Jun 16 02:22:28Series.Veep
5th Jun 16 11:42:37Recap.The Simpsons S 3 E 20 Colonel Homer
5th Jun 16 11:32:19Creator.Emilia Clarke
4th Jun 16 04:41:46Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
4th Jun 16 07:59:28Characters.Veep
4th Jun 16 07:22:57Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister Household
4th Jun 16 06:14:06Padding
2nd Jun 16 03:16:44Music.Prince
2nd Jun 16 02:25:00Quotes.Boardwalk Empire
2nd Jun 16 02:37:31Quotes.My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
1st Jun 16 11:41:10Quotes.Game Of Thrones
31st May 16 04:12:46Creator.David Bradley
31st May 16 03:43:50Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 6 Blood Of My Blood
30th May 16 01:43:30Characters.Veep
30th May 16 11:32:14Characters.Veep
29th May 16 02:56:25Funny.South Park
29th May 16 02:55:26Funny.South Park
28th May 16 09:17:21Game Of Thrones.Tropes B
27th May 16 03:08:16Useful Notes.Cleopatra VII
27th May 16 02:58:16Creator.Gaius Julius Caesar
27th May 16 02:55:44Third Person Person.Real Life
27th May 16 02:35:51Literature.Different Seasons
27th May 16 07:49:20The Talk
27th May 16 07:10:00Quotes.Game Of Thrones
27th May 16 06:34:25Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
27th May 16 06:32:04Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
27th May 16 06:21:36Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
27th May 16 06:08:58Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 5 The Door
27th May 16 03:40:56Creator.Dorothy Parker
26th May 16 04:17:00YMMV.The Call Of Cthulhu
26th May 16 02:52:51The Lost Lenore
26th May 16 02:32:09Characters.Game Of Thrones Wildlings
26th May 16 02:23:41Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 5 The Door
26th May 16 02:18:43YMMV.Harrison Bergeron
25th May 16 12:01:16Creator.HP Lovecraft
25th May 16 12:00:30Creator.HP Lovecraft
25th May 16 11:53:30Creator.HP Lovecraft
25th May 16 11:27:23Literature.The Colour Out Of Space
23rd May 16 12:50:09YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 5 The Door
21st May 16 04:39:38Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 1 To 8
21st May 16 04:37:48Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 1 To 8
21st May 16 08:30:08Quotes.Humans Are Special
21st May 16 08:29:48Quotes.Humans Are Special
21st May 16 08:17:02Theatre.Othello
21st May 16 07:58:36Card Carrying Villain.Theater
21st May 16 07:57:14Card Carrying Villain.Theater
17th May 16 08:49:20Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon
17th May 16 07:36:43Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
17th May 16 07:35:23Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 2 Home
17th May 16 07:29:24Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 4 Book Of The Stranger
17th May 16 07:18:25YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 4 Book Of The Stranger
17th May 16 05:56:13Film.Little Miss Sunshine
17th May 16 02:20:12Characters.Veep
17th May 16 02:12:15Characters.Veep
17th May 16 02:05:06Characters.Veep
17th May 16 02:01:58Characters.Veep
16th May 16 03:38:51Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark
16th May 16 04:31:49YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 4 Book Of The Stranger
16th May 16 04:30:39Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 4 Book Of The Stranger
16th May 16 04:04:47Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 4 Book Of The Stranger
16th May 16 02:16:45Series.Veep
16th May 16 02:12:41Funny.VEEP
16th May 16 02:10:43Series.Veep
16th May 16 02:07:28Characters.Veep
16th May 16 12:38:10YMMV.Veep
15th May 16 03:38:47Literature.All Quiet On The Western Front
12th May 16 09:10:07Series.American Crime Story
10th May 16 03:10:05Creator.Natalie Portman
10th May 16 12:50:23Funny.Game Of Thrones Season Five Onwards
9th May 16 04:07:31Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 3 Oathbreaker
9th May 16 03:57:45Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 3 Oathbreaker
9th May 16 11:08:19Characters.Game Of Thrones Nights Watch
9th May 16 11:06:33Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 3 Oathbreaker
7th May 16 02:30:25Film.Dial M For Murder
7th May 16 02:17:11Creator.Ray Milland
7th May 16 01:26:18Quotes.Godwins Law
7th May 16 01:25:52Quotes.Godwins Law
7th May 16 08:22:52Discworld.Moving Pictures
5th May 16 11:15:57Tear Jerker.A Song Of Ice And Fire
5th May 16 11:13:37Tear Jerker.A Song Of Ice And Fire
5th May 16 06:05:28Literature.American Psycho
5th May 16 02:39:55Series.Veep
3rd May 16 02:05:04Music.Istvan A Kiraly
3rd May 16 02:03:55Music.Istvan A Kiraly
3rd May 16 12:20:22Series.Veep
3rd May 16 12:15:06Characters.Veep
3rd May 16 12:01:06Recap.The Simpsons S 3 E 20 Colonel Homer
3rd May 16 02:45:19Not Wanting Kids Is Weird
3rd May 16 02:39:22Funny.VEEP
2nd May 16 02:21:43Characters.Game Of Thrones House Bolton
1st May 16 08:31:40Funny.VEEP
1st May 16 08:28:28Series.Veep
1st May 16 07:28:05Music.Istvan A Kiraly
30th Apr 16 07:41:19Theatre.Julius Caesar
30th Apr 16 07:40:53Theatre.Julius Caesar
30th Apr 16 04:55:14Funny.Jeeves And Wooster
29th Apr 16 03:52:13Literature.American Psycho
29th Apr 16 03:46:24Literature.American Psycho
29th Apr 16 12:16:26Awesome.The Lord Of The Rings
29th Apr 16 12:08:46Funny.The Lord Of The Rings
29th Apr 16 07:11:16Useful Notes.RMS Titanic
29th Apr 16 03:41:08Film.Moulin Rouge
29th Apr 16 03:37:17Film.Moulin Rouge
29th Apr 16 03:30:13Creator.Larry David
29th Apr 16 03:29:41Creator.Larry David
28th Apr 16 11:29:01Tear Jerker.The Onion
27th Apr 16 03:28:31Series.Veep
26th Apr 16 09:18:29Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 04:49:43Series.Veep
25th Apr 16 04:09:25Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 04:08:54Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 01:59:15Fan Disservice.Live Action TV
25th Apr 16 11:10:44Characters.Veep
25th Apr 16 10:21:57Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 10:19:14Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 10:18:32Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 10:15:19Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
25th Apr 16 10:14:18Fan Disservice.Live Action TV
24th Apr 16 12:25:38Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
24th Apr 16 12:24:38Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
21st Apr 16 02:44:08Theatre.Hamlet
21st Apr 16 01:08:53Funny.Mock The Week
21st Apr 16 11:14:29Vomiting Cop
21st Apr 16 08:52:44Evil Chancellor
18th Apr 16 09:17:46Useful Notes.Anne Boleyn
18th Apr 16 09:13:14Useful Notes.Anne Boleyn
18th Apr 16 09:11:05Useful Notes.Henry VIII
18th Apr 16 09:06:24Literature.The Prince And The Pauper
16th Apr 16 04:17:56Literature.Night Shift
16th Apr 16 03:50:50Film.Cool Hand Luke
16th Apr 16 01:32:19Harsher In Hindsight.Real Life
16th Apr 16 10:53:40Creator.Mila Kunis
16th Apr 16 10:52:47Creator.Mila Kunis
16th Apr 16 07:38:35Useful Notes.Mary Of Scotland
16th Apr 16 07:37:40Useful Notes.Mary Of Scotland
16th Apr 16 07:36:12Useful Notes.Mary Of Scotland
16th Apr 16 07:34:15Film.Mary Queen Of Scots
15th Apr 16 09:46:19Series.Mock The Week
12th Apr 16 12:05:51Creator.Stewart Lee
10th Apr 16 02:18:48Film.High Noon
10th Apr 16 01:01:14Film.High Noon
9th Apr 16 03:40:25By No I Mean Yes
9th Apr 16 03:40:11No Except Yes
9th Apr 16 03:39:04No Except Yes
9th Apr 16 03:21:25Characters.Two And A Half Men
7th Apr 16 03:35:08Film.Stand By Me
7th Apr 16 03:13:41YMMV.United Passions
7th Apr 16 02:28:52Funny.American Crime Story
7th Apr 16 08:26:59Characters.The Shining
7th Apr 16 08:16:39Film.The Big Short
7th Apr 16 07:59:15Film.Mogambo
7th Apr 16 07:58:34Creator.Ava Gardner
4th Apr 16 10:53:07Film.Little Miss Sunshine
3rd Apr 16 02:42:37Series.American Crime Story
3rd Apr 16 02:34:05Series.American Crime Story
3rd Apr 16 02:32:41YMMV.American Crime Story
3rd Apr 16 02:32:07YMMV.American Crime Story
3rd Apr 16 02:28:41Series.American Crime Story
2nd Apr 16 11:17:47Literature.The Dead Zone
2nd Apr 16 11:13:54Literature.The Dead Zone
2nd Apr 16 06:26:39YMMV.The Caine Mutiny
1st Apr 16 12:28:29Film.Sophies Choice
1st Apr 16 12:27:55Film.Sophies Choice
1st Apr 16 12:27:21Film.Sophies Choice
29th Mar 16 01:40:09Useful Notes.Fidel Castro
27th Mar 16 01:44:00Series.American Crime Story
26th Mar 16 05:49:40Creator.Sarah Paulson
26th Mar 16 05:40:05Series.American Crime Story
26th Mar 16 05:37:17Series.American Crime Story
26th Mar 16 04:27:37Tear Jerker.Maus
25th Mar 16 03:10:49Literature.The Dead Zone
24th Mar 16 11:48:38Literature.The Cyberiad
21st Mar 16 05:41:11Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
21st Mar 16 04:18:36Young Future Famous People
21st Mar 16 04:16:13YMMV.The Revenant
20th Mar 16 11:26:00Discworld.Carpe Jugulum
20th Mar 16 06:35:03This Is My Name On Foreign
19th Mar 16 08:24:46Quotes.And I Must Scream
19th Mar 16 01:19:45Theatre.Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
18th Mar 16 01:00:57YMMV.American Crime Story
17th Mar 16 04:18:27Quotes.The Sixties
16th Mar 16 11:11:08Creator.Charlie Kaufman
16th Mar 16 11:09:46Western Animation.Anomalisa
16th Mar 16 02:01:04Series.American Crime Story