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29th May 15 06:41:35Film.Full Metal Jacket
29th May 15 05:36:10Characters.Veep
28th May 15 09:58:28Literature.Quo Vadis
28th May 15 09:57:02Literature.Quo Vadis
28th May 15 09:53:59Literature.Quo Vadis
28th May 15 09:30:50Beard Of Evil
28th May 15 02:09:52Characters.Mad Max Fury Road
28th May 15 12:07:41Characters.Veep
27th May 15 07:50:14Film.Milk
27th May 15 06:20:27Film.The Big Lebowski
27th May 15 06:12:56Film.To Catch A Thief
27th May 15 06:12:05Film.To Catch A Thief
25th May 15 01:08:36YMMV.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 7 The Gift
25th May 15 01:04:31Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 7 The Gift
25th May 15 10:29:22Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 7 The Gift
25th May 15 08:03:21Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 7 The Gift
25th May 15 07:12:10Series.Veep
25th May 15 06:12:51Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 7 The Gift
25th May 15 06:09:30Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 7 The Gift
25th May 15 05:34:52Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
25th May 15 02:40:15Characters.Veep
25th May 15 02:36:58Characters.Veep
25th May 15 01:28:45Creator.Jerry Seinfeld
25th May 15 01:28:25Creator.Jerry Seinfeld
23rd May 15 10:26:16Creator.Charlize Theron
23rd May 15 10:24:29Trivia.Mad Max Fury Road
22nd May 15 03:48:12Creator.Kristen Stewart
22nd May 15 03:45:27Creator.Kristen Stewart
22nd May 15 02:32:13Shut Up Kiss
22nd May 15 02:25:31Shut Up Kiss
20th May 15 03:01:33Characters.Game Of Thrones House Tyrell
20th May 15 02:43:43Funny.Game Of Thrones
19th May 15 12:56:20Fake American.Live Action TV
19th May 15 12:52:32Series.Veep
19th May 15 12:51:00Characters.Veep
19th May 15 12:47:07Characters.Veep
19th May 15 12:42:06Characters.Veep
19th May 15 12:35:12Characters.Veep
19th May 15 12:33:14Series.Veep
18th May 15 12:38:45Recap.Game Of Thrones S 5 E 6 Unbowed Unbent Unbroken
18th May 15 07:48:15Film.And God Created Woman
17th May 15 05:20:18Film.Match Point
17th May 15 05:18:47Film.Match Point
17th May 15 04:29:41But For Me It Was Tuesday.Literature
16th May 15 11:10:57Celebrity Paradox.Literature
16th May 15 10:55:31Characters.Carrie
16th May 15 06:59:41Celebrity Paradox.Literature
16th May 15 05:53:24Creator.Jennifer Lawrence
16th May 15 05:46:14Creator.Angelina Jolie
16th May 15 05:35:46Creator.Grace Kelly
16th May 15 02:51:37Characters.Friends
16th May 15 02:46:51Film.Clerks II
16th May 15 02:45:12Funny.Clerks II
14th May 15 02:12:59Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
13th May 15 08:31:01Useful Notes.Hillary Rodham Clinton
13th May 15 08:09:20Acceptable Ethnic Targets
13th May 15 08:05:40Characters.Veep
13th May 15 08:05:18Characters.Veep
13th May 15 07:35:19The Napoleon
13th May 15 07:23:53Adaptational Attractiveness
13th May 15 01:02:37Characters.Veep
13th May 15 01:02:15Characters.Veep
13th May 15 01:01:01Characters.Veep
13th May 15 12:58:39Funny.VEEP
13th May 15 12:58:13Funny.VEEP
12th May 15 07:12:29Torture Always Works
12th May 15 06:13:22Critical Dissonance
12th May 15 05:09:17Series.Mock The Week
12th May 15 04:44:26Trivia.Veep
12th May 15 04:44:09Trivia.Veep
12th May 15 04:37:42Characters.Veep
12th May 15 04:33:04Characters.Veep
11th May 15 11:10:13Series.Veep
7th May 15 03:07:31Literature.Crime And Punishment
7th May 15 03:02:35Forgotten Trope
7th May 15 03:02:08Forgotten Trope
7th May 15 02:40:21Characters.Veep
6th May 15 10:21:53Creator.Eric Idle
6th May 15 03:54:44Trivia.Gigli
4th May 15 11:03:46Film.A Serious Man
3rd May 15 01:05:07Short Lived Big Impact
3rd May 15 01:02:39Trivia.Eddie Cochran
3rd May 15 06:45:41Literature.Pippa Passes
3rd May 15 03:57:25Film.American Hustle
2nd May 15 07:57:34Tearjerker.Eric Bogle
2nd May 15 07:57:00Tearjerker.Eric Bogle
2nd May 15 07:55:17Music.Eric Bogle
2nd May 15 06:33:33Heartwarming.Its A Wonderful Life
1st May 15 03:05:55Characters.Jeeves And Wooster
30th Apr 15 12:50:37Quotes.Too Good For This Sinful Earth
29th Apr 15 05:58:27Young And In Charge
29th Apr 15 02:34:03Film.To Catch A Thief
29th Apr 15 01:07:19Headscratchers.Planet Of The Apes
27th Apr 15 08:52:22Literature.The Mangler
27th Apr 15 08:49:56Literature.The Mangler
27th Apr 15 12:04:25Seduction Proof Marriage
27th Apr 15 12:00:08Series.Louie
26th Apr 15 12:56:51Quotes.React
26th Apr 15 12:55:53Funny.React
26th Apr 15 04:13:46Series.Mock The Week
25th Apr 15 05:14:00Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
24th Apr 15 04:07:10What Does She See In Him
23rd Apr 15 01:36:51Creator.Taraji P Henson
23rd Apr 15 01:34:51Creator.Forest Whitaker
23rd Apr 15 01:29:17Film.Some Kind Of Wonderful
22nd Apr 15 11:08:31Creator.Taraji P Henson
22nd Apr 15 12:48:48Literature.Night Shift
21st Apr 15 04:37:12Characters.Seinfeld
21st Apr 15 04:17:28Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
21st Apr 15 04:15:43Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
21st Apr 15 04:14:27Damsel In Distress.Literature
21st Apr 15 04:12:26Characters.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
21st Apr 15 04:08:02The Ingenue
21st Apr 15 04:07:25Creator.Mary Pickford
21st Apr 15 04:06:44Film.Sparrows
21st Apr 15 04:06:43Film.Sparrows
21st Apr 15 04:06:14Film.Tess Of The Storm Country
21st Apr 15 04:04:32Film.The Poor Little Rich Girl
20th Apr 15 03:15:46Characters.Veep
19th Apr 15 07:43:24Characters.Thor
19th Apr 15 07:42:02One Head Taller
19th Apr 15 07:32:58Useful Notes.Franklin D Roosevelt
19th Apr 15 02:14:21Film.Red Headed Woman
19th Apr 15 02:07:37Film.Red Headed Woman
19th Apr 15 02:07:17Film.Red Headed Woman
19th Apr 15 02:05:32Film.Red Dust
19th Apr 15 02:03:38Film.Red Dust
18th Apr 15 02:47:45Literature.Night Shift
18th Apr 15 02:46:57Literature.Night Shift
18th Apr 15 02:39:19Literature.Night Shift
18th Apr 15 02:38:09YMMV.Night Shift
18th Apr 15 02:33:01Nightmare Fuel.Night Shift
18th Apr 15 02:29:45Literature.Pet Sematary
18th Apr 15 02:26:53Comic Strip.Calvin And Hobbes
18th Apr 15 12:05:48Literature.The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
17th Apr 15 06:40:32Think Nothing Of It
17th Apr 15 01:33:14Music.Madonna
16th Apr 15 06:06:20Webcomic.Menage A 3
16th Apr 15 05:44:09Film.Dick Tracy
16th Apr 15 03:51:27Film.Spring Breakers
16th Apr 15 12:02:57YMMV.American Sniper
15th Apr 15 11:53:41Literature.Pet Sematary
15th Apr 15 11:49:51Quotes.World War One
15th Apr 15 09:56:30Massive Numbered Siblings
15th Apr 15 09:28:33Funny.Tom Lehrer
15th Apr 15 08:55:59Film.Little Miss Sunshine
14th Apr 15 04:55:53Film.Philomena
14th Apr 15 04:54:12Creator.Steve Coogan
14th Apr 15 04:52:46Series.The Day Today
14th Apr 15 04:52:11Series.Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge
14th Apr 15 04:31:41Series.Mock The Week
14th Apr 15 04:22:11Funny.Mock The Week
13th Apr 15 01:19:56Useful Notes.Hillary Rodham Clinton
13th Apr 15 01:54:33Series.Veep
13th Apr 15 01:34:47Series.Veep
12th Apr 15 05:16:43The Bro Code
12th Apr 15 05:02:43Lame Comeback
12th Apr 15 01:19:33Quotes.Crapsack World
11th Apr 15 12:55:47Literature.The Running Man
11th Apr 15 12:55:04Literature.The Mist
11th Apr 15 12:53:10Literature.The Mist
11th Apr 15 12:38:45Literature.Pet Sematary
11th Apr 15 12:36:18Literature.Pet Sematary
11th Apr 15 12:33:34Literature.Thinner
11th Apr 15 12:32:26Literature.Thinner
11th Apr 15 06:23:23Trivia.Daredevil 2015
11th Apr 15 01:37:36Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
10th Apr 15 03:09:03Innocent Fanservice Girl
9th Apr 15 12:19:01Literature.The Green Mile
9th Apr 15 02:41:39Literature.To Kill A Mockingbird
9th Apr 15 02:31:36Literature.Wild Swans
9th Apr 15 02:28:11Literature.Wild Swans
9th Apr 15 12:29:27Theatre.RUR
9th Apr 15 12:28:53Theatre.RUR
9th Apr 15 12:25:18My Country Right Or Wrong
8th Apr 15 07:01:58Theatre.The Good Person Of Szechwan
8th Apr 15 06:17:25Creator.Barbara Stanwyck
8th Apr 15 05:24:59It Will Never Catch On
8th Apr 15 04:56:58It Will Never Catch On
7th Apr 15 07:06:40Webcomic.Menage A 3
6th Apr 15 12:36:33Theatre.Julius Caesar
6th Apr 15 04:26:15Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
6th Apr 15 04:07:31Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
6th Apr 15 03:58:49Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
6th Apr 15 02:38:17Language Equals Thought
5th Apr 15 12:19:17Literature.The Star Diaries
5th Apr 15 12:12:09Faeries Dont Believe In Humans Either
5th Apr 15 12:05:58Gratuitous German
5th Apr 15 12:01:57Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
5th Apr 15 03:22:41Creator.Kristen Stewart
5th Apr 15 03:19:14YMMV.Kristen Stewart
5th Apr 15 02:46:56YMMV.Louie
5th Apr 15 02:02:27Speed Sex
5th Apr 15 01:58:31Film.Friends With Benefits
5th Apr 15 01:55:13Film.Friends With Benefits
4th Apr 15 12:33:26Creator.Matthew Broderick
4th Apr 15 09:38:44YMMV.Noah
4th Apr 15 06:01:26Creator.Shea Whigham
4th Apr 15 03:57:47Trivia.Fifty Shades Of Grey
4th Apr 15 02:27:11Characters.Charybdis Academy
4th Apr 15 02:24:35Film.The Major And The Minor
4th Apr 15 02:09:32Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
4th Apr 15 02:01:58Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
4th Apr 15 01:59:37Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 01:04:09Creator.Eric Roberts
3rd Apr 15 11:49:41Creator.Julia Roberts
3rd Apr 15 11:43:02Recap.Blackadder S 3 E 3 Nob And Nobility
3rd Apr 15 11:42:09Recap.Blackadder S 4 E 3 Major Star
3rd Apr 15 11:37:58Recap.Blackadder S 4 E 3 Major Star
3rd Apr 15 11:35:35Recap.Blackadder S 4 E 3 Major Star
3rd Apr 15 11:28:15Characters.Blackadder
3rd Apr 15 11:26:27Paper Thin Disguise.Live Action TV
3rd Apr 15 11:22:08God Save Us From The Queen
3rd Apr 15 10:30:36Scary Black Man
3rd Apr 15 10:07:25Japanese Ranguage
3rd Apr 15 09:01:50Characters.No Country For Old Men
3rd Apr 15 06:30:39Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:25:39Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:24:56Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:19:46Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:11:51Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:10:54Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:09:22Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 06:08:56Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 05:58:24Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 05:51:37Literature.The Good Soldier Svejk
3rd Apr 15 05:12:12Creator.Jeff Nichols
3rd Apr 15 05:11:49Creator.Jeff Nichols
3rd Apr 15 05:06:07Film.Your Highness
3rd Apr 15 04:57:55Creator.Jane Fonda
3rd Apr 15 04:55:14Film.Night At The Museum
3rd Apr 15 04:50:02Creator.Woody Allen
3rd Apr 15 04:49:15Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Film
3rd Apr 15 04:37:40Creator.Courteney Cox
3rd Apr 15 04:37:18Creator.Courteney Cox
3rd Apr 15 01:39:24Film.Guess Whos Coming To Dinner
3rd Apr 15 01:34:16Film.In The Heat Of The Night
3rd Apr 15 01:28:25Film.In The Heat Of The Night
3rd Apr 15 01:27:52Film.In The Heat Of The Night
2nd Apr 15 05:39:46Film.Just Married
2nd Apr 15 05:35:55Creator.Ashton Kutcher
2nd Apr 15 04:58:40Film.Lost In Translation
2nd Apr 15 04:54:24Creator.Sean Penn
2nd Apr 15 03:23:48Creator.John Steinbeck
2nd Apr 15 03:22:54Creator.Bertrand Russell
2nd Apr 15 03:10:57Inherent In The System
2nd Apr 15 01:19:52Embarrassing Middle Name
31st Mar 15 06:55:26Film.Network
30th Mar 15 11:41:06Series.Would I Lie To You
30th Mar 15 03:50:17Celeb Crush
30th Mar 15 03:47:50Film.Dick
29th Mar 15 03:13:25Literature.The Stand
29th Mar 15 02:54:27Characters.All In The Family
28th Mar 15 01:34:25Characters.Friends
28th Mar 15 09:38:16Characters.Married With Children
28th Mar 15 09:33:35Malaproper
28th Mar 15 09:32:44Series.All In The Family
28th Mar 15 07:49:03Characters.All In The Family
28th Mar 15 05:39:00As Long As It Sounds Foreign
28th Mar 15 02:03:09All Issues Are Political Issues
28th Mar 15 01:53:25Film.Dial M For Murder
27th Mar 15 03:31:41Creator.Penelope Cruz
27th Mar 15 03:31:10Creator.Javier Bardem
27th Mar 15 03:30:56Creator.Javier Bardem
27th Mar 15 03:13:25Characters.Cheers
26th Mar 15 06:41:41Jews Love To Argue
26th Mar 15 05:59:00Creator.Scarlett Johansson
24th Mar 15 02:12:08Folk Music
24th Mar 15 06:32:36All Issues Are Political Issues
24th Mar 15 06:31:41All Issues Are Political Issues
23rd Mar 15 05:06:35An Aesop
23rd Mar 15 03:52:20Creator.Pamela Anderson
23rd Mar 15 02:45:33Film.Blue Is The Warmest Colour
22nd Mar 15 01:11:56Literature.Christine
22nd Mar 15 01:08:33Creator.Stephen King
22nd Mar 15 01:07:40Creator.Stephen King
22nd Mar 15 06:29:58Idealized Sex
22nd Mar 15 04:22:10Characters.Menage A 3
22nd Mar 15 03:44:31Cat Fight
22nd Mar 15 03:44:08Cat Fight
22nd Mar 15 03:43:44Cat Fight
22nd Mar 15 03:09:37More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks
22nd Mar 15 02:01:48Real Men Hate Affection
21st Mar 15 11:13:36Characters.Zombieland
21st Mar 15 05:15:12Creator.Julianne Moore
21st Mar 15 05:12:48Creator.Kristen Stewart
21st Mar 15 05:05:52Creator.Melissa Mc Carthy
21st Mar 15 05:05:12Creator.Melissa Mc Carthy
21st Mar 15 03:43:15Music.Bing Crosby
21st Mar 15 03:40:24Music.Frank Sinatra
21st Mar 15 03:30:38Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
21st Mar 15 03:22:15Creator.Patrick Stewart
21st Mar 15 03:13:41Film.American Beauty
21st Mar 15 03:11:42Literature.Arrowsmith
21st Mar 15 03:03:39Literature.Arrowsmith
21st Mar 15 03:00:45Literature.Elmer Gantry
21st Mar 15 03:00:29Literature.Elmer Gantry
21st Mar 15 02:46:20Characters.All In The Family
21st Mar 15 02:42:23Characters.All In The Family
20th Mar 15 06:11:47Series.Mock The Week
19th Mar 15 12:02:35Creator.PG Wodehouse
19th Mar 15 06:17:44Literature.Cujo
19th Mar 15 06:14:03Literature.Cujo
19th Mar 15 04:52:55Really Gets Around
19th Mar 15 04:32:16Creator.Gabourey Sidibe
19th Mar 15 04:11:55Characters.Empire
19th Mar 15 02:35:19Film.Enchanted
19th Mar 15 01:45:50Film.Enchanted
19th Mar 15 01:40:27Film.Enchanted
18th Mar 15 02:18:49Creator.PG Wodehouse
18th Mar 15 05:15:33Off With His Head
18th Mar 15 03:58:26Webcomic.Menage A 3
18th Mar 15 03:40:49Comic Book.Y The Last Man
18th Mar 15 03:40:25Comic Book.Y The Last Man
16th Mar 15 10:10:02Creator.Carol Cleveland
15th Mar 15 12:09:35YMMV.The Last Samurai
15th Mar 15 09:24:22Incorruptible Pure Pureness
14th Mar 15 07:44:43Creator.Terry Pratchett
14th Mar 15 07:41:20Film.The Princess Bride
14th Mar 15 07:38:14Trivia.House Of Cards US
14th Mar 15 07:19:45Content Warnings
14th Mar 15 06:52:22Discworld.Carpe Jugulum
14th Mar 15 06:23:15Useful Notes.Millard Fillmore
12th Mar 15 07:03:42Theatre.The Miser
12th Mar 15 07:02:13Stealth Insult
12th Mar 15 03:14:46Series.Mock The Week
12th Mar 15 02:29:45Trivia.Inherent Vice
12th Mar 15 02:27:26Creator.Joaquin Phoenix
10th Mar 15 01:04:11Quotes.War Is Hell
10th Mar 15 01:03:12Quotes.War Is Hell
10th Mar 15 05:47:56Series.Mock The Week
10th Mar 15 05:27:46Series.Mock The Week
10th Mar 15 05:26:35Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
10th Mar 15 04:36:54Translation Convention
10th Mar 15 04:29:14Trivia.Amadeus
10th Mar 15 04:23:24Useful Notes.Nero
10th Mar 15 04:18:41Useful Notes.Nero
10th Mar 15 04:17:12Useful Notes.Nero
10th Mar 15 04:10:41Useful Notes.Franklin D Roosevelt
10th Mar 15 04:08:11Trivia.Cinderella 2015
9th Mar 15 02:58:41Characters.Family Guy The Griffin Family
9th Mar 15 02:54:08Recap.Blackadder S 4 E 3 Major Star
9th Mar 15 02:52:10Characters.Blackadder
9th Mar 15 02:48:37First Name Basis.Live Action TV
9th Mar 15 02:46:48Characters.Discworld Witches
9th Mar 15 02:28:38Film.To Catch A Thief
9th Mar 15 02:28:15Film.To Catch A Thief
9th Mar 15 01:46:37Creator.Ellen De Generes
9th Mar 15 01:45:06Characters.Scandal
8th Mar 15 10:16:09Those Two Actors
6th Mar 15 11:44:23Characters.Menage A 3
6th Mar 15 02:46:16Creator.Kyra Sedgwick
6th Mar 15 01:53:30YMMV.Paddington
5th Mar 15 11:37:35Playing The Victim Card
5th Mar 15 03:41:44Trivia.Fifty Shades Of Grey
5th Mar 15 03:40:57Trivia.Fifty Shades Of Grey
5th Mar 15 03:39:31Bannedin China.China
4th Mar 15 11:54:55Film.Unbroken
4th Mar 15 04:54:29Creator.Lia Marie Johnson
4th Mar 15 01:20:08Web Video.React
2nd Mar 15 12:16:20Buxom Is Better
2nd Mar 15 12:13:50I Am Not Pretty
2nd Mar 15 12:08:52YMMV.Sixteen Candles
2nd Mar 15 12:15:04Music.The Statler Brothers
1st Mar 15 12:46:45Critical Dissonance
1st Mar 15 12:42:55Critical Dissonance
1st Mar 15 05:27:28Literature.Foundation
1st Mar 15 05:27:00Literature.Foundation
1st Mar 15 05:24:18Literature.Foundation
1st Mar 15 05:22:47Literature.Foundation
1st Mar 15 03:45:34Creator.Jennifer Aniston
1st Mar 15 03:39:24Film.Rear Window
1st Mar 15 02:13:33Film.Platoon
28th Feb 15 11:07:11Extremely Short Timespan
28th Feb 15 11:04:04Film.Dr Strangelove
27th Feb 15 02:38:14Large And In Charge
27th Feb 15 02:35:42Large And In Charge
27th Feb 15 12:47:23Trivia.Splendor In The Grass
27th Feb 15 12:43:35Film.Splendor In The Grass
27th Feb 15 12:41:55Film.Splendor In The Grass
27th Feb 15 12:35:53Film.Splendor In The Grass
27th Feb 15 12:22:18Creator.David O Russell
26th Feb 15 12:03:11Literature.Night Shift
25th Feb 15 01:48:02Quotes.War Is Glorious
25th Feb 15 01:47:45Quotes.War Is Glorious
25th Feb 15 01:22:31Film.Splendor In The Grass
25th Feb 15 01:20:34Film.Splendor In The Grass
25th Feb 15 01:18:16Film.Splendor In The Grass
25th Feb 15 01:18:01Film.Splendor In The Grass
25th Feb 15 01:06:26Film.A Place In The Sun
25th Feb 15 01:02:08Film.A Place In The Sun
22nd Feb 15 04:37:47Creator.Mila Kunis
22nd Feb 15 04:02:38Creator.Julianne Moore
22nd Feb 15 04:01:51Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
22nd Feb 15 03:58:40Useful Notes.Golden Raspberry Award
22nd Feb 15 03:58:02Film.Saving Christmas
22nd Feb 15 02:54:48Series.Two And A Half Men
22nd Feb 15 12:56:44Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
22nd Feb 15 12:55:03Trivia.Curb Your Enthusiasm
20th Feb 15 04:51:56Film.American Sniper