18th Sep 14 10:17:36Discworld.Carpe Jugulum
18th Sep 14 10:16:50Discworld.Carpe Jugulum
18th Sep 14 10:12:09Discworld.Carpe Jugulum
18th Sep 14 09:49:05Film.The Wolf Of Wall Street
18th Sep 14 08:42:06Characters.Veep
18th Sep 14 08:41:26Characters.Veep
18th Sep 14 04:09:26Copiously Credited Creator
18th Sep 14 03:21:42Creator.Spike Jonze
18th Sep 14 03:15:29Creator.Lisa Kudrow
18th Sep 14 02:10:19Film.Broken Blossoms
18th Sep 14 02:09:53Film.Broken Blossoms
17th Sep 14 06:33:41Film.Full Metal Jacket
16th Sep 14 11:31:46Literature.Eleven Twenty Two Sixty Three
16th Sep 14 11:31:23Literature.Eleven Twenty Two Sixty Three
16th Sep 14 10:56:33Useful Notes.Millard Fillmore
15th Sep 14 12:31:15Instant Death Bullet
15th Sep 14 12:25:01YMMV.Edge Of Tomorrow
15th Sep 14 11:45:42Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
15th Sep 14 07:25:09Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
15th Sep 14 06:17:03Funny.Mock The Week
15th Sep 14 06:01:51Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
15th Sep 14 02:13:51Funny.Fawlty Towers
15th Sep 14 02:09:13Series.Veep
15th Sep 14 02:08:42Series.Veep
15th Sep 14 02:07:54Series.Veep
14th Sep 14 07:54:05Creator.Josh Brolin
14th Sep 14 05:19:59Useful Notes.Winston Churchill
14th Sep 14 05:16:43Mario Vargas Llosa
14th Sep 14 05:14:51Literature.Elmer Gantry
14th Sep 14 05:04:51Creator.Sinclair Lewis
14th Sep 14 05:01:59Film.Dodsworth
14th Sep 14 04:59:54Pulitzer Prize
14th Sep 14 03:22:23Literature.So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
14th Sep 14 01:33:44Series.Mock The Week
14th Sep 14 01:33:06Series.Mock The Week
14th Sep 14 01:20:29Series.Mock The Week
14th Sep 14 01:16:51Funny.Mock The Week
14th Sep 14 01:14:22Funny.Mock The Week
13th Sep 14 04:28:05Series.Veep
13th Sep 14 04:25:32Characters.Veep
13th Sep 14 04:24:30Characters.Veep
13th Sep 14 04:23:02Characters.Veep
13th Sep 14 04:22:01Characters.Veep
13th Sep 14 04:20:22Series.Veep
13th Sep 14 04:18:39Series.Veep
13th Sep 14 11:38:44Short Livedbig Impact
13th Sep 14 11:36:31Short Livedbig Impact
13th Sep 14 11:31:57Short Livedbig Impact
13th Sep 14 11:29:23Short Livedbig Impact
13th Sep 14 11:27:50Short Livedbig Impact
13th Sep 14 11:22:25Creator.Grace Kelly
13th Sep 14 09:44:41Film.Dick
13th Sep 14 09:43:29Film.Dick
13th Sep 14 09:19:23Recap.Boardwalk Empire
13th Sep 14 09:16:08Series.Boardwalk Empire
13th Sep 14 09:14:15Characters.Boardwalk Empire Darmody Family And Associates
13th Sep 14 09:10:59Characters.Boardwalk Empire Thompson Family
13th Sep 14 08:58:49Massive Numbered Siblings
13th Sep 14 05:56:48Creator.Courteney Cox
13th Sep 14 05:55:35Creator.Courteney Cox
13th Sep 14 05:52:44Creator.Lisa Kudrow
13th Sep 14 05:51:29Creator.Lisa Kudrow
13th Sep 14 05:50:04Creator.Lisa Kudrow
13th Sep 14 05:49:21Creator.Lisa Kudrow
13th Sep 14 05:48:19Creator.Lisa Kudrow
13th Sep 14 03:30:41Creator.HP Lovecraft
12th Sep 14 10:34:59Series.THECOLBERTREPORT
12th Sep 14 09:31:42Series.Mock The Week
12th Sep 14 06:08:45Characters.Futurama
12th Sep 14 06:01:31Characters.Futurama
12th Sep 14 05:48:01Creator.Rodney Dangerfield
12th Sep 14 04:43:08Creator.Franz Kafka
12th Sep 14 04:39:41Creator.Steve Ditko
12th Sep 14 04:35:37Characters.Watchmen
12th Sep 14 04:32:23Non Idle Rich
12th Sep 14 02:07:55Literature.Insomnia
12th Sep 14 02:06:37Literature.Insomnia
12th Sep 14 02:03:32Film.Taxi Driver
12th Sep 14 02:01:36Film.Taxi Driver
12th Sep 14 01:57:53Misaimed Fandom.Literature
12th Sep 14 01:55:50Misaimed Fandom.Literature
12th Sep 14 01:51:46Literature.Harrison Bergeron
11th Sep 14 04:34:43Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
11th Sep 14 02:38:22Characters.Garfield
11th Sep 14 02:10:31Creator.Josh Gad
11th Sep 14 02:09:55Creator.Josh Gad
11th Sep 14 02:08:53Creator.Josh Gad
11th Sep 14 02:08:24Creator.Josh Gad
11th Sep 14 02:08:00Creator.Josh Gad
10th Sep 14 10:35:42Headscratchers.That70s Show
10th Sep 14 10:32:04Film.Friends Withbenefits
10th Sep 14 10:30:52Trivia.That70s Show
10th Sep 14 10:30:19Creator.Laura Prepon
10th Sep 14 10:29:35Series.That70s Show
10th Sep 14 08:44:44Non Protagonist Resolver
10th Sep 14 06:38:58Characters.Watchmen
10th Sep 14 06:33:31Awesome.Y The Last Man
10th Sep 14 04:10:01Characters.Star Trek Reboot
10th Sep 14 04:07:42Film.Shes Out Of My League
10th Sep 14 02:18:37Literature.Wild Swans
10th Sep 14 02:15:41May December Romance
10th Sep 14 02:12:46May December Romance
10th Sep 14 02:11:58May December Romance
10th Sep 14 02:09:04Creator.Angelina Jolie
10th Sep 14 02:05:53Characters.Lincoln
10th Sep 14 02:04:49Film.Secretary
10th Sep 14 02:04:11Characters.Boston Legal
10th Sep 14 02:03:20Film.Pretty In Pink
9th Sep 14 02:53:15All Periods Are PMS
9th Sep 14 11:56:22Funny.Honest Trailers
9th Sep 14 11:34:11Literature.Ten Sixty Six And All That
9th Sep 14 11:32:38Serial Spouse
9th Sep 14 11:26:37Creator.Billy Bob Thornton
9th Sep 14 11:07:02British Brevity
9th Sep 14 10:59:53Creator.James Spader
9th Sep 14 10:59:23Creator.James Spader
9th Sep 14 10:58:51Creator.James Spader
9th Sep 14 10:40:21Creator.James Spader
9th Sep 14 10:27:21Trivia.Dial M For Murder
9th Sep 14 08:23:10Characters.Boardwalk Empire Thompson Family
9th Sep 14 03:29:09Characters.Snowpiercer
9th Sep 14 01:59:19Authors
9th Sep 14 01:26:32Creator.Amy Adams
8th Sep 14 03:33:52Characters.Boardwalk Empire The Northside
8th Sep 14 03:01:44Series.Boardwalk Empire
8th Sep 14 12:34:02Literature.Wizard And Glass
8th Sep 14 11:24:48Creator.Jon Voight
8th Sep 14 11:24:25Series.Ray Donovan
8th Sep 14 09:20:58Literature.Foucaults Pendulum
8th Sep 14 06:54:52Short Lived Big Impact
8th Sep 14 06:23:33Tear Jerker.The Stand
8th Sep 14 12:24:24Gunman With Three Names
7th Sep 14 11:03:37Beam Me Up Scotty.Live Action Films
7th Sep 14 11:01:30Film.Sybil
7th Sep 14 10:59:23Hollywood Old
7th Sep 14 10:57:08Creator.Danny De Vito
7th Sep 14 10:55:59Characters.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
7th Sep 14 10:54:02Creator.Kaitlin Olson
7th Sep 14 10:53:53Creator.Kaitlin Olson
7th Sep 14 10:51:39Creator.Jessica Lange
7th Sep 14 10:50:33Creator.Kristen Schaal
7th Sep 14 06:50:42Older Than Steam
7th Sep 14 06:50:29Older Than Steam
7th Sep 14 06:50:08Older Than Steam
7th Sep 14 05:50:52Puddle Covering Chivalry
7th Sep 14 05:49:44Puddle Covering Chivalry
7th Sep 14 05:49:11Puddle Covering Chivalry
7th Sep 14 03:31:10Series.Veep
5th Sep 14 03:47:13Literature.The Road
5th Sep 14 03:44:13Literature.The Road
5th Sep 14 03:39:50Literature.The Road
5th Sep 14 03:38:48Nameless Narrative
5th Sep 14 05:21:38Characters.Lincoln
5th Sep 14 05:20:54Characters.The Amazing Spider Man Series
5th Sep 14 05:20:22Film.The Amazing Spider Man
5th Sep 14 05:19:20Film.Steel Magnolias
5th Sep 14 05:18:27Film.Soapdish
5th Sep 14 05:17:58Film.Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey
5th Sep 14 05:17:25Film.Mrs Doubtfire
5th Sep 14 05:16:58Characters.Forrest Gump
5th Sep 14 05:16:12Film.Norma Rae
5th Sep 14 05:16:12Film.Norma Rae
5th Sep 14 05:15:40Creator.Sally Field
5th Sep 14 05:15:08Creator.Sally Field
5th Sep 14 05:14:52Creator.Sally Field
5th Sep 14 05:14:37Creator.Sally Field
4th Sep 14 03:44:04YMMV.Louie
4th Sep 14 11:03:43Funny.BACKTOTHEFUTURE
4th Sep 14 10:37:24Historical Villain Upgrade
4th Sep 14 07:35:56Recap.The Nostalgia Critic S 7 E 17
4th Sep 14 07:20:13Foot Popping
4th Sep 14 05:24:06YMMV.Reddit
4th Sep 14 05:23:46YMMV.Reddit
4th Sep 14 04:49:08YMMV.Reddit
4th Sep 14 03:14:12Creator.Angelina Jolie
4th Sep 14 03:13:42Creator.Jon Voight
4th Sep 14 03:11:41Creator.Jon Voight
4th Sep 14 03:07:11Film.Coming Home
4th Sep 14 03:06:33Creator.Jon Voight
3rd Sep 14 03:41:54Characters.Back To The Future
3rd Sep 14 03:39:16Characters.Back To The Future
3rd Sep 14 03:29:46Funny.Back To The Future
3rd Sep 14 07:31:52Characters.Veep
3rd Sep 14 07:30:50Series.Veep
3rd Sep 14 01:48:41Grief Song
3rd Sep 14 01:47:09The Walrus Was Paul
2nd Sep 14 11:11:28I Want My Mommy
2nd Sep 14 11:10:00Creator.Anna Gunn
2nd Sep 14 11:09:19Creator.Anna Gunn
2nd Sep 14 11:09:04Creator.Anna Gunn
2nd Sep 14 11:08:27Creator.Anna Gunn
2nd Sep 14 10:27:52Intimate Marks
2nd Sep 14 10:27:39Intimate Marks
2nd Sep 14 10:24:02Literature.Cujo
1st Sep 14 08:33:41Webcomic.Menage A 3
1st Sep 14 03:40:35Funny.Film
1st Sep 14 03:14:50My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
1st Sep 14 03:09:33Film.American Beauty
1st Sep 14 03:07:54My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
31st Aug 14 05:21:05Non Sequitur Thud
31st Aug 14 04:48:20Webcomic.Menage A 3
30th Aug 14 12:33:31Posthumous Narration
30th Aug 14 12:25:27Film.American Beauty
30th Aug 14 12:14:47Hurricane Of Euphemisms
30th Aug 14 11:30:32Dying Alone
30th Aug 14 07:36:18Western Animation.The Itchy And Scratchy Show
30th Aug 14 04:40:55Killed Mid Sentence
30th Aug 14 03:41:47Series.Friends
30th Aug 14 02:54:07Creator.Angelina Jolie
29th Aug 14 01:05:29Creator.Woody Allen
29th Aug 14 09:40:11Adaptational Attractiveness
29th Aug 14 09:39:49Adaptational Attractiveness
29th Aug 14 04:14:01Funny.Garfield And Friends
29th Aug 14 04:03:00What Are You In For
29th Aug 14 04:02:09Funny.Garfield And Friends
29th Aug 14 04:02:00Western Animation.Garfield And Friends
29th Aug 14 02:45:47Passed In Their Sleep
29th Aug 14 02:36:56Creator.Brad Pitt
28th Aug 14 03:27:47Webcomic.Menage A 3
28th Aug 14 12:32:12Dueling Stars Movie
28th Aug 14 12:31:28Dueling Stars Movie
28th Aug 14 11:21:54Film.The Apartment
28th Aug 14 11:20:37Characters.That70s Show
28th Aug 14 11:18:52Characters.The Iron Giant
28th Aug 14 11:16:44Comic Book.Rising Stars
28th Aug 14 09:14:23As The Good Book Says
28th Aug 14 06:08:17Best Known For The Fanservice
28th Aug 14 06:07:50Best Known For The Fanservice
27th Aug 14 03:13:24YMMV.Portnoys Complaint
27th Aug 14 02:59:17YMMV.Transformers Age Of Extinction
26th Aug 14 01:19:38YMMV.Portnoys Complaint
26th Aug 14 01:15:52Mattress Tag Gag
26th Aug 14 01:11:24Film.Zombieland
26th Aug 14 12:35:26YMMV.The Phantom Menace
26th Aug 14 09:18:26Trivia.Schindlers List
26th Aug 14 09:16:09Trivia.Meryl Streep
26th Aug 14 08:50:30Useful Notes.Lyndon Johnson
26th Aug 14 08:47:50Useful Notes.Lyndon Johnson
26th Aug 14 07:46:24Quotes.B Oardwalk Empire
26th Aug 14 07:45:14Quotes.B Oardwalk Empire
26th Aug 14 07:42:25Funny.B Oardwalk Empire
26th Aug 14 05:30:48Awesome.Witches Abroad
26th Aug 14 05:01:23Creator.Vera Farmiga
26th Aug 14 04:29:00Creator.Chris Pratt
26th Aug 14 04:28:46Creator.Chris Pratt
26th Aug 14 04:28:26Creator.Chris Pratt
26th Aug 14 04:28:18Creator.Chris Pratt
26th Aug 14 03:16:50Funny.So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
26th Aug 14 03:15:09Literature.So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
26th Aug 14 01:48:11Shiksa Goddess
26th Aug 14 01:44:04Creator.Julia Louis Dreyfus
25th Aug 14 05:49:38Characters.Peanuts
25th Aug 14 05:48:15Talking In Your Sleep
25th Aug 14 05:47:29Talking In Your Sleep
25th Aug 14 02:12:26Jean Harlow
24th Aug 14 02:41:24Literature.I Claudius
24th Aug 14 11:32:59Hide Your Lesbians
22nd Aug 14 12:28:27Romantic Rain
22nd Aug 14 12:15:21Heartwarming.Eerie Cuties
22nd Aug 14 12:12:13Web Comic.Eerie Cuties
22nd Aug 14 12:05:33Characters.No Country For Old Men
22nd Aug 14 12:02:35Literature.The Road
22nd Aug 14 12:01:13Literature.The Road
22nd Aug 14 10:07:57A Dog Ate My Homework
22nd Aug 14 07:58:38Quotes.God Is Evil
22nd Aug 14 01:50:37Funny.Montypythonsflyingcircus
20th Aug 14 10:07:25Literature.Portnoys Complaint
20th Aug 14 10:04:41Literature.Portnoys Complaint
20th Aug 14 10:03:23Sex Is Evil And I Am Horny
20th Aug 14 10:00:08Literature.Portnoys Complaint
19th Aug 14 02:56:01Older Than They Look.Real Life
19th Aug 14 11:55:05Awful Wedded Life
19th Aug 14 11:42:13Awful Wedded Life
19th Aug 14 11:40:23Awful Wedded Life
19th Aug 14 08:42:48Friends.Tropes A To E
19th Aug 14 08:30:14Characters.Discworld City Watch
19th Aug 14 08:29:43Characters.Discworld City Watch
19th Aug 14 07:04:33Funny.Montypythonsflyingcircus
19th Aug 14 06:41:50I Am Not A Gun
19th Aug 14 06:04:30Characters.Breaking Bad Heisenbergs Empire
19th Aug 14 06:02:22Characters.Boardwalk Empire New York Gangsters
19th Aug 14 12:59:29Film.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
18th Aug 14 09:47:21Smoking Hot Sex
18th Aug 14 09:42:57Self Deprecation
18th Aug 14 09:42:19Quotes.Self Deprecation
18th Aug 14 09:41:47Creator.Rodney Dangerfield
18th Aug 14 09:39:57Grave Humor
18th Aug 14 09:37:42Stage Names
18th Aug 14 09:32:46Music.Bob Dylan
18th Aug 14 06:11:35Discworld.Small Gods
18th Aug 14 06:03:54Lean And Mean
18th Aug 14 03:23:02Characters.Jeeves And Wooster
18th Aug 14 03:20:06Characters.Jeeves And Wooster
18th Aug 14 03:18:24Butt Monkey.Literature
18th Aug 14 01:29:09Film.Twelve Years A Slave
17th Aug 14 12:49:00Literature.The Shining
17th Aug 14 12:46:02Literature.The Shining
17th Aug 14 12:37:29Serial Spouse
17th Aug 14 12:21:57Music.Bob Dylan
17th Aug 14 10:06:09Quotes.BREAKINGBAD
17th Aug 14 06:45:06Quotes.The Bible
17th Aug 14 06:34:39Say Your Prayers
17th Aug 14 06:28:10Say Your Prayers
17th Aug 14 06:25:23Film.Gran Torino
17th Aug 14 02:42:02Creator.Sibel Kekilli
17th Aug 14 02:35:01Critical Research Failure
16th Aug 14 01:43:29YMMV.Hogans Heroes
15th Aug 14 09:07:04Protest Song
15th Aug 14 04:24:41Creator.Larry David
15th Aug 14 04:22:49Series.Seinfeld
14th Aug 14 01:14:19Literature.The Giver
14th Aug 14 06:29:16Actors
14th Aug 14 06:27:35Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
14th Aug 14 06:25:56Creator.Rodney Dangerfield
14th Aug 14 05:29:37Recap.The Simpsons S 5 E 9 The Last Temptation Of Homer
14th Aug 14 05:27:21Recap.The Simpsons S 5 E 9 The Last Temptation Of Homer
14th Aug 14 05:25:27Recap.The Simpsons S 5 E 9 The Last Temptation Of Homer
14th Aug 14 05:13:46Characters.The Wolf Of Wall Street
13th Aug 14 04:10:29Characters.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
13th Aug 14 04:08:03Characters.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
13th Aug 14 04:06:08Film.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
13th Aug 14 04:03:37Characters.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
13th Aug 14 04:01:52Characters.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
13th Aug 14 01:20:44Characters.THEBIGLEBOWSKI
13th Aug 14 08:58:32Quotes.Goodbye Cruel World
13th Aug 14 06:57:21Recap.Game Of Thrones S 4 E 8 The Mountain And The Viper
13th Aug 14 04:11:26Margaret Thatcher In Fiction
13th Aug 14 03:59:31The Anti Nihilist
13th Aug 14 03:59:08Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
13th Aug 14 03:56:04The Anti Nihilist
13th Aug 14 03:44:05Series.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
13th Aug 14 02:26:38Dye Hard
12th Aug 14 10:15:09Sad Clown
12th Aug 14 03:55:20Characters.Menage A 3
12th Aug 14 03:45:39Disabled Character Disabled Actor
12th Aug 14 02:55:48Discworld.The Truth
12th Aug 14 02:49:57Discworld.The Truth
11th Aug 14 03:47:07Discworld.The Light Fantastic
11th Aug 14 03:46:11Discworld.The Light Fantastic
11th Aug 14 03:44:12Discworld.The Light Fantastic
11th Aug 14 11:39:08Discworld.The Truth
11th Aug 14 08:08:11Attack Of The Political Ad
11th Aug 14 08:07:01Funny.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
11th Aug 14 08:04:37Quotes.The Caligula
11th Aug 14 08:03:52Quotes.The Caligula
11th Aug 14 06:35:17Creator.GEORGECARLIN
10th Aug 14 01:17:39Music.THEWHO
10th Aug 14 10:24:42Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 1 To 8
10th Aug 14 02:42:00Characters.Futurama
10th Aug 14 02:34:57Characters.Futurama
10th Aug 14 02:32:07Characters.American Dad
10th Aug 14 02:30:57Bare Your Midriff
10th Aug 14 01:41:09Trivia.Basic Instinct
10th Aug 14 01:08:56YMMV.The Amazing Spider Man 2
10th Aug 14 12:53:35Fake Brit
10th Aug 14 12:52:42Trivia.Dial M For Murder
9th Aug 14 12:15:18Series.Boardwalk Empire
9th Aug 14 09:26:51Hollywood Homely
9th Aug 14 09:18:57Film.Love In The Afternoon
9th Aug 14 09:15:38Creator.Billy Wilder
9th Aug 14 08:58:21Characters.Menage A 3
9th Aug 14 08:36:36Characters.The Departed
9th Aug 14 08:33:28Literature.Roma Sub Rosa
9th Aug 14 05:30:04Trivia.The Departed
9th Aug 14 05:29:53Trivia.The Departed
9th Aug 14 05:29:24Film.The Departed
9th Aug 14 05:27:26Characters.The Departed
9th Aug 14 05:21:22Characters.The Departed
8th Aug 14 03:40:20Literature.The Boys From Brazil
8th Aug 14 08:17:28YMMV.Color Of Night
8th Aug 14 03:55:43Film.Taking Lives
8th Aug 14 03:55:30Film.Taking Lives
8th Aug 14 03:54:46Screenwriters
8th Aug 14 03:52:01Creator.Richard Linklater
7th Aug 14 02:02:55Black Is Bigger In Bed
7th Aug 14 12:06:26Film.Moneyball
7th Aug 14 12:05:35Characters.Megamind
7th Aug 14 12:04:54Film.Superbad
7th Aug 14 12:03:47Characters.The Wolf Of Wall Street
7th Aug 14 12:03:03Characters.The Wolf Of Wall Street
7th Aug 14 12:02:29Film.The Wolf Of Wall Street
6th Aug 14 11:21:12Funny.Liar Liar
6th Aug 14 10:46:26Film.The People Vs Larry Flynt
6th Aug 14 04:31:52YMMV.Zero Dark Thirty
6th Aug 14 01:34:34Film.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974
6th Aug 14 01:12:54Famous Last Words.Film A To D
5th Aug 14 03:33:08Creator.Don Cheadle
5th Aug 14 03:30:44Maya Rudolph
5th Aug 14 03:00:03Discworld.Soul Music
5th Aug 14 01:10:32Reptiles Are Abhorrent
5th Aug 14 01:10:22Reptiles Are Abhorrent
5th Aug 14 01:10:04Reptiles Are Abhorrent
4th Aug 14 12:07:46Film.Sex Tape
4th Aug 14 10:51:12Literature.The Grapesof Wrath
4th Aug 14 09:16:44Tear Jerker.Lord Of The Flies
4th Aug 14 09:12:50Literature.Slaughterhouse Five
4th Aug 14 08:11:34Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
4th Aug 14 08:10:30Actors
4th Aug 14 07:19:20YMMV.X Men The Last Stand
4th Aug 14 07:13:11Creator.WOODYALLEN

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