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20th Jul 17 01:17:32Characters.Game Of Thrones House Clegane
17th Jul 17 11:51:18Useful Notes.Franklin D Roosevelt
16th Jul 17 03:44:17Trivia.Lucy
15th Jul 17 01:26:31Literature.Different Seasons
8th Jul 17 03:37:47Literature.A Feast For Crows
8th Jul 17 02:41:53Literature.American Psycho
8th Jul 17 09:31:55Literature.American Psycho
8th Jul 17 09:29:02Trivia.American Psycho
8th Jul 17 02:44:43Mystery Meat
8th Jul 17 02:33:15Music.Eric Bogle
7th Jul 17 03:19:37Damned By A Fools Praise
7th Jul 17 03:12:58Dear Negative Reader
7th Jul 17 03:12:17Dear Negative Reader
4th Jul 17 10:04:23Literature.American Psycho
4th Jul 17 04:33:17Quotes.Boardwalk Empire
3rd Jul 17 12:14:33Useful Notes.Warren Harding
2nd Jul 17 05:57:21Film.Murder On The Orient Express 2017
30th Jun 17 07:35:14Literature.Hearts In Atlantis
25th Jun 17 02:46:48Literature.Right Ho Jeeves
25th Jun 17 02:46:32Literature.Right Ho Jeeves
19th Jun 17 11:55:41Literature.Solaris
19th Jun 17 11:43:30Literature.Return From The Stars
19th Jun 17 11:42:51Literature.Return From The Stars
18th Jun 17 10:01:47Music.Roy Zimmerman
18th Jun 17 10:01:06Music.Roy Zimmerman
18th Jun 17 10:00:53Music.Roy Zimmerman
18th Jun 17 04:15:08Series.Mock The Week
17th Jun 17 01:51:13Country Matters
15th Jun 17 10:22:40Evil Vegetarian
14th Jun 17 11:17:49Useful Notes.Franklin D Roosevelt
12th Jun 17 03:43:46Odd Name Out
10th Jun 17 04:11:56Springtime For Hitler
10th Jun 17 04:10:17Film.Ted
10th Jun 17 11:56:26Skirts And Ladders
6th Jun 17 02:43:07Fridge.Tom And Jerry
6th Jun 17 02:36:55Handbag Of Hurt
6th Jun 17 12:11:22Literature.The Plot Against America
3rd Jun 17 01:42:43Lonely At The Top
3rd Jun 17 10:21:19Characters.DCEU Other Supervillains
3rd Jun 17 10:16:28Characters.DCEU Other Supervillains
3rd Jun 17 08:39:58YMMV.Miley Cyrus
3rd Jun 17 03:49:01Card Carrying Villain.Theater
2nd Jun 17 11:44:07Trivia.Hells Angels
2nd Jun 17 11:43:24Trivia.Hells Angels
2nd Jun 17 10:38:40Film.Rain Man
2nd Jun 17 04:07:07Music.Simon And Garfunkel
31st May 17 02:36:16Series.Veep
31st May 17 02:32:52Series.Veep
31st May 17 02:25:15Series.Veep
31st May 17 09:52:32Film.The Lives Of Others
30th May 17 03:07:57Suspiciously Specific Denial.Live Action TV
30th May 17 08:13:20Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
28th May 17 11:08:28Nightmare Fuel.American Psycho
28th May 17 11:07:23Literature.American Psycho
27th May 17 01:39:21Trivia.HP Lovecraft
26th May 17 02:26:29YMMV.Molly Ringwald
25th May 17 03:34:07Literature.American Psycho
24th May 17 03:48:21Characters.Beauty And The Beast 2017
24th May 17 03:47:43Characters.Beauty And The Beast 2017
24th May 17 04:53:26Creator.Nicole Kidman
23rd May 17 01:06:28Egopolis
23rd May 17 12:56:09Trivia.Emma Watson
23rd May 17 12:55:51Creator.Emma Watson
23rd May 17 12:55:18Creator.Emma Watson
23rd May 17 02:25:00Lie Back And Think Of England
23rd May 17 02:17:38Lie Back And Think Of England
23rd May 17 02:15:50Literature.The Handmaids Tale
22nd May 17 08:03:56Literature.American Psycho
20th May 17 01:25:05Stuffy Old Songs About The Buttocks
20th May 17 03:38:07Film.Network
16th May 17 08:25:56Literature.The Handmaids Tale
16th May 17 08:18:56Literature.The Handmaids Tale
16th May 17 08:16:33Literature.The Handmaids Tale
16th May 17 04:06:23Funny.Curb Your Enthusiasm
14th May 17 10:15:32Series.Boss
12th May 17 07:09:45Series.The Handmaids Tale
11th May 17 09:32:32Series.That Mitchell And Webb Look
11th May 17 09:18:39Nobody Poops
11th May 17 09:13:36Series.The Handmaids Tale
11th May 17 08:41:50Creator Killer.Film Individual Creators
11th May 17 03:43:09Series.The Handmaids Tale
11th May 17 03:42:47Series.The Handmaids Tale
10th May 17 08:38:52Soundtrack Dissonance.Film
10th May 17 08:38:28Soundtrack Dissonance.Film
10th May 17 02:20:45Characters.Veep
10th May 17 02:17:08Series.Veep
9th May 17 05:34:45Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon
9th May 17 05:12:41Formerly Fit
6th May 17 02:07:28Literature.One Two Buckle My Shoe
5th May 17 04:49:14When I Was Your Age
5th May 17 04:05:53Literature.Nineteen Eighty Four
1st May 17 08:30:17Film.Ted
1st May 17 02:18:40Series.Veep
1st May 17 02:16:34Series.Veep
29th Apr 17 04:00:32Film.Eyes Wide Shut
29th Apr 17 07:45:56Music.Madonna
27th Apr 17 11:51:00Heartwarming.Veep
24th Apr 17 02:01:49Series.Mock The Week
24th Apr 17 10:18:00Trivia.Hacksaw Ridge
24th Apr 17 09:28:32Series.Veep
22nd Apr 17 10:39:20Film.Bad Moms
22nd Apr 17 10:37:46Film.Bad Moms
22nd Apr 17 08:54:44Funny.Seinfeld
21st Apr 17 04:07:49Comically Small Bribe
21st Apr 17 09:07:50Film.Bad Moms
17th Apr 17 08:14:47Caught With Your Pants Down
17th Apr 17 07:56:28Characters.Veep
16th Apr 17 06:22:57Funny.Mock The Week
16th Apr 17 02:10:58Comic Book.For The Man Who Has Everything
15th Apr 17 05:34:21Series.Bruiser
15th Apr 17 05:18:27Of Corsets Sexy
15th Apr 17 05:17:07Of Corsets Sexy
14th Apr 17 10:07:13Music.Like A Prayer
14th Apr 17 10:06:52Music.Like A Prayer
13th Apr 17 03:55:02Film.Taxi Driver
13th Apr 17 03:46:36Funny.Mock The Week
13th Apr 17 11:24:59Music.Madonna
10th Apr 17 08:13:28Crying After Sex
8th Apr 17 02:45:40Trivia.Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children
8th Apr 17 12:42:41Music.Madonna
7th Apr 17 11:35:44Film.Spectre
6th Apr 17 02:18:17Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 6 To 8
5th Apr 17 02:02:19Nameless Narrative
4th Apr 17 01:38:19Creator.O Henry
2nd Apr 17 08:57:28Funny.American Dad
2nd Apr 17 06:00:24Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 6 To 8
1st Apr 17 04:46:16Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 6 To 8
1st Apr 17 03:46:04Gypsy Curse
31st Mar 17 03:58:29Film.Bad Moms
31st Mar 17 03:55:14Film.Bad Moms
31st Mar 17 03:54:53Film.Bad Moms
31st Mar 17 08:40:40Recap.The Adventures Of Batman And Robin E 16 Harleys Holiday
31st Mar 17 08:35:19Recap.The Adventures Of Batman And Robin E 16 Harleys Holiday
29th Mar 17 11:51:56Macho Masochism
29th Mar 17 11:44:41Who Shot JFK
28th Mar 17 12:19:05Literature.All Quiet On The Western Front
26th Mar 17 01:56:27Funny.Friends
26th Mar 17 01:56:06Funny.Friends
22nd Mar 17 04:24:24Film.Coming To America
20th Mar 17 12:55:03Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
20th Mar 17 10:03:05Kill Em All
19th Mar 17 04:49:52Music.Neil Sedaka
19th Mar 17 04:48:09Childhood Friend Romance.Music
19th Mar 17 04:26:18Crying After Sex
19th Mar 17 03:27:12I Am The Noun
18th Mar 17 01:21:35Funny.Jennifer Lawrence
18th Mar 17 10:47:07Trivia.The Shop Around The Corner
18th Mar 17 08:29:28Literature.The Disaster Artist
18th Mar 17 06:50:39Creator.John Hughes
18th Mar 17 06:29:03Characters.Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
18th Mar 17 06:26:03Film.Pretty In Pink
18th Mar 17 03:46:34Awesome.A Man For All Seasons
18th Mar 17 03:41:41Theatre.A Man For All Seasons
18th Mar 17 03:39:19Useful Notes.Henry VIII
18th Mar 17 03:38:26Creator.Charles Laughton
18th Mar 17 03:37:25Useful Notes.Elizabeth I
18th Mar 17 03:36:58Film.Young Bess
18th Mar 17 03:33:28Trivia.Murder On The Orient Express
18th Mar 17 03:30:02Trivia.Murder On The Orient Express
17th Mar 17 01:02:51Funny.Curb Your Enthusiasm
17th Mar 17 01:02:30Funny.Curb Your Enthusiasm
16th Mar 17 03:01:08Music.Garfunkel And Oates
16th Mar 17 02:20:50Creator.Sidney Poitier
15th Mar 17 02:57:19Quotes.Do Not Do This Cool Thing
15th Mar 17 12:47:19Creator.Shea Whigham
15th Mar 17 12:10:11Quotes.World War II
15th Mar 17 12:03:10Self Deprecation.Live Action TV
15th Mar 17 04:41:27Film.Chicago
15th Mar 17 03:29:44Creator.Nicole Kidman
15th Mar 17 03:28:32Literature.Big Little Lies
14th Mar 17 12:19:31Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
14th Mar 17 09:26:45YMMV.Molly Ringwald
14th Mar 17 09:25:53YMMV.Molly Ringwald
14th Mar 17 09:25:30YMMV.Molly Ringwald
12th Mar 17 03:02:41Creator.Al Franken
12th Mar 17 09:33:29Tsundere
12th Mar 17 08:58:30Trivia.Resident Evil The Final Chapter
12th Mar 17 06:15:30Website.The Onion
12th Mar 17 05:06:16Racist Grandma
11th Mar 17 08:59:29Nobody Ever Complained Before
11th Mar 17 02:29:21Film.Bad Moms
11th Mar 17 01:12:48Literature.Needful Things
11th Mar 17 12:58:03Literature.Needful Things
10th Mar 17 10:36:55Funny.Community
10th Mar 17 08:59:25Funny.Mock The Week
5th Mar 17 10:29:26Creator.Ryan Murphy
5th Mar 17 09:10:25Characters.The Big Lebowski
5th Mar 17 09:06:02Intimate Artistry
5th Mar 17 09:04:37Intimate Artistry
5th Mar 17 05:23:58Shell Shocked Veteran
5th Mar 17 05:13:38Teenage Death Songs
4th Mar 17 02:45:08Weird Al Effect
4th Mar 17 08:36:24Useful Notes.Margaret Thatcher In Fiction
4th Mar 17 08:11:49Trivia.Moonlight 2016
4th Mar 17 06:14:37Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 9 Battle Of The Bastards
4th Mar 17 06:00:45Literature.America The Book
4th Mar 17 05:56:43Literature.America The Book
4th Mar 17 05:41:31YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 10 The Winds Of Winter
4th Mar 17 05:25:43Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon
4th Mar 17 01:09:44Literally Loving Thy Neighbor
2nd Mar 17 09:05:49Film.Some Like It Hot
2nd Mar 17 08:49:20Film.Bad Moms
28th Feb 17 12:01:25Mondegreen
27th Feb 17 02:41:51Creator.Michael J Fox
27th Feb 17 09:06:26Funny.Fawlty Towers
26th Feb 17 11:34:09Film.About Schmidt
26th Feb 17 11:28:28Spontaneous Human Combustion
25th Feb 17 04:17:19Trivia.A Fish Called Wanda
25th Feb 17 04:03:16Creator.Charles Laughton
25th Feb 17 02:12:00Films Of The2010s
25th Feb 17 02:05:52Film.Bad Moms
25th Feb 17 02:04:58Creator.Kristen Bell
25th Feb 17 01:56:52Creator.Mila Kunis
25th Feb 17 01:56:02Film.Bad Moms
25th Feb 17 01:54:46Film.Bad Moms
25th Feb 17 08:26:13Honest Trailers.Tropes E To M
25th Feb 17 01:09:16Music.Joan Baez
24th Feb 17 03:13:56YMMV.Bette Davis
23rd Feb 17 01:36:44Literature.East Of Eden
23rd Feb 17 09:05:37Characters.Game Of Thrones Sand Snakes
19th Feb 17 12:55:18Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark Household
19th Feb 17 12:04:48Trivia.Denial
19th Feb 17 12:01:25Film.Denial
19th Feb 17 11:59:57Trivia.Denial
19th Feb 17 09:35:35YMMV.XXX Returnof Xander Cage
19th Feb 17 01:40:54That Makes Me Feel Angry
18th Feb 17 09:24:28Music.Katy Perry
18th Feb 17 09:21:14Music.Katy Perry
18th Feb 17 05:58:43Characters.Carrie
18th Feb 17 04:32:33YMMV.It Cant Happen Here
18th Feb 17 01:39:17Literature.The Tommyknockers
18th Feb 17 01:38:18Trivia.The Tommyknockers
18th Feb 17 01:38:02Trivia.The Tommyknockers
17th Feb 17 03:09:15Deadly Euphemism
15th Feb 17 05:08:04Pocket Protector
13th Feb 17 11:28:46Useful Notes.Robert F Kennedy
12th Feb 17 07:16:17YMMV.Arrival
12th Feb 17 05:56:29Creator.Alec Baldwin
11th Feb 17 10:39:59Film.Grease
11th Feb 17 10:39:24Film.Grease
11th Feb 17 07:38:41Creator.Sidney Poitier
11th Feb 17 01:52:54Film.Some Kind Of Wonderful
11th Feb 17 01:20:53Series.American Crime Story
11th Feb 17 01:01:22Creator.Philip Larkin
10th Feb 17 01:04:34Series.Bruiser
10th Feb 17 12:59:24Series.Bruiser
10th Feb 17 09:08:19Useful Notes.Franklin D Roosevelt
10th Feb 17 08:57:52Franchise.Batman
9th Feb 17 01:44:28Literature.The Power Broker
9th Feb 17 01:37:53Extremely Lengthy Creation
6th Feb 17 02:18:40Trivia.Collateral Beauty
6th Feb 17 02:12:40Literature.The Postman Always Rings Twice
5th Feb 17 02:26:14Nobody Poops
5th Feb 17 02:12:58YMMV.Split
5th Feb 17 06:57:07Literature.The Worst Witch
4th Feb 17 09:15:15All Star Cast
4th Feb 17 09:14:17All Star Cast
4th Feb 17 05:15:00Music.Miley Cyrus
4th Feb 17 12:52:44Literature.American Psycho
4th Feb 17 12:29:47Literature.American Psycho
2nd Feb 17 02:55:37Trivia.Anarchist Cookbook
31st Jan 17 01:54:16Film.Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk
31st Jan 17 01:52:35Film.Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk
30th Jan 17 11:49:47Film.Night At The Museum
29th Jan 17 07:14:13Recap.Futurama M 3 Benders Game
29th Jan 17 12:26:44Film.The Breakfast Club
28th Jan 17 05:15:09Creator.Bryan Cranston
28th Jan 17 05:13:54Creator.Bryan Cranston
28th Jan 17 05:07:05Complaining About People Not Liking The Show
28th Jan 17 01:53:24Film.Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life
28th Jan 17 01:53:05Film.Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life
27th Jan 17 02:29:39Literature.Nineteen Eighty Four
27th Jan 17 02:27:49Literature.Nineteen Eighty Four
27th Jan 17 12:18:27Quotes.Blood Meridian
27th Jan 17 12:02:51Career Resurrection
27th Jan 17 10:45:09Eskimos Arent Real
27th Jan 17 10:42:32Eskimos Arent Real
27th Jan 17 10:32:37Eskimos Arent Real
27th Jan 17 09:16:46Film.High Noon
25th Jan 17 03:07:02Creator.Carol Cleveland
25th Jan 17 03:06:39Stripping Snag
21st Jan 17 04:18:02Literature.Blaze
21st Jan 17 12:02:02Useful Notes.Cleopatra VII
14th Jan 17 03:41:41Enemies List
14th Jan 17 12:45:40Quotes.Rape Pillage And Burn
14th Jan 17 06:55:18Creator.Brendan Gleeson
14th Jan 17 06:54:37Creator.Brendan Gleeson
14th Jan 17 06:53:46Film.Lake Placid
14th Jan 17 06:53:32Film.Lake Placid
13th Jan 17 12:32:54Creator.Ray Bradbury
13th Jan 17 11:50:03Comic Strip.Calvin And Hobbes
11th Jan 17 04:17:09Film.Why Him
8th Jan 17 10:52:22Film.Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk
8th Jan 17 07:21:54Trivia.Billy Wilder
7th Jan 17 04:13:46Music.Motley Crue
7th Jan 17 08:51:14Characters.To Kill A Mockingbird
7th Jan 17 08:23:24Mermaid Problem
7th Jan 17 06:40:29Useful Notes.Franklin D Roosevelt
7th Jan 17 06:30:26YMMV.Phil Ochs
6th Jan 17 09:27:56Literature.The Tommyknockers
1st Jan 17 03:23:00Quotes.Twofer Token Minority
1st Jan 17 03:15:56Creator.Viola Davis
1st Jan 17 03:15:43Creator.Viola Davis
1st Jan 17 03:14:27Theatre.Fences
1st Jan 17 01:49:48Film.Before I Go To Sleep
30th Dec 16 03:00:49Your Days Are Numbered
30th Dec 16 02:52:54Breaking Bad.Tropes E To L
30th Dec 16 02:51:32Trivia.Breaking Bad S 5 E 14 Ozymandias
30th Dec 16 02:11:56Characters.Garfield
30th Dec 16 06:01:31Game Of Thrones.Tropes E To F
26th Dec 16 11:43:33Film.Passengers 2016
26th Dec 16 06:56:50Funny.That Mitchell And Webb Look
26th Dec 16 05:38:02Creator.Benjamin Franklin
26th Dec 16 04:10:11Creator.Shirley Temple
26th Dec 16 04:04:07Regal Ringlets
26th Dec 16 03:55:29Music.George Michael
26th Dec 16 03:51:49Series.Friends
26th Dec 16 03:42:39Quotes.Good Is Boring
26th Dec 16 01:19:48Creator.Charlie Kaufman
26th Dec 16 12:49:57Literature.Desperation
26th Dec 16 12:46:51Literature.Cujo
24th Dec 16 11:51:05Damsel Out Of Distress
24th Dec 16 05:07:49Laconic.Molly Ringwald
24th Dec 16 04:37:00YMMV.Molly Ringwald
24th Dec 16 04:33:31Creator.Molly Ringwald
24th Dec 16 04:33:10Creator.Molly Ringwald
24th Dec 16 04:30:47YMMV.Molly Ringwald
24th Dec 16 04:27:03YMMV.Molly Ringwald
24th Dec 16 03:09:27Recap.Game Of Thrones S 6 E 1 The Red Woman
24th Dec 16 02:16:10Pretty In Mink
24th Dec 16 05:45:34Creator.William Blake
23rd Dec 16 10:31:15Trivia.Hacksaw Ridge
18th Dec 16 12:21:26Film.Loving
18th Dec 16 10:31:06Discworld.Sourcery
18th Dec 16 10:23:31Apothecary Alligator
17th Dec 16 07:44:35Funny.Seinfeld
17th Dec 16 06:48:48Creator.Charlie Kaufman
17th Dec 16 02:35:16Its For A Book
12th Dec 16 12:22:10Flat World
12th Dec 16 11:14:11Characters.Harry Potter Animals And Pets
11th Dec 16 11:20:37Nude Nature Dance
11th Dec 16 02:21:55Literature.Needful Things
9th Dec 16 03:52:09Sleeper Hit
9th Dec 16 11:09:21Literature.All Quiet On The Western Front
8th Dec 16 01:55:47Discworld.Jingo
8th Dec 16 01:53:35Discworld.Jingo
7th Dec 16 09:38:25Discworld.Wyrd Sisters
4th Dec 16 02:28:47Creator.Jeff Bridges
4th Dec 16 02:19:35Trivia.Hacksaw Ridge
4th Dec 16 12:52:42Literature.The Stand
4th Dec 16 09:05:59Music.Miley Cyrus
4th Dec 16 08:34:16Couple Bomb
4th Dec 16 05:26:04Series.Married With Children
4th Dec 16 01:55:15Creator.Ashton Kutcher
4th Dec 16 01:54:38Creator.Mila Kunis
4th Dec 16 01:50:00Creator.Woody Allen
3rd Dec 16 11:37:16Dedication
3rd Dec 16 11:18:07Recap.Blackadder S 4 E 5 General Hospital
3rd Dec 16 11:15:14Recap.Blackadder S 4 E 5 General Hospital
2nd Dec 16 12:08:20Literature.To Kill A Mockingbird
30th Nov 16 01:05:54Have A Gay Old Time.Live Action TV
29th Nov 16 12:26:01Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Book Characters
29th Nov 16 12:22:56Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Book Characters
29th Nov 16 12:21:22Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Book Characters
29th Nov 16 12:18:40Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Book Characters
28th Nov 16 02:36:44Film.Silence
28th Nov 16 12:31:11Useful Notes.Winston Churchill
28th Nov 16 12:27:46Useful Notes.Winston Churchill
28th Nov 16 12:26:59Useful Notes.Winston Churchill
28th Nov 16 12:24:08Series.The Crown 2016
27th Nov 16 08:00:13Series.That Mitchell And Webb Look
26th Nov 16 11:24:16Literature.The Postman Always Rings Twice
25th Nov 16 02:05:05Quotes.Rage Against The Heavens
25th Nov 16 02:01:56Literature.Night
24th Nov 16 01:38:30Embarrassing Last Name
24th Nov 16 01:38:10Embarrassing Last Name
24th Nov 16 01:36:19Embarrassing Middle Name
24th Nov 16 01:33:22Creator.PG Wodehouse
24th Nov 16 01:28:41Creator.PG Wodehouse
23rd Nov 16 02:17:27Creator.Jon Voight
22nd Nov 16 02:19:59Creator.Jessica Alba
22nd Nov 16 11:43:04Quotes.Bystander Syndrome
22nd Nov 16 11:41:34Bystander Syndrome
22nd Nov 16 11:40:33Poetry
20th Nov 16 02:07:39Quotes.Sanity Slippage
19th Nov 16 08:49:41Literature Of The1920s
19th Nov 16 07:52:16Fake American.Film
17th Nov 16 01:38:33Genteel Interbellum Setting
17th Nov 16 01:07:38Creator.PG Wodehouse
15th Nov 16 11:59:25Useful Notes.Queen Victoria
15th Nov 16 11:58:09Useful Notes.HM The Queen
15th Nov 16 11:55:49Film.Fire Over England
15th Nov 16 03:27:44Quotes.Boardwalk Empire
15th Nov 16 03:23:40Characters.Boardwalk Empire Nuckys Organization
13th Nov 16 08:32:01Literature.Books Of Samuel
13th Nov 16 08:29:02And That Little Girl Was Me
13th Nov 16 05:41:13Quotes.Wanting Is Better Than Having
13th Nov 16 05:40:16Quotes.Wanting Is Better Than Having
13th Nov 16 05:40:00Quotes.Wanting Is Better Than Having
13th Nov 16 05:37:13Wanting Is Better Than Having