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20th Feb 18 02:35:02Literature.Blood Meridian
20th Feb 18 02:31:24Characters.Blood Meridian
20th Feb 18 11:56:13Menage A3.Tropes S To Z
20th Feb 18 11:51:40Menage A3.Tropes S To Z
20th Feb 18 11:51:20Menage A3.Tropes S To Z
18th Feb 18 12:46:32Faux To Guide
18th Feb 18 02:44:06Series.Outnumbered
17th Feb 18 03:37:56Horrible.Live Action Films
16th Feb 18 09:04:08Heartwarming.Some Kind Of Wonderful
16th Feb 18 08:22:16Funny.Some Kind Of Wonderful
16th Feb 18 06:11:48Ho Yay.Friends
16th Feb 18 06:08:02Kissing Under The Influence
16th Feb 18 05:13:33Famous Last Words.Real Life
15th Feb 18 12:23:43Creator.Scarlett Johansson
15th Feb 18 12:22:31Waif Fu
15th Feb 18 04:31:42Creator.Natalie Portman
15th Feb 18 04:04:46Take Off Your Clothes
15th Feb 18 03:51:32Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
15th Feb 18 03:48:20Characters.Game Of Thrones Daenerys Court
15th Feb 18 03:30:39Creator.Tom Hiddleston
15th Feb 18 03:29:12Creator.Maisie Williams
14th Feb 18 05:28:50Recap.Monty Pythons Flying Circus S 1 E 4
14th Feb 18 05:26:19Recap.Monty Pythons Flying Circus S 1 E 1
12th Feb 18 12:36:31Literature.The Diary Of A Young Girl
12th Feb 18 12:25:33Characters.Calvin And Hobbes
11th Feb 18 01:20:26Nightmare Fuel.EC Comics
10th Feb 18 11:54:14Trivia.Paul Thomas Anderson
10th Feb 18 11:53:46Trivia.Paul Thomas Anderson
10th Feb 18 11:50:34Trivia.Blade Runner 2049
10th Feb 18 10:07:42Film.Passengers 2016
10th Feb 18 07:48:16Characters.The Diary Of A Young Girl
10th Feb 18 07:47:44Characters.The Diary Of A Young Girl
10th Feb 18 07:44:22Literature.The Diary Of A Young Girl
10th Feb 18 02:49:07Theatre.A View From The Bridge
10th Feb 18 02:48:28Theatre.A View From The Bridge
10th Feb 18 02:43:10Literature.Lamb To The Slaughter
9th Feb 18 01:59:10Those Two Actors
9th Feb 18 01:56:12Those Two Actors
9th Feb 18 01:54:28Those Two Actors
9th Feb 18 01:53:12Couple Bomb
9th Feb 18 11:47:54For The Evulz.Literature
8th Feb 18 10:48:56Literature.The Martian Chronicles
8th Feb 18 10:42:57Literature.The Martian Chronicles
8th Feb 18 05:24:10Funny.Jennifer Lawrence
8th Feb 18 05:21:55Funny.Jennifer Lawrence
8th Feb 18 05:21:19Funny.Jennifer Lawrence
8th Feb 18 03:02:51Literature.Under The Dome
8th Feb 18 02:59:31Literature.Geralds Game
8th Feb 18 02:49:31Literature.Thinner
7th Feb 18 11:53:19Literature.Thinner
7th Feb 18 11:51:27Literature.Thinner
5th Feb 18 06:21:30Literature.The Thing On The Doorstep
5th Feb 18 06:15:10Literature.The Thing On The Doorstep
5th Feb 18 05:16:44Adaptational Heroism.Game Of Thrones
5th Feb 18 03:24:13Creator.Jane Fonda
4th Feb 18 10:24:02Ask A Stupid Question
4th Feb 18 06:57:47Characters.Discworld Witches
4th Feb 18 06:55:39Embarrassing First Name
4th Feb 18 06:55:02Embarrassing First Name
4th Feb 18 05:29:36Funny.That Mitchell And Webb Look
4th Feb 18 05:27:04Good Samaritan
4th Feb 18 05:16:11Cuckold Horns
3rd Feb 18 01:57:43Trivia.The Greatest Showman
3rd Feb 18 01:51:44Creator.Kevin Hart
3rd Feb 18 01:08:33Short Lived Big Impact
3rd Feb 18 01:05:02Trivia.The Deer Hunter
3rd Feb 18 12:57:28Creator.Uma Thurman
3rd Feb 18 08:39:03British Stuffiness
3rd Feb 18 06:53:42I Like Those Odds
3rd Feb 18 06:32:45Literature.Everythings Eventual
3rd Feb 18 04:05:12Big Eater.Literature
3rd Feb 18 04:03:14Trivia.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Feb 18 03:54:50Creator.PG Wodehouse
2nd Feb 18 07:26:41YMMV.Guess Whos Coming To Dinner
2nd Feb 18 12:10:13Creator.Maisie Williams
2nd Feb 18 12:08:35Western Animation.Early Man
1st Feb 18 11:16:21Funny.Curb Your Enthusiasm
31st Jan 18 03:58:06Recap.The Handmaids Tale S 1 E 5 Faithful
31st Jan 18 03:57:33Recap.The Handmaids Tale S 1 E 5 Faithful
30th Jan 18 01:36:06Quotes.Cutaway Gag
30th Jan 18 01:35:27Quotes.Cutaway Gag
30th Jan 18 01:27:32Western Animation.Sing
30th Jan 18 01:04:29Creator.Aidan Gillen
30th Jan 18 01:03:24Characters.Peaky Blinders
30th Jan 18 08:45:32Film.Clerks II
30th Jan 18 08:35:20Film.Hail Caesar
30th Jan 18 08:15:21YMMV.The Last Jedi
30th Jan 18 07:03:54Three Way Sex
29th Jan 18 12:44:00Film.Some Kind Of Wonderful
28th Jan 18 02:18:14Would Hit A Girl.Live Action TV
28th Jan 18 10:42:58Literature.Goodbye Columbus
28th Jan 18 10:40:32Literature.Goodbye Columbus
28th Jan 18 09:57:01Film.Captain America The Winter Soldier
28th Jan 18 09:56:24Film.Captain America The Winter Soldier
28th Jan 18 08:53:41Discworld.Lords And Ladies
28th Jan 18 02:40:40Sexy Discretion Shot
28th Jan 18 02:35:20Funny.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
28th Jan 18 02:29:51Useful Notes.Margaret Thatcher In Fiction
28th Jan 18 02:28:32Useful Notes.Margaret Thatcher In Fiction
28th Jan 18 02:26:11Funny.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
28th Jan 18 01:47:39Western Animation.Up
27th Jan 18 12:45:04Quotes.Rousseau Was Right
27th Jan 18 12:40:11Trivia.Its A Wonderful Life
27th Jan 18 11:40:48Film.Dinner At Eight
27th Jan 18 11:32:24Film.Red Headed Woman
27th Jan 18 08:30:16The Dung Ages
27th Jan 18 08:24:45Living Forever Is Awesome
27th Jan 18 08:19:42Who Wants To Live Forever.Comic Books
27th Jan 18 08:17:35Heartwarming.The Sandman
27th Jan 18 05:12:21Awesome.The Godfather
27th Jan 18 05:11:14Film.The Godfather
26th Jan 18 07:29:42Every Scar Has A Story
26th Jan 18 07:26:56Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark Children
25th Jan 18 02:23:19YMMV.Blue Is The Warmest Color
24th Jan 18 01:44:13YMMV.The Last Jedi
24th Jan 18 01:00:59Characters.Love Actually
24th Jan 18 12:59:43Funny.Love Actually
24th Jan 18 07:47:41Heartwarming.Friends
24th Jan 18 07:37:41Lame Pun Reaction
24th Jan 18 05:47:28Trivia.Daniel Day Lewis
24th Jan 18 05:36:13Creator.Meryl Streep
24th Jan 18 03:36:31Creator.Daniel Day Lewis
23rd Jan 18 12:05:50The Verse
23rd Jan 18 12:02:09Literature.The Tommyknockers
23rd Jan 18 12:01:13Literature.The Tommyknockers
23rd Jan 18 11:58:28Literature.The Tommyknockers
22nd Jan 18 01:44:28Quotes.Utopia Justifies The Means
22nd Jan 18 01:35:08Literature.I Claudius
22nd Jan 18 01:28:24Literature.I Claudius
22nd Jan 18 12:48:31Trivia.The Greatest Showman
21st Jan 18 07:33:56Film.Dick
21st Jan 18 07:25:52Creator.Christina Applegate
21st Jan 18 03:06:08Quotes.A Million Is A Statistic
21st Jan 18 03:04:24Quotes.A Million Is A Statistic
21st Jan 18 02:52:32Funny.Small Gods
21st Jan 18 02:50:55Discworld.Small Gods
21st Jan 18 02:47:57Quotes.God Is Flawed
21st Jan 18 02:47:43Quotes.God Is Flawed
21st Jan 18 02:44:10Discworld.Small Gods
21st Jan 18 01:13:45YMMV.The Last Jedi
20th Jan 18 07:42:01Useful Notes.Nikita Khrushchev
20th Jan 18 07:11:52Theatre.Parade
20th Jan 18 07:06:28Say Your Prayers
20th Jan 18 07:04:04Say Your Prayers
20th Jan 18 06:14:59Literature.All Quiet On The Western Front
20th Jan 18 05:36:34Rescue Romance
19th Jan 18 01:09:55Creator.Wallace Beery
19th Jan 18 01:04:56YMMV.Grand Hotel
19th Jan 18 12:50:34Torture Is Ineffective
19th Jan 18 07:30:49Literature.Dolores Claiborne
19th Jan 18 07:29:37Literature.Dolores Claiborne
19th Jan 18 07:25:49Literature.Geralds Game
19th Jan 18 07:17:19Film.Taking Lives
19th Jan 18 07:15:47Film.Taking Lives
19th Jan 18 07:13:12Recap.The Nostalgia Critic S 11 E 2
19th Jan 18 07:11:03Recap.The Nostalgia Critic S 11 E 2
19th Jan 18 07:05:56Jizzed In My Pants
17th Jan 18 02:45:25Menage A3.Tropes A To F
17th Jan 18 02:40:52Literature.Wild Swans
17th Jan 18 02:36:33Serious Business.Literature
16th Jan 18 01:08:55Literature.The Power Broker
16th Jan 18 05:10:05Friends.Tropes P To S
15th Jan 18 07:23:13Creator.Mary Astor
15th Jan 18 05:42:58Creator.Leonard Maltin
14th Jan 18 11:50:55Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark Children
14th Jan 18 03:17:13Literature.Portnoys Complaint
14th Jan 18 03:12:57Literature.Portnoys Complaint
14th Jan 18 03:12:36Literature.Portnoys Complaint
14th Jan 18 03:09:38Literature.Portnoys Complaint
14th Jan 18 01:24:48Literature.Night Shift
14th Jan 18 12:36:12YMMV.Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle
13th Jan 18 05:40:40Even The Rats Wont Touch It
13th Jan 18 05:16:57Funny.Game Of Thrones Seasons One To Four
13th Jan 18 05:06:27I Take Offense To That Last One
13th Jan 18 05:05:14I Take Offense To That Last One
13th Jan 18 03:45:28Actor Role Confusion
13th Jan 18 03:40:25Literature.Portnoys Complaint
13th Jan 18 03:36:28Literature.Portnoys Complaint
13th Jan 18 03:32:08Literature.Portnoys Complaint
13th Jan 18 03:17:14Characters.Grease
12th Jan 18 12:59:18Series.The Crown 2016
12th Jan 18 12:58:38Series.The Crown 2016
11th Jan 18 06:19:18Film.Splash
11th Jan 18 03:38:12Film.One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
11th Jan 18 03:34:53Characters.One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
11th Jan 18 03:30:59Quotes.Video Game Movies Suck
11th Jan 18 01:00:11Creator.Joe Wright
11th Jan 18 12:57:37Creator.Joe Wright
11th Jan 18 12:56:22Creator.Joe Wright
11th Jan 18 12:56:02Creator.Joe Wright
10th Jan 18 02:28:27Film.The Greatest Showman
10th Jan 18 06:07:50Creator.Mila Kunis
10th Jan 18 04:23:18Parental Incest
9th Jan 18 02:06:22Film.Little Miss Sunshine
8th Jan 18 02:37:58Most Writers Are Writers
7th Jan 18 01:35:49Volleying Insults
7th Jan 18 10:06:30YMMV.Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle
6th Jan 18 01:58:58Literature.Bored Of The Rings
6th Jan 18 01:53:08Oh Wait This Is My Grocery List
6th Jan 18 01:52:54Oh Wait This Is My Grocery List
6th Jan 18 01:50:45Series.Mock The Week
6th Jan 18 07:52:04Black Dude Dies First
6th Jan 18 05:35:36Literature.Solaris
6th Jan 18 05:22:16Useful Notes.Robert F Kennedy
6th Jan 18 05:20:00Creator.Carey Mulligan
6th Jan 18 05:19:04Film.Inside Llewyn Davis
6th Jan 18 05:13:44YMMV.Inside Llewyn Davis
6th Jan 18 12:47:18Literature.The Green Mile
6th Jan 18 12:44:22Tear Jerker.The Green Mile
5th Jan 18 05:59:42Series.Future Man
5th Jan 18 03:15:45Series.Genius
5th Jan 18 03:15:07Series.Genius
4th Jan 18 12:53:22Characters.The Crown 2016
3rd Jan 18 01:37:59Series.The Crown 2016
2nd Jan 18 06:15:55Seemingly Wholesome Fifties Girl
2nd Jan 18 06:06:47First Name Basis.Real Life
2nd Jan 18 05:23:23Boyish Short Hair
1st Jan 18 07:16:54Creator.Kevin Hart
1st Jan 18 06:31:30Role Ending Misdemeanor
1st Jan 18 04:06:47Creator.Mila Kunis
1st Jan 18 04:06:25Creator.Mila Kunis
1st Jan 18 04:05:29Creator.Mila Kunis
31st Dec 17 02:04:29Film.What Ever Happened To Baby Jane
31st Dec 17 12:39:58Jumping Out Of A Cake
31st Dec 17 09:12:45Stage Names
31st Dec 17 08:07:35YMMV.The Orville
31st Dec 17 08:00:07Wrestling.John Cena
31st Dec 17 05:30:06Your Mom
31st Dec 17 05:26:45Literature.Parallel Lives
31st Dec 17 05:25:09Literature.Parallel Lives
31st Dec 17 05:05:29Literature.Five Little Pigs
31st Dec 17 05:04:05Literature.Five Little Pigs
31st Dec 17 12:41:14Creator.Amy Adams
31st Dec 17 12:16:27Film.Enchanted
31st Dec 17 12:14:58Film.Enchanted
31st Dec 17 12:11:11Film.Enchanted
31st Dec 17 12:00:30Literature.Portnoys Complaint
30th Dec 17 11:55:41Literature.Portnoys Complaint
30th Dec 17 02:25:53Heartwarming.Enchanted
30th Dec 17 02:20:38Film.Enchanted
30th Dec 17 02:16:42Film.Enchanted
30th Dec 17 10:04:59Trivia.Patriots Day
30th Dec 17 10:04:17Trivia.Deepwater Horizon
30th Dec 17 07:31:32Film.Passengers 2016
30th Dec 17 12:38:59YMMV.Passengers 2016
30th Dec 17 12:35:15Trivia.Passengers 2016
30th Dec 17 12:17:47The Mourning After
29th Dec 17 02:12:00Film.Passengers 2016
28th Dec 17 07:36:56Death By Irony.Real Life
28th Dec 17 07:15:07Death By Irony.Real Life
28th Dec 17 07:03:20Schedule Slip.Literature
28th Dec 17 05:17:49Film.Titanic 1997
28th Dec 17 05:16:50Film.Titanic 1997
28th Dec 17 05:11:41Diamonds In The Buff
28th Dec 17 05:07:18Intimate Artistry
28th Dec 17 02:53:33Useful Notes.Martin Luther King Jr
27th Dec 17 07:17:13Characters.The Big Bang Theory The Core Group
27th Dec 17 03:59:31Creator.Lotte Lenya
27th Dec 17 03:59:00Divorce Is Temporary
27th Dec 17 01:06:24Creator.Mila Kunis
26th Dec 17 11:17:37Funny.That Mitchell And Webb Look
26th Dec 17 06:16:26One Head Taller
25th Dec 17 01:12:51Narm.Film I To P
25th Dec 17 01:09:04Narm.Film I To P
25th Dec 17 12:34:14Funny.Fawlty Towers
25th Dec 17 01:11:17Characters.MCU Criminals Terrorists
24th Dec 17 06:23:17Creator.Ryan Murphy
24th Dec 17 06:22:31Creator.Jessica Lange
24th Dec 17 06:17:54Music.Jennifer Lopez
24th Dec 17 05:26:57Vandalism Backfire
24th Dec 17 01:09:47Creator.Kit Harington
24th Dec 17 12:57:04Advertising By Association
23rd Dec 17 08:18:05Literature.The Stand
23rd Dec 17 08:02:53Characters.Watchmen
23rd Dec 17 04:15:18Informed Judaism
22nd Dec 17 05:00:03Fan Disservice.Live Action Films
22nd Dec 17 03:50:38Literature.Brave New World
22nd Dec 17 03:47:25Literature.Brave New World
22nd Dec 17 03:45:04Characters.Brave New World
21st Dec 17 06:46:33Characters.It 2017
20th Dec 17 02:17:04Funny.Friends
20th Dec 17 02:06:51My Eyes Are Up Here
20th Dec 17 02:06:24My Eyes Are Up Here
20th Dec 17 06:06:05Funny.Fawlty Towers
20th Dec 17 06:05:46Funny.Fawlty Towers
20th Dec 17 05:51:35Funny.Fawlty Towers
20th Dec 17 05:06:56Covered In Gunge
19th Dec 17 01:45:41Series.The Crown 2016
19th Dec 17 01:36:49Film.Boss Nigger
19th Dec 17 12:38:06Funny.A Fish Called Wanda
19th Dec 17 12:37:29Funny.A Fish Called Wanda
19th Dec 17 05:38:04Dedication
19th Dec 17 05:32:20Literature.America The Book
19th Dec 17 05:23:41Heartwarming.The Sirens Of Titan
19th Dec 17 05:21:31Literature.Mother Night
19th Dec 17 05:19:50Literature.Mother Night
19th Dec 17 04:07:23Author Existence Failure
19th Dec 17 04:03:58Quotes.Author Existence Failure
19th Dec 17 04:03:39Quotes.Author Existence Failure
18th Dec 17 06:08:56Characters.Family Guy The Griffin Family
18th Dec 17 05:56:41Recap.Family Guy S 16 E 8 Crimes And Megs Demeanor
18th Dec 17 12:41:19Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
18th Dec 17 12:40:01Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
17th Dec 17 01:45:15Man Of A Thousand Voices.English
17th Dec 17 01:40:58Characters.Animaniacs Buttons And Mindy
17th Dec 17 02:41:40Literature.The Thrawn Trilogy
17th Dec 17 02:05:40Literature.I Claudius
16th Dec 17 02:31:11Series.Veep
16th Dec 17 07:12:25Have A Gay Old Time.Music
15th Dec 17 02:32:26Literature.The Eyes Of The Dragon
15th Dec 17 02:30:51Literature.The Eyes Of The Dragon
15th Dec 17 02:07:47Characters.The Sagaof Darren Shan
15th Dec 17 02:00:23Discworld.The Truth
14th Dec 17 03:14:44Quotes.Game Of Thrones
13th Dec 17 03:49:03Creator.Larry David
12th Dec 17 04:15:18Tear Jerker.The Dark Tower
11th Dec 17 05:08:26Film.The Disaster Artist
11th Dec 17 05:05:18Literature.Wonder 2012
10th Dec 17 07:01:28Creator.Diablo Cody
10th Dec 17 07:00:48Creator.Tig Notaro
10th Dec 17 06:55:22Film.Bad Moms
10th Dec 17 03:29:05Characters.Star Wars Leia Organa
10th Dec 17 03:20:40Characters.Star Wars Leia Organa
9th Dec 17 07:15:40Heartwarming.RUR
9th Dec 17 06:53:53Literature.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
9th Dec 17 06:25:37Free Love Future
9th Dec 17 06:11:44Literature.Needful Things
7th Dec 17 09:14:13Literature.Night Shift
7th Dec 17 08:34:01Literature.Needful Things
7th Dec 17 05:11:43Creator.Josh Hutcherson
6th Dec 17 01:03:12Funny.Needful Things
6th Dec 17 05:59:36Funny.David Mitchell
5th Dec 17 02:23:29Funny.Sophies Choice
3rd Dec 17 12:20:39Literature.All Quiet On The Western Front
3rd Dec 17 12:44:09Quotes.Revenge
2nd Dec 17 10:14:17Creator.Dustin Hoffman
2nd Dec 17 10:09:14Creator.Peter Dinklage
1st Dec 17 03:13:46Trivia.Phil Ochs
1st Dec 17 07:29:41Creator.Kit Harington
1st Dec 17 07:28:33Creator.Kit Harington
1st Dec 17 07:28:14Creator.Kit Harington
30th Nov 17 12:28:45Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption
30th Nov 17 12:28:06Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption
30th Nov 17 12:20:41Series.A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
29th Nov 17 08:02:46Characters.American Psycho
27th Nov 17 04:04:35Funny.Guards Guards
26th Nov 17 02:39:35Prayer Of Malice
26th Nov 17 02:18:55Experimented In College
25th Nov 17 11:00:18Literature.Planet Of The Apes
25th Nov 17 06:50:44Funny.Mock The Week
25th Nov 17 06:49:19Funny.Mock The Week
25th Nov 17 05:20:50Goshdang It To Heck
25th Nov 17 05:13:04Literature.Misery
25th Nov 17 05:09:44Funny.Misery
23rd Nov 17 03:43:54Film.Bright Star
23rd Nov 17 03:42:14Film.Bright Star
22nd Nov 17 01:42:09Funny.That70s Show
20th Nov 17 01:42:42Role Ending Misdemeanor
19th Nov 17 01:52:19Characters.Salems Lot
19th Nov 17 08:10:57Film.Murder On The Orient Express 2017
19th Nov 17 03:53:05Film.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
19th Nov 17 03:49:15Film.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
18th Nov 17 01:22:29Feather Boa Constrictor
18th Nov 17 01:11:46Film.The Seven Year Itch
17th Nov 17 10:53:22Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 6 To 8
17th Nov 17 06:17:09Quotes.Game Of Thrones
17th Nov 17 02:03:38Trivia.The Big Four
17th Nov 17 01:58:41Literature.The ABC Murders
17th Nov 17 01:54:41Literature.The ABC Murders
15th Nov 17 01:04:00Characters.The Shining
15th Nov 17 05:25:03Literature.Parallel Lives
14th Nov 17 02:49:18Quotes.Game Of Thrones
14th Nov 17 02:45:20Tear Jerker.Game Of Thrones
12th Nov 17 07:21:25Characters.The Lord Of The Rings
12th Nov 17 07:07:19Discworld.Jingo
12th Nov 17 06:30:42Film.The Meyerowitz Stories
12th Nov 17 06:28:50Film.Bad Moms
12th Nov 17 01:35:53Trivia.Game Of Thrones
9th Nov 17 01:27:07Music.Jonathan Coulton
9th Nov 17 05:55:55Heartwarming.The Iron Giant
9th Nov 17 04:10:34Soft Glass
9th Nov 17 04:04:57Funny.Bridget Jones
9th Nov 17 04:04:24Funny.Bridget Jones
9th Nov 17 04:01:57Funny.Bridget Jones
8th Nov 17 01:53:30Literature.The Jungle Book
8th Nov 17 05:21:41Useful Notes.Gerald Ford
8th Nov 17 03:41:48Dedication
8th Nov 17 03:19:21Hot Consort
7th Nov 17 10:12:14Film.The Beguiled
7th Nov 17 10:08:11Film.The Beguiled
7th Nov 17 09:56:30Trivia.The Beguiled
7th Nov 17 09:56:10Film.The Beguiled
5th Nov 17 11:56:53YMMV.The Emoji Movie
4th Nov 17 02:37:27Literature.The Green Mile
3rd Nov 17 08:45:37Trivia.House Of Cards US
31st Oct 17 01:39:30Useful Notes.Democratic Republic Of The Congo
31st Oct 17 01:36:15Unexpected Inheritance
31st Oct 17 01:34:52Creator.Sinclair Lewis
31st Oct 17 01:34:24Creator.Sinclair Lewis
31st Oct 17 01:26:15Creator.Sinclair Lewis