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30th Jan 15 03:30:55Film.American Sniper
30th Jan 15 03:28:14Film.American Sniper
30th Jan 15 03:14:08Film.American Sniper
28th Jan 15 03:19:40Margaret Thatcher In Fiction
28th Jan 15 03:13:09Film.Annie 2014
28th Jan 15 03:12:47Film.Annie 2014
28th Jan 15 03:12:27Film.Annie 2014
28th Jan 15 03:05:14Creator.Julia Louis Dreyfus
28th Jan 15 03:05:01Creator.Julia Louis Dreyfus
25th Jan 15 04:33:52Film.American Sniper
25th Jan 15 04:30:16Film.American Sniper
25th Jan 15 04:06:04Film.American Sniper
25th Jan 15 04:02:59Creator.Nicole Kidman
25th Jan 15 04:02:10Trivia.Paddington
25th Jan 15 08:26:35Characters.Jurassic Park Literature
25th Jan 15 08:25:56Characters.Jurassic Park Literature
25th Jan 15 06:36:25Film.American Sniper
25th Jan 15 03:48:45Film.Erin Brockovich
25th Jan 15 03:47:21Film.Erin Brockovich
23rd Jan 15 04:44:35One Head Taller
22nd Jan 15 06:39:15Useful Notes.Margaret Thatcher
22nd Jan 15 06:39:04Quotes.Margaret Thatcher
22nd Jan 15 06:15:40Fake American.Live Action TV
22nd Jan 15 06:12:30Characters.American Hustle
22nd Jan 15 06:09:32Quotes.Very Loosely Based On A True Story
22nd Jan 15 06:09:09Quotes.Very Loosely Based On A True Story
22nd Jan 15 06:07:06Film.Argo
22nd Jan 15 04:33:38Acceptable Ethnic Targets
22nd Jan 15 02:11:35Film.Horrible Bosses
22nd Jan 15 02:08:10Characters.Django Unchained
22nd Jan 15 02:07:24Film.Django Unchained
21st Jan 15 04:25:12Film.Unbroken
21st Jan 15 05:41:37Web Video.React
21st Jan 15 05:37:26Funny.React
20th Jan 15 02:55:42Trivia.American Sniper
19th Jan 15 04:04:45Film.Paddington
19th Jan 15 04:04:08Film.Paddington
19th Jan 15 04:05:47Film.The Wolf Of Wall Street
19th Jan 15 03:17:46Pacifism Backfire
19th Jan 15 03:13:30Film.American Sniper
18th Jan 15 04:25:52Film.The Imitation Game
18th Jan 15 02:20:18Film.Unforgiven
17th Jan 15 01:17:54Quotes.Margaret Thatcher
17th Jan 15 01:56:43Series.Mock The Week
16th Jan 15 02:07:33Noodle Implements
15th Jan 15 01:05:09Creator.Edward Norton
15th Jan 15 07:15:40Creator.Keira Knightley
15th Jan 15 07:14:24Creator.Julianne Moore
15th Jan 15 07:11:44Creator.Meryl Streep
14th Jan 15 07:10:47Quotes.All Women Are Prudes
14th Jan 15 05:38:01Informed Obscenity
14th Jan 15 05:37:34Informed Obscenity
14th Jan 15 05:35:38Trivia.Paddington
13th Jan 15 05:46:31Random Species Offspring
13th Jan 15 05:42:34Small Secluded World
13th Jan 15 05:30:11Theatre.The Miser
12th Jan 15 06:47:14Riddle For The Ages
12th Jan 15 06:05:57Series.Boardwalk Empire
11th Jan 15 01:26:59Characters.For Whom The Bell Tolls
11th Jan 15 01:23:36Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
11th Jan 15 01:17:46Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
10th Jan 15 09:51:08Creator.Christoph Waltz
10th Jan 15 09:49:22Creator.Amy Adams
10th Jan 15 09:48:49Film.Big Eyes
10th Jan 15 09:22:02Film.Unbroken
10th Jan 15 06:51:21Film.Back To The Future
9th Jan 15 06:26:57Film.Little Miss Sunshine
9th Jan 15 06:21:31Film.Cl Erks
9th Jan 15 06:11:28Characters.Questionable Content
9th Jan 15 02:51:05The Teetotaler
8th Jan 15 02:41:35Films Of The2010s
7th Jan 15 06:44:19All Drummers Are Animals
7th Jan 15 06:43:46All Drummers Are Animals
7th Jan 15 06:43:24All Drummers Are Animals
7th Jan 15 04:42:20Creator.Angelina Jolie
7th Jan 15 04:41:35Creator.Angelina Jolie
7th Jan 15 04:41:23Creator.Angelina Jolie
7th Jan 15 01:39:39Funny.Game Of Thrones
6th Jan 15 02:42:51Creator.Bryan Cranston
6th Jan 15 02:34:20Characters.Menage A 3
6th Jan 15 10:47:12Exposed To The Elements
6th Jan 15 06:15:50Massive Numbered Siblings
5th Jan 15 03:30:41Film.The Breakfast Club
4th Jan 15 11:43:00Creator.Nicole Kidman
4th Jan 15 11:42:20Film.Klute
4th Jan 15 11:40:51Creator.Nicole Kidman
4th Jan 15 11:38:41Creator.Nicole Kidman
4th Jan 15 05:52:53Futurama.Tropes T To Z
4th Jan 15 05:45:29Characters.Futurama
4th Jan 15 05:04:06Useful Notes.Erwin Rommel
4th Jan 15 05:03:04Film.Sunset Boulevard
4th Jan 15 05:02:39Film.Sunset Boulevard
4th Jan 15 05:01:05Creator.Billy Wilder
3rd Jan 15 12:09:04Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
3rd Jan 15 12:06:21Literature.Elmer Gantry
3rd Jan 15 09:47:25Creator.Barbara Stanwyck
1st Jan 15 07:21:32Literature.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
1st Jan 15 07:15:06Creator.Jules Verne
1st Jan 15 06:40:51Fake Russian
1st Jan 15 06:36:57Useful Notes.Napoleon Bonaparte
1st Jan 15 06:31:42Useful Notes.Benito Mussolini
1st Jan 15 06:29:34Useful Notes.Gerald Ford
1st Jan 15 01:14:19Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
31st Dec 14 12:46:16Literature.Harry Potter
31st Dec 14 12:45:14Literature.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
31st Dec 14 11:54:54Deadly Euphemism
31st Dec 14 11:45:33Film.Life Is Beautiful
31st Dec 14 11:44:39Could Say It But
31st Dec 14 11:43:58Ill Never Tell You What Im Telling You
31st Dec 14 11:05:17Film.Into The Woods
31st Dec 14 10:47:49Bunny Ears Lawyer.Live Action TV
31st Dec 14 10:44:44Quotes.The Loins Sleep Tonight
31st Dec 14 06:50:34Film.Unbroken
31st Dec 14 06:47:58Creator.Billy Bob Thornton
31st Dec 14 06:42:53Series.Two And A Half Men
31st Dec 14 06:42:24Series.Two And A Half Men
31st Dec 14 06:38:42Characters.Two And A Half Men
31st Dec 14 06:38:10Characters.Two And A Half Men
31st Dec 14 06:37:13Characters.Two And A Half Men
29th Dec 14 03:13:10Disney.Bambi
29th Dec 14 03:12:38Disney.Bambi
28th Dec 14 09:40:33Series.Mock The Week
28th Dec 14 09:29:46Compensating For Something
28th Dec 14 03:16:50Film.X Men The Last Stand
28th Dec 14 03:16:27Film.X Men The Last Stand
28th Dec 14 02:18:39Film.High Society
28th Dec 14 01:55:58YMMV.Lassie
27th Dec 14 04:54:48Film.Inside Llewyn Davis
27th Dec 14 04:52:17Creator.Lisa Kudrow
27th Dec 14 01:06:31Animation.Cat City
26th Dec 14 12:50:13Creator.Keira Knightley
26th Dec 14 12:48:33Creator.Keira Knightley
26th Dec 14 11:31:07Literature.American Psycho
26th Dec 14 07:33:34Parent Service
26th Dec 14 07:26:51Trivia.Two And A Half Men
26th Dec 14 07:24:10Characters.Two And A Half Men
25th Dec 14 01:10:44Series.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
25th Dec 14 01:07:57Series.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
25th Dec 14 12:15:29Funny.React
25th Dec 14 03:19:13Website.College Humor
24th Dec 14 05:27:52Film.Annie 2014
24th Dec 14 05:26:40Film.Annie 2014
24th Dec 14 04:53:30Headscratchers.Hogfather
24th Dec 14 04:16:34Funny.Mock The Week
22nd Dec 14 03:23:41Characters.Menage A 3
21st Dec 14 12:23:35Dark Lord On Life Support
21st Dec 14 12:16:12Disabled Character Disabled Actor
21st Dec 14 12:12:37Evil Cripple
21st Dec 14 11:39:06Mission Control Is Off Its Meds
21st Dec 14 11:35:35Animation.Cat City
21st Dec 14 11:26:42Literature.Farmer Giles Of Ham
21st Dec 14 08:49:05Creator.Jennifer Aniston
21st Dec 14 02:08:09Film.Idiocracy
21st Dec 14 01:24:39Creator.Kirk Douglas
21st Dec 14 01:22:56Creator.Mila Kunis
19th Dec 14 11:01:14Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
19th Dec 14 10:55:00Creator.Mark Wahlberg
19th Dec 14 10:53:08Creator.Charlize Theron
19th Dec 14 10:33:56Characters.Menage A 3
19th Dec 14 10:29:45Genius Book Club
19th Dec 14 10:24:42Literature.Jeeves And Wooster
18th Dec 14 01:05:38Characters.Sandra On The Rocks
18th Dec 14 06:22:08For The Evulz
18th Dec 14 06:21:32For The Evulz
17th Dec 14 03:37:26Characters.The Hobbit
17th Dec 14 03:33:20The Ageless
17th Dec 14 03:25:00Greed
17th Dec 14 07:26:40Film.Dinner At Eight
17th Dec 14 02:21:25Our Nudity Is Different
17th Dec 14 02:20:04Our Nudity Is Different
15th Dec 14 04:13:23Film.Rear Window
14th Dec 14 05:44:33Literature.Watership Down
14th Dec 14 02:48:46Headscratchers.Hogfather
14th Dec 14 12:12:58Torture Always Works
13th Dec 14 12:18:06Implausible Deniability
13th Dec 14 02:48:33YMMV.No Country For Old Men
13th Dec 14 02:33:05Characters.Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman
13th Dec 14 02:27:35Characters.Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman
13th Dec 14 12:18:49Torture Always Works
13th Dec 14 12:17:43Torture Is Ineffective
13th Dec 14 12:15:47Literature.The Name Of The Rose
13th Dec 14 12:14:53Quotes.Torture Is Ineffective
13th Dec 14 12:14:16Quotes.Torture Always Works
12th Dec 14 06:18:08I Was Quite A Looker
12th Dec 14 05:45:40Do You Want To Copulate
12th Dec 14 05:45:12Do You Want To Copulate
12th Dec 14 05:42:13Characters.The Big Lebowski
12th Dec 14 05:41:30Characters.The Big Lebowski
12th Dec 14 05:39:40Characters.The Big Lebowski
12th Dec 14 05:38:31Creator.John Goodman
12th Dec 14 05:34:03Creator.Carrie Fisher
11th Dec 14 12:55:10Characters.Discworld Wizards
11th Dec 14 12:12:59Funny.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
10th Dec 14 11:37:20Film.Birdman
10th Dec 14 11:36:48Film.Birdman
10th Dec 14 04:56:53Quotes.Crapsack World
9th Dec 14 03:33:02Literature.The Catcher In The Rye
8th Dec 14 01:18:46Trivia.World War Z
8th Dec 14 01:17:51Trivia.World War Z
8th Dec 14 01:17:37Trivia.World War Z
8th Dec 14 05:59:12Oblivious To His Own Description
8th Dec 14 05:55:01Oblivious To His Own Description
7th Dec 14 10:38:32Literature.The Nightingale
7th Dec 14 10:28:29Literature.Night Shift
7th Dec 14 04:25:48Discworld.Soul Music
7th Dec 14 04:11:51Discworld.Soul Music
7th Dec 14 02:24:32Literature.Cujo
7th Dec 14 02:23:05Real Award Fictional Character
7th Dec 14 02:18:50Real Award Fictional Character
7th Dec 14 12:43:40Literature.Breakfast Of Champions
6th Dec 14 12:42:34Film.The Breakfast Club
4th Dec 14 12:42:05Gay Bar Reveal
4th Dec 14 10:09:06Characters.Menage A 3
3rd Dec 14 11:01:16Characters.Menage A 3
2nd Dec 14 03:04:44Characters.Veep
2nd Dec 14 12:32:55Literature.Christine
1st Dec 14 01:38:49Film.Red Headed Woman
1st Dec 14 01:29:03Series.Fawlty Towers
1st Dec 14 09:57:06Creator.Keira Knightley
1st Dec 14 06:38:32Giftedly Bad
30th Nov 14 01:24:51Characters.Calvin And Hobbes
30th Nov 14 12:43:46Film.Sixteen Candles
30th Nov 14 12:39:02Characters.X Men90s Members
30th Nov 14 12:37:59Characters.X Men80s Members
30th Nov 14 11:02:44Film.Scream 3
30th Nov 14 10:52:51Film.Scream 3
29th Nov 14 10:43:20Hollywood Homely
29th Nov 14 09:59:05Creator.Siegfried Sassoon
29th Nov 14 09:58:39Creator.Siegfried Sassoon
29th Nov 14 07:40:49Green Aesop
29th Nov 14 07:38:32Green Aesop
29th Nov 14 06:23:03Series.Veep
29th Nov 14 06:21:01Series.Veep
28th Nov 14 12:18:15Series.Veep
28th Nov 14 11:50:49Characters.Veep
28th Nov 14 11:45:57Characters.Veep
28th Nov 14 11:36:03Characters.Veep
28th Nov 14 11:34:17Characters.Veep
28th Nov 14 10:48:17Not What It Looks Like
28th Nov 14 01:43:11My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
27th Nov 14 11:20:11Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
27th Nov 14 11:01:09Useful Notes.Jimmy Carter
27th Nov 14 10:51:49Useful Notes.Gerald Ford
27th Nov 14 10:20:30Webcomic.Menage A 3
27th Nov 14 02:30:09Heartwarming.Mock The Week
27th Nov 14 01:52:47Your Cheating Heart
26th Nov 14 04:30:22Characters.Boardwalk Empire Chicago Gangsters
26th Nov 14 01:20:26Webcomic.Menage A 3
26th Nov 14 01:19:25Webcomic.Menage A 3
26th Nov 14 08:04:29Creator.Oscar Isaac
26th Nov 14 08:02:50Characters.The Hangover
26th Nov 14 07:51:49Useful Notes.Warren Harding
26th Nov 14 07:47:14Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
26th Nov 14 01:46:34Cough Snark Cough
26th Nov 14 01:43:28Film.Friends With Benefits
25th Nov 14 01:13:19Film.Broken Blossoms
24th Nov 14 05:13:15Webcomic.Menage A 3
24th Nov 14 05:07:07YMMV.The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
23rd Nov 14 09:52:00Series.VEEP
23rd Nov 14 07:47:01Series.The Comeback
23rd Nov 14 07:41:39Creator.Christopher Nolan
23rd Nov 14 02:50:31Hello Nurse
23rd Nov 14 02:25:57Characters.Harry Potter Muggles
23rd Nov 14 02:15:20Hello Nurse
23rd Nov 14 02:13:13Comic Book.Rising Stars
23rd Nov 14 02:09:46Comic Book.Rising Stars
23rd Nov 14 02:04:44Characters.Classical Mythology Olympians
23rd Nov 14 01:50:44Useful Notes.Richard Nixon
22nd Nov 14 12:58:09Magical Negro
22nd Nov 14 12:56:28Literature.The Shining
22nd Nov 14 12:22:53Literature.I Claudius
22nd Nov 14 11:10:34Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
22nd Nov 14 11:07:11Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
22nd Nov 14 04:19:44Characters.Friends
22nd Nov 14 04:18:35Characters.Friends
22nd Nov 14 02:17:16Creator.Cicero
22nd Nov 14 02:12:54Headscratchers.Moulin Rouge
22nd Nov 14 02:12:33Headscratchers.Moulin Rouge
22nd Nov 14 02:09:21Film.Love Story
22nd Nov 14 02:05:27Literature.The Tommyknockers
20th Nov 14 01:07:07AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
19th Nov 14 12:48:58Literature.The Grapes Of Wrath
19th Nov 14 12:46:03Literature.The Grapes Of Wrath
19th Nov 14 12:43:30Literature.The Grapes Of Wrath
19th Nov 14 12:42:09Nightmare Fuel.American Psycho
18th Nov 14 04:14:53Trivia.Mark Wahlberg
18th Nov 14 03:46:15Creator.Jonah Hill
16th Nov 14 02:44:57Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
15th Nov 14 10:39:30Theatre.Antony And Cleopatra
15th Nov 14 10:38:08Useful Notes.Cleopatra VII
15th Nov 14 10:38:04Useful Notes.Cleopatra VII
15th Nov 14 10:37:18Useful Notes.Cleopatra VII
15th Nov 14 10:29:20Useful Notes.Nero
15th Nov 14 07:41:05Literature.I Claudius
15th Nov 14 07:38:32Literature.I Claudius
15th Nov 14 07:33:15Literature.I Claudius
15th Nov 14 01:53:36Series.Tomorrows Pioneers
14th Nov 14 12:35:00Characters.Two And A Half Men
14th Nov 14 11:28:25Discworld.Small Gods
14th Nov 14 11:11:44Gunman With Three Names
12th Nov 14 12:58:07Series.Boardwalk Empire
11th Nov 14 11:16:06Creator.Lupita Nyongo
11th Nov 14 08:58:00Literature.American Psycho
11th Nov 14 08:54:35Literature.American Psycho
10th Nov 14 12:16:13Straw Vegetarian
10th Nov 14 12:09:42Characters.Jeeves And Wooster
10th Nov 14 12:06:56Characters.Jeeves And Wooster
10th Nov 14 11:51:13Characters.Jeeves And Wooster
10th Nov 14 08:00:08Literature.Book Of Ecclesiastes
10th Nov 14 07:53:51Literature.Death On The Nile
9th Nov 14 12:20:58Series.The Graham Norton Show
9th Nov 14 10:29:32Characters.Boardwalk Empire Schroeder Rohan Family
9th Nov 14 10:26:28Characters.Boardwalk Empire Schroeder Rohan Family
9th Nov 14 10:25:46Characters.Boardwalk Empire Schroeder Rohan Family
9th Nov 14 10:22:57Characters.Boardwalk Empire Schroeder Rohan Family
9th Nov 14 10:21:18Creator.Kelly Macdonald
9th Nov 14 08:16:43Precision F Strike.Film
9th Nov 14 08:09:28Creator.Christopher Nolan
9th Nov 14 06:11:50Characters.That70s Show
9th Nov 14 06:01:34Characters.Spider Man Family
9th Nov 14 03:37:03Characters.Carnage
9th Nov 14 03:27:01Comic Book.Lois Lane
8th Nov 14 08:58:29Inherently Funny Words
8th Nov 14 08:46:20Film.All Is Lost
8th Nov 14 08:44:21Film.All Is Lost
8th Nov 14 06:27:10Funny.Seinfeld
8th Nov 14 02:35:16Creator.Rodney Dangerfield
7th Nov 14 10:51:36Trivia.This Is 40
7th Nov 14 02:11:16Prison Rape
6th Nov 14 03:13:00Film.Interstellar
6th Nov 14 02:34:30Outdoor Bath Peeping
4th Nov 14 07:35:39Creator.Joan Crawford
4th Nov 14 07:32:34Quotes.Chewing The Scenery
3rd Nov 14 03:22:23Creator.Fatty Arbuckle
3rd Nov 14 10:15:57Creator.Julia Louis Dreyfus
3rd Nov 14 10:14:11Creator.Julia Louis Dreyfus
3rd Nov 14 10:13:59Creator.Julia Louis Dreyfus
2nd Nov 14 11:58:55Literature.The Collector
2nd Nov 14 11:55:29Abduction Is Love
2nd Nov 14 10:53:01Creator.Jonah Hill
2nd Nov 14 10:52:37Creator.Jonah Hill
2nd Nov 14 10:50:55Creator.Melissa Mc Carthy
2nd Nov 14 07:44:30Literature.America The Book
1st Nov 14 05:15:35Series.Boardwalk Empire
1st Nov 14 04:39:05All Just A Dream
1st Nov 14 04:31:20Pulitzer Prize
1st Nov 14 04:28:00Creator.Sinclair Lewis
1st Nov 14 04:25:10My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
1st Nov 14 04:23:28My Country Tis Of Thee That I Sting
1st Nov 14 01:12:13Series.The New Adventures Of Old Christine
1st Nov 14 11:09:43Film.Unforgiven
1st Nov 14 05:37:24Characters.Boardwalk Empire Other Characters
1st Nov 14 05:26:52Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
1st Nov 14 02:17:15Tear Jerker.Boardwalk Empire
31st Oct 14 01:49:38Too Good For This Sinful Earth
31st Oct 14 01:45:02Creator.HG Wells
31st Oct 14 01:43:02War Gaming
31st Oct 14 01:22:51Mad M Athematician
31st Oct 14 01:16:21Short Lived Big Impact
30th Oct 14 11:12:11Saw Star Wars Twenty Seven Times
30th Oct 14 11:06:31Artistic License Paleontology
30th Oct 14 11:05:05One Million BC
30th Oct 14 11:03:24YMMV.One Million Years BC
30th Oct 14 11:03:14YMMV.One Million Years BC
30th Oct 14 11:02:14Film.One Million Years BC
30th Oct 14 10:50:42Killer Gorilla
30th Oct 14 06:32:36Literature.Brave New World
30th Oct 14 06:28:42Literature.Brave New World
30th Oct 14 04:25:52Last Disrespects
30th Oct 14 04:12:38Webcomic.Menage A 3
30th Oct 14 04:12:19Webcomic.Menage A 3
30th Oct 14 04:07:01Webcomic.Menage A 3
29th Oct 14 01:12:19Tear Jerker.Boardwalk Empire
29th Oct 14 02:43:22Heartwarming.Boardwalk Empire
29th Oct 14 02:41:29Tear Jerker.Boardwalk Empire
29th Oct 14 02:41:00Tear Jerker.Boardwalk Empire
29th Oct 14 02:33:42Series.Boardwalk Empire
28th Oct 14 04:15:04Series.Boardwalk Empire
28th Oct 14 04:13:10Series.Boardwalk Empire
28th Oct 14 04:09:01Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
28th Oct 14 07:38:28Film.Meteor
28th Oct 14 03:53:12Series.Boardwalk Empire
27th Oct 14 08:28:01YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
27th Oct 14 08:27:24YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
27th Oct 14 08:25:21Quotes.Boardwalk Empire
27th Oct 14 08:13:16Characters.Boardwalk Empire The Commodores Circle
27th Oct 14 05:06:47Characters.Boardwalk Empire Thompson Family
27th Oct 14 05:04:42Characters.Boardwalk Empire Thompson Family
27th Oct 14 04:35:35Series.Boardwalk Empire
27th Oct 14 04:24:36Characters.Boardwalk Empire Darmody Family And Associates
27th Oct 14 04:08:40Characters.Boardwalk Empire Chicago Gangsters
27th Oct 14 03:55:28Characters.Boardwalk Empire Thompson Family
27th Oct 14 03:46:58Series.Boardwalk Empire
27th Oct 14 03:45:45Series.Boardwalk Empire
25th Oct 14 04:33:06Creator.Halle Berry
25th Oct 14 10:21:36Literature.A Christmas Carol
25th Oct 14 09:23:50Useful Notes.Al Capone
25th Oct 14 03:19:44Series.Episodes
25th Oct 14 03:19:31Series.Episodes
24th Oct 14 01:18:13YMMV.Brave New World