25th Jul 14 06:38:16YMMV.The Diary Of Samuel Pepys
25th Jul 14 06:38:00YMMV.The Diary Of Samuel Pepys
25th Jul 14 05:33:09Series.Alias
25th Jul 14 05:32:18Creator.Bradley Cooper
25th Jul 14 05:28:23Characters.Guardians Of The Galaxy The Movie
25th Jul 14 05:27:33Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
25th Jul 14 04:09:58Friends.Tropes A To E
25th Jul 14 02:16:50Production Posse
24th Jul 14 10:32:01Atlantis
24th Jul 14 10:31:00Atlantis
24th Jul 14 10:27:27Literature.TARZAN
24th Jul 14 10:24:23Literature.TARZAN
24th Jul 14 10:15:57Quotes.Vietnam War
24th Jul 14 10:06:22Creator.James Cromwell
23rd Jul 14 08:13:55Film.The Queen
23rd Jul 14 08:11:26Creator.James Cromwell
23rd Jul 14 08:10:32Creator.James Cromwell
23rd Jul 14 08:06:26Film.Lucy
23rd Jul 14 01:10:24Characters.Artemis Academy And Apollo Academy
22nd Jul 14 02:10:38Manic Pixie Dream Girl
22nd Jul 14 01:06:30Film.Spider Man
22nd Jul 14 09:53:20Disney.Pocahontas
21st Jul 14 01:43:58Film.High Society
21st Jul 14 06:24:40Friends.Tropes F To J
21st Jul 14 06:12:10Greasy Spoon
21st Jul 14 05:49:41Characters.Charybdis Academy
21st Jul 14 05:28:16Characters.Charybdis Academy
21st Jul 14 05:16:17Series.Mockthe Week
21st Jul 14 05:15:06Series.Mockthe Week
21st Jul 14 03:14:25Literature.Elmer Gantry
21st Jul 14 03:11:05Literature.Elmer Gantry
21st Jul 14 03:07:10Literature.Elmer Gantry
21st Jul 14 03:05:54Literature.Elmer Gantry
21st Jul 14 03:00:32Stocking Filler
21st Jul 14 03:00:12Film.The Great Race
21st Jul 14 02:58:37Film.The Great Race
20th Jul 14 01:01:16YMMV.Romeo And Juliet
20th Jul 14 07:00:54Counting To Potato
19th Jul 14 01:25:08Literature.Elmer Gantry
19th Jul 14 01:15:12Creator.Sinclair Lewis
19th Jul 14 08:06:58Characters.Oz The Great And Powerful
19th Jul 14 07:47:36Series.Grounded For Life
19th Jul 14 07:46:11Chocolate Of Romance
19th Jul 14 07:43:50Trivia.American Dad
19th Jul 14 04:36:02Bully Brutality
17th Jul 14 04:11:26Funny.STARWARS
17th Jul 14 01:11:23Western Animation.Peace On Earth
17th Jul 14 11:39:39Creator.Umberto Eco
17th Jul 14 11:31:59Literature.Firestarter
17th Jul 14 11:29:48No Control Group
17th Jul 14 11:25:27Forced Sleep
17th Jul 14 11:25:13Forced Sleep
17th Jul 14 11:24:59Forced Sleep
17th Jul 14 10:11:40Trivia.Elizabeth Taylor
17th Jul 14 10:11:31Trivia.Elizabeth Taylor
17th Jul 14 10:11:22Creator.Elizabeth Taylor
17th Jul 14 10:09:56Trivia.Elizabeth Taylor
17th Jul 14 10:04:19Film.Nine To Five
17th Jul 14 10:04:06Film.Nine To Five
17th Jul 14 10:03:32Talking In Your Sleep
17th Jul 14 10:02:39Talking In Your Sleep
17th Jul 14 04:30:58Literature.Tarzan
17th Jul 14 04:21:45Adaptational Villainy.Animated Films
17th Jul 14 04:18:54Disney.TARZAN
17th Jul 14 04:09:17Literature.Tarzanofthe Apes
17th Jul 14 04:03:35Literature.Tarzanofthe Apes
17th Jul 14 03:53:17Film.The Great Race
17th Jul 14 02:52:30Webcomic.Menage A 3
15th Jul 14 12:54:10Useful Notes.Democratic Republic Of The Congo
13th Jul 14 10:11:18Creator.Patrick Stewart
13th Jul 14 05:38:55Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
13th Jul 14 05:35:24Creator.Melissa Mc Carthy
13th Jul 14 05:34:40Film.Tammy
13th Jul 14 03:22:26Literature.The Lost World
13th Jul 14 03:20:03Film.The Lost World
13th Jul 14 03:13:04YMMV.X Men Days Of Future Past
12th Jul 14 04:42:39Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
12th Jul 14 11:34:22YMMV.Jon Hamm
12th Jul 14 11:30:00Series.Damages
12th Jul 14 11:28:36Creator.Warren Beatty
12th Jul 14 11:28:00Film.Mars Attacks
12th Jul 14 11:26:56Characters.American Beauty
12th Jul 14 11:25:58Film.The Kids Are All Right
12th Jul 14 11:14:52Off With His Head
12th Jul 14 11:13:26Dawson Casting
12th Jul 14 10:53:20Dawson Casting
12th Jul 14 10:53:00Dawson Casting
12th Jul 14 09:44:17Not Wearing Pants Dream
12th Jul 14 09:40:23Not Wearing Pants Dream
12th Jul 14 06:09:16Creator.Natalie Portman
12th Jul 14 06:07:38Creator.Scarlett Johansson
12th Jul 14 06:06:09Creator.Scarlett Johansson
12th Jul 14 06:03:35Creator.Scarlett Johansson
12th Jul 14 06:02:47Trivia.Hitchcock
12th Jul 14 06:02:00Film.Hitchcock
12th Jul 14 05:37:22Film.The Adventures Of Antoine Doinel
11th Jul 14 04:47:27Literature.Foucaults Pendulum
11th Jul 14 04:38:05Literature.The Sirens Of Titan
11th Jul 14 04:32:32Literature.Bridget Jones
11th Jul 14 02:42:48Literature.Bridget Jones
11th Jul 14 02:41:23Literature.Bridget Jones
11th Jul 14 12:34:05Film.Network
11th Jul 14 10:16:27Series.Veep
10th Jul 14 11:10:57YMMV.Noah
10th Jul 14 10:51:33Literature.The Eyes Of The Dragon
10th Jul 14 10:48:32Bedsheet Ladder
10th Jul 14 10:47:32Bedsheet Ladder
10th Jul 14 10:35:24Film.The Great Race
10th Jul 14 10:20:56YMMV.Transformers Age Of Extinction
10th Jul 14 09:54:36Creator.Betty White
9th Jul 14 07:31:54Literature.Darkness At Noon
9th Jul 14 07:31:18Literature.Darkness At Noon
9th Jul 14 04:48:55Useful Notes.Lyndon Johnson
9th Jul 14 04:42:42Quotes.With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
9th Jul 14 04:42:27Quotes.With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
8th Jul 14 10:39:10Tear Jerker.Boardwalk Empire
8th Jul 14 10:33:57Heartwarming.Boardwalk Empire
8th Jul 14 07:08:02Film.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
8th Jul 14 06:45:48Creator.Heath Ledger
8th Jul 14 06:44:43Creator.Michelle Williams
8th Jul 14 06:43:43Romance On The Set
8th Jul 14 06:42:55Romance On The Set
8th Jul 14 06:41:47Romance On The Set
8th Jul 14 06:40:21Trivia.Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
8th Jul 14 06:33:53Creator.Steven Spielberg
8th Jul 14 02:36:32Funny.Friends
8th Jul 14 02:10:25Compressed Vice
8th Jul 14 02:06:27Characters.Two And A Half Men
8th Jul 14 02:04:03Series.Two And A Half Men
8th Jul 14 01:59:44Series.Breaking Bad
8th Jul 14 01:52:31Do You Want To Haggle
7th Jul 14 04:32:03Creator.Elizabeth Taylor
7th Jul 14 04:28:40Creator.Gary Oldman
7th Jul 14 04:11:57YMMV.Pain And Gain
7th Jul 14 04:11:46YMMV.Pain And Gain
7th Jul 14 03:52:54YMMV.Maus
7th Jul 14 12:47:15Its All About Me.Live Action TV
7th Jul 14 12:32:52Characters.Breaking Bad Heisenbergs Empire
7th Jul 14 12:32:01Characters.Breaking Bad Heisenbergs Empire
7th Jul 14 12:00:50Fake American.Film
7th Jul 14 12:00:07Creator.Kate Winslet
7th Jul 14 09:39:42My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
7th Jul 14 09:38:51My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
7th Jul 14 09:35:43Creator.Charlton Heston
7th Jul 14 09:16:13Recap.The Simpsons S 2 E 9 Itchy And Scratchy And Marge
7th Jul 14 09:15:53Recap.The Simpsons S 2 E 9 Itchy And Scratchy And Marge
7th Jul 14 03:03:20All Star Cast
7th Jul 14 03:02:00Characters.Forrest Gump
6th Jul 14 03:13:27Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
6th Jul 14 03:12:21Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
6th Jul 14 03:11:48Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
6th Jul 14 03:10:09Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
6th Jul 14 03:09:48Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
6th Jul 14 03:08:43Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
6th Jul 14 12:57:05Film.Adaptation
6th Jul 14 12:55:12Creator.Charlie Kaufman
6th Jul 14 10:05:45Values Dissonance.Liveaction TV
6th Jul 14 09:48:02Series.VEEP
6th Jul 14 09:47:37Series.VEEP
6th Jul 14 09:39:19Characters.Two And A Half Men
6th Jul 14 09:37:08Hilariously Abusive Childhood
6th Jul 14 08:04:50Translation Convention
6th Jul 14 08:00:59Trivia.The Shop Around The Corner
6th Jul 14 07:47:04Useful Notes.Belize
6th Jul 14 07:39:04Useful Notes.Fidel Castro
6th Jul 14 07:11:43Characters.X-Men80s Members
6th Jul 14 05:24:17Creator.Cameron Diaz
6th Jul 14 05:24:06Creator.Cameron Diaz
6th Jul 14 05:22:42Creator.Cameron Diaz
6th Jul 14 05:19:55Creator.Leslie Mann
6th Jul 14 05:17:25Literature.Cujo
6th Jul 14 02:20:37Thats What She Said
6th Jul 14 02:14:18Literature.Wolves Of The Calla
5th Jul 14 04:13:04Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
5th Jul 14 04:04:14Take That.Literature
5th Jul 14 09:53:19YMMV.Edge Of Tomorrow
5th Jul 14 08:58:57Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
5th Jul 14 08:02:46God Is Inept
5th Jul 14 07:47:50Mundane Wish
5th Jul 14 07:14:36Mildred Pierce
5th Jul 14 07:11:58Creator.HBO
5th Jul 14 06:48:19Creator.Dustin Hoffman
5th Jul 14 06:46:03Film.Chef
5th Jul 14 06:45:44Film.Chef
5th Jul 14 06:45:33Film.Chef
5th Jul 14 06:44:54Creator.Scarlett Johansson
5th Jul 14 06:44:27Film.Chef
5th Jul 14 06:44:26Film.Chef
5th Jul 14 06:43:06Film.Quartet
5th Jul 14 06:41:06Creator.Amy Adams
5th Jul 14 06:34:34Characters.The Hangover
5th Jul 14 06:24:59Characters.The Hangover
5th Jul 14 06:07:17Quotes.Crack Pairing
5th Jul 14 03:21:55Webcomic.Menage A 3
5th Jul 14 03:18:53Characters.Menage A 3
4th Jul 14 10:29:54Theatre.Glengarry Glen Ross
4th Jul 14 10:25:16Creator.Kevin Spacey
4th Jul 14 09:17:25Creator.Olivia De Havilland
4th Jul 14 09:05:08Godiva Hair
4th Jul 14 08:52:02Creator.Guy Pearce
4th Jul 14 08:03:29Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
4th Jul 14 02:25:26Film.Two Thousand Twelve
4th Jul 14 01:47:28Literature.They Shoot Horses Dont They
3rd Jul 14 01:04:11Military Brat
3rd Jul 14 12:41:47Fox Hunting
3rd Jul 14 12:41:20Fox Hunting
3rd Jul 14 12:23:35Literature.Jeeves And Wooster
3rd Jul 14 12:22:15As The Good Book Says
3rd Jul 14 12:20:31Ambiguously Christian
3rd Jul 14 12:17:41Characters.Transformers Film Series
3rd Jul 14 12:16:03YMMV.Transformers Age Of Extinction
3rd Jul 14 07:52:59Characters.Boardwalk Empire Darmody Family And Associates
3rd Jul 14 07:50:56Characters.Boardwalk Empire Darmody Family And Associates
3rd Jul 14 07:46:56Characters.Boardwalk Empire Thompson Family
3rd Jul 14 05:58:50Headscratchers.Planet Of The Apes
3rd Jul 14 05:56:38Headscratchers.Planet Of The Apes
3rd Jul 14 05:49:32Franchise.Planet Of The Apes
3rd Jul 14 05:34:20Franchise.Planet Of The Apes
3rd Jul 14 05:29:28Franchise.Planetofthe Apes
2nd Jul 14 01:12:33My Country Right Or Wrong
2nd Jul 14 03:53:59Characters.Charybdis Academy
1st Jul 14 03:36:26Trial Balloon Question
1st Jul 14 03:35:27Trial Balloon Question
1st Jul 14 03:35:07Trial Balloon Question
30th Jun 14 07:21:24Autocannibalism
30th Jun 14 07:19:16Extreme Omnivore.Real Life
30th Jun 14 07:00:24Characters.Questionablecontent
30th Jun 14 03:49:07YMMV.Nineteeneightyfour
30th Jun 14 03:40:43Literature.Nineteeneightyfour
30th Jun 14 02:48:20Literature.From A Buick 8
30th Jun 14 02:26:46Literature.Night Shift
30th Jun 14 02:25:30The Plague
29th Jun 14 01:50:41Quotes.The Sixties
29th Jun 14 01:08:47Literature.Skeleton Crew
29th Jun 14 01:07:17Literature.Everythings Eventual
29th Jun 14 12:58:32Literature.Misery
29th Jun 14 12:45:13Literature.Misery
29th Jun 14 12:43:14Literature.Misery
29th Jun 14 12:42:18Literature.Misery
29th Jun 14 12:40:28Literature.Misery
29th Jun 14 11:30:25Creator.Colin Firth
29th Jun 14 11:28:09Funny.The Kings Speech
29th Jun 14 11:22:05Literature.It Cant Happen Here
29th Jun 14 11:17:39Characters.It Cant Happen Here
29th Jun 14 11:16:47Literature.It Cant Happen Here
29th Jun 14 09:06:27Characters.Transformers Film Series
29th Jun 14 08:21:51Characters.True Detective
29th Jun 14 02:18:13Creator.EC Comics
28th Jun 14 10:37:41Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
28th Jun 14 10:28:54Characters.American Psycho
28th Jun 14 10:27:21Characters.American Psycho
28th Jun 14 10:25:22Characters.American Psycho
28th Jun 14 10:24:08Characters.American Psycho
28th Jun 14 08:25:42Fan Hater
28th Jun 14 08:15:51Villain Protagonist
28th Jun 14 07:18:44Innocent Swearing
28th Jun 14 07:17:50Innocent Swearing
28th Jun 14 02:51:41Literature.Thehungergames
27th Jun 14 04:10:55Characters.Married With Children
27th Jun 14 03:37:27Film.Agnes Of God
27th Jun 14 03:32:56Film.Fun With Dick And Jane
27th Jun 14 03:32:37Film.Fun With Dick And Jane
27th Jun 14 03:24:13Creator.Jane Fonda
27th Jun 14 03:23:59Creator.Jane Fonda
27th Jun 14 12:19:12Fake Nationality
27th Jun 14 12:15:24Trivia.Schindlers List
27th Jun 14 12:14:50Film.Schindlers List
27th Jun 14 11:54:11Film.Libeled Lady
27th Jun 14 11:27:40Series.Rectify
27th Jun 14 06:04:34Literature.For Whom The Bell Tolls
27th Jun 14 03:10:50Characters.Snowpiercer
27th Jun 14 01:51:10Film.This Is The End
26th Jun 14 01:11:16YMMV.Noah
26th Jun 14 01:07:44Critical Dissonance
25th Jun 14 11:24:59Creator.Charlie Brooker
25th Jun 14 08:56:00Creator.Frankie Boyle
25th Jun 14 08:50:06Series.You Have Been Watching
24th Jun 14 03:18:46Creator.Mila Kunis
24th Jun 14 03:11:24Shia La Beouf
24th Jun 14 07:14:46Funny.Outnumbered
24th Jun 14 03:52:28Bald Black Leader Guy
24th Jun 14 03:50:17Bald Black Leader Guy
24th Jun 14 03:43:55Literature.Solaris
24th Jun 14 03:35:47Comic Book Time
23rd Jun 14 02:53:25Trivia.Little Miss Sunshine
23rd Jun 14 02:50:59Characters.Little Miss Sunshine
23rd Jun 14 02:47:33Film.Little Miss Sunshine
23rd Jun 14 01:08:40Funny.Billy Madison
23rd Jun 14 06:24:09Literature.Night Shift
23rd Jun 14 06:19:23Literature.Night Shift
23rd Jun 14 06:14:26Literature.Night Shift
23rd Jun 14 06:10:46Literature.Night Shift
23rd Jun 14 06:08:06Recap.Breaking Bad S 5 E 15 Granite State
23rd Jun 14 01:56:12Characters.Boardwalk Empire Mistresses
21st Jun 14 02:56:18Boomerang Bigot
21st Jun 14 02:53:02Boomerang Bigot
21st Jun 14 02:16:43Funny.Veep
21st Jun 14 05:52:34Out Damned Spot
21st Jun 14 05:32:03Film.The Dark Knight Rises
21st Jun 14 03:35:30Useful Notes.Ireland
21st Jun 14 03:08:00Characters.Game Of Thrones House Lannister
21st Jun 14 03:02:23Characters.Blackadder
21st Jun 14 02:56:03Characters.Blackadder
21st Jun 14 12:28:50Creator.Scarlett Johansson
20th Jun 14 04:21:00Literature.Adrian Mole
19th Jun 14 02:41:09Slash Fic
19th Jun 14 02:17:35Hollywood Tourettes
19th Jun 14 01:16:40YMMV.The Green Berets
19th Jun 14 10:59:15Characters.X-Men Film Series Humans
19th Jun 14 10:52:54Characters.X-Men Film Series Brotherhood
19th Jun 14 09:47:14Characters.Boardwalk Empire Darmody Family And Associates
19th Jun 14 09:39:36Literature.Lord Of The Flies
19th Jun 14 09:32:25Self Made Orphan
19th Jun 14 05:24:22Webcomic.Menage A 3
18th Jun 14 01:17:15Trivia.Pretty Woman
17th Jun 14 03:41:30All Star Cast
17th Jun 14 03:33:02Trivia.August Osage County
17th Jun 14 03:32:47Trivia.August Osage County
17th Jun 14 03:27:23Creator.Abigail Breslin
17th Jun 14 02:58:35Series.Louie
17th Jun 14 02:56:45YMMV.Louie
17th Jun 14 07:55:31Creator.Grace Kelly
17th Jun 14 07:30:46Film.Moulin Rouge
17th Jun 14 07:27:46Bald Of Evil
17th Jun 14 07:20:38Characters.Breaking Bad Other Criminals
17th Jun 14 03:22:01Bawdy Song
17th Jun 14 02:24:03Trivia.Hannah And Her Sisters
17th Jun 14 01:37:36Documentary Of Lies
17th Jun 14 01:32:07Literature.Death On The Nile
17th Jun 14 01:31:51Literature.Death On The Nile
17th Jun 14 01:30:15Creator.Agatha Christie
17th Jun 14 01:15:52Series.Veep
16th Jun 14 04:04:26Creator.Art Spiegelman
16th Jun 14 04:02:07Creator.Gerry Conway
16th Jun 14 04:00:48Creator.Alan Moore
16th Jun 14 03:59:24Creator.Scott Lobdell
16th Jun 14 03:53:47Creator.John Byrne
16th Jun 14 03:53:20Creator.John Byrne
16th Jun 14 03:11:29YMMV.Sex And The City
16th Jun 14 03:05:11Characters.Charybdis Academy
16th Jun 14 10:00:23Trivia.Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot
16th Jun 14 09:34:04YMMV.X Men The Last S Tand
16th Jun 14 04:29:32Funny.Outnumbered
16th Jun 14 04:29:11Funny.Outnumbered
16th Jun 14 03:51:15Series.Outnumbered
15th Jun 14 03:17:26Characters.X-Men Film Series Humans
15th Jun 14 12:23:19Series.Outnumbered
15th Jun 14 12:20:46Funny.Outnumbered
15th Jun 14 09:18:51Literature.The Shining
15th Jun 14 09:15:47Literature.Geralds Game
15th Jun 14 09:12:41Literature.Geralds Game
15th Jun 14 09:11:26Literature.Geralds Game
15th Jun 14 09:08:29Literature.Geralds Game
15th Jun 14 09:07:27Literature.Geralds Game
15th Jun 14 09:06:54Out With A Bang
15th Jun 14 06:03:38Characters.Peanuts
15th Jun 14 02:00:57Literature.American Psycho
14th Jun 14 03:46:13Funny.George Carlin
14th Jun 14 03:41:14Creator.Mila Kunis
14th Jun 14 03:40:44Creator.Mila Kunis
14th Jun 14 03:37:05Creator.Nicole Kidman
14th Jun 14 03:31:33Creator.Nicole Kidman
14th Jun 14 03:20:15Film.Crash
14th Jun 14 03:04:09Characters.VEEP
14th Jun 14 03:03:05Characters.VEEP
14th Jun 14 03:02:50Characters.VEEP
14th Jun 14 02:55:01My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
14th Jun 14 02:53:56Series.Mockthe Week
14th Jun 14 09:27:08Funny.Mockthe Week
14th Jun 14 09:24:24Funny.Mockthe Week
14th Jun 14 09:15:15Funny.Veep
14th Jun 14 09:11:50Series.Veep
14th Jun 14 09:01:16Useful Notes.Hillary Rodham Clinton
14th Jun 14 06:13:19Film.Intouchables
14th Jun 14 04:42:32Literature.Pet Sematary
14th Jun 14 04:35:32Literature.Geralds Game
14th Jun 14 01:09:52Creator.Daniel Day Lewis
14th Jun 14 01:00:47Music.SHAKIRA
14th Jun 14 12:50:36The Anti Nihilist
14th Jun 14 12:45:07YMMV.The Graduate
13th Jun 14 03:06:36Awesome.South Park
13th Jun 14 02:15:24You Cant Make An Omelette
13th Jun 14 02:12:24Literature.It Cant Happen Here
13th Jun 14 02:11:54Literature.It Cant Happen Here
13th Jun 14 02:02:02Characters.It Cant Happen Here
13th Jun 14 01:56:37Literature.It Cant Happen Here
13th Jun 14 07:50:08Literature.I Claudius
12th Jun 14 04:40:39Creator.Osamu Tezuka
12th Jun 14 04:40:17Creator.Osamu Tezuka
12th Jun 14 04:29:29Theatre.Gypsy
12th Jun 14 04:18:28Film.Gone With The Wind
12th Jun 14 04:08:40Your Mom
12th Jun 14 01:07:58Literature.Baudolino
12th Jun 14 08:51:05YMMV.The Green Mile
12th Jun 14 08:49:44Literature.The Green Mile
12th Jun 14 08:46:42Quotes.God Is Evil
12th Jun 14 08:04:12Webcomic.Menage A 3
11th Jun 14 02:12:21Literature.I Claudius
11th Jun 14 02:09:57Emperor Caligula
11th Jun 14 01:11:52Lyrical Dissonance.Folk

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