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20th Jul 17 03:09:40Characters.Ru Pauls Drag Race Season 7
18th Jul 17 07:59:28Characters.Dungeon Meshi
18th Jul 17 07:59:07Characters.Dungeon Meshi
18th Jul 17 07:58:19Characters.Dungeon Meshi
18th Jul 17 07:49:45Characters.Dungeon Meshi
18th Jul 17 07:41:52Characters.Dungeon Meshi
18th Jul 17 07:40:40Characters.Dungeon Meshi
18th Jul 17 09:07:19Characters.Dungeon Meshi
15th Jul 17 11:32:26Creator.Ian Mc Kellen
20th Jun 17 08:11:13YMMV.Sesame Street
7th Jul 16 12:11:06Characters.Pokemon Elite Four
7th Jul 16 12:09:15Characters.Pokemon Elite Four
1st Jun 16 04:05:13Western Animation.Invader Zim
22nd May 16 06:17:01Nightmare Fuel.Steven Universe
22nd May 16 06:14:52Nightmare Fuel.Steven Universe
6th Aug 15 05:53:19Cast Full Of Gay
21st Dec 14 07:24:37Madonna Whore Complex
12th Feb 14 07:13:48Funny.American Horror Story Coven
9th Mar 13 07:56:09God Is Evil
25th Nov 12 06:41:14Characters.Homestuck Cherubs
19th Nov 12 12:14:19Skull For A Head
29th Aug 12 06:07:29Funny.Fallout New Vegas
20th Aug 12 04:06:54Western Animation.Shrek
8th Aug 12 07:38:04Polish The Turd
8th Aug 12 06:48:08Berserk Board Barricade
8th Aug 12 05:12:44Fridge.Terraria
6th Aug 12 11:30:30Parody Failure
28th Jul 12 11:18:36Maria Theresa
28th Jul 12 08:35:51Frontier Doctor
26th Jul 12 11:53:33Uncanny Valley.Other
26th Jul 12 11:35:35WTH Costuming Department
26th Jul 12 10:55:17Fridge.The Dark Knight Saga
21st Jul 12 07:10:34Wake Up Go To School Save The World
16th Jul 12 06:41:51Characters.Homestuck Cherubs
15th Jul 12 09:00:17Magic A Is Magic A
14th Jul 12 12:09:46YMMV.Family Guy
11th Jul 12 03:56:21Funny.Mean Girls
11th Jul 12 03:47:08YMMV.Mean Girls
9th Jul 12 09:01:18Funny.Rune Scape
9th Jul 12 06:40:10Characters.Rune Scape
30th Jun 12 07:15:44YMMV.The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy
28th Jun 12 02:28:50Turn Your Head And Cough
18th Jun 12 12:19:41Characters.Homestuck Other Characters
10th Jun 12 11:47:19Pantomime Animal
10th Jun 12 06:22:47Characters.Fallout New Vegas Companions
10th Jun 12 02:54:08Chess Motifs
10th Jun 12 01:41:05Characters.Homestuck Unknown Trolls
9th Jun 12 11:15:45Nightmare Fuel.Fallout
2nd Jun 12 05:01:21YMMV.Fallout 3
2nd Jun 12 04:59:46YMMV.Fallout 3
29th May 12 08:15:38Japanese Mythology
28th May 12 10:55:18Narm.Anime
28th May 12 02:07:28Tropers.And Thus Discord
28th May 12 02:06:39Tropers.And Thus Discord
25th May 12 09:31:31The Disease That Shall Not Be Named
25th May 12 08:37:55Porn Stash
25th May 12 08:37:53Porn Stash
19th May 12 06:42:06Giant Space Flea From Nowhere
19th May 12 06:41:18Giant Space Flea From Nowhere
18th May 12 11:23:45No Nonsense Nemesis
16th May 12 12:11:31Cool Old Lady
16th May 12 12:05:09Sympathetic Murderer
16th May 12 11:48:43Nightmare Fuel.Perfect Blue
13th May 12 05:12:02GIRL
12th May 12 03:34:38YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
12th May 12 09:35:22Japanese School Club
11th May 12 11:41:36Quotes.Drives Like Crazy
11th May 12 11:37:10Stay In The Kitchen
8th May 12 04:27:08Applicability
5th May 12 01:21:50Music.Prince Poppycock
3rd May 12 09:59:25Bittersweet Ending.Video Games
1st May 12 10:25:06YMMV.American Mc Gees Alice
1st May 12 10:24:45YMMV.American Mc Gees Alice
1st May 12 05:04:18Characters.Problem Sleuth
18th Apr 12 07:39:34High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Homestuck
18th Apr 12 07:39:32High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Homestuck
16th Apr 12 03:01:38Laconic.Richard Dawkins
4th Apr 12 04:13:27Fanon.Web Comics
3rd Apr 12 10:40:16The Charmer
3rd Apr 12 09:27:38Funny.Team America World Police
1st Apr 12 10:25:03Mood Whiplash.Homestuck
19th Mar 12 04:01:15Adaptational Attractiveness
17th Mar 12 04:20:39Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
17th Mar 12 04:11:59Adorkable
17th Mar 12 04:10:45Adorkable
17th Mar 12 03:02:03Americans Hate Tingle
12th Mar 12 12:23:59YMMV.Mass Effect 3
12th Mar 12 05:18:10The Cover Changes The Meaning
10th Mar 12 09:49:26High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Pony Dot Mov
9th Mar 12 02:31:21Manga.Gyo
9th Mar 12 02:29:14A Threesome Is Manly
9th Mar 12 06:15:24Headscratchers.Stay In The Kitchen
7th Mar 12 09:29:56Unfortunate Implications.Advertising
5th Mar 12 09:14:13Characters.Problem Sleuth
1st Mar 12 02:33:00Creative Sterility
27th Feb 12 01:43:04Web Original.Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz
22nd Feb 12 09:16:31Mind Screw.Other
19th Feb 12 08:52:17Saintly Church
18th Feb 12 10:43:17Poisonous Captive
16th Feb 12 08:44:22Unwinnable By Mistake.Other Video Games
13th Feb 12 02:35:24Duet Bonding
13th Feb 12 02:34:58Duet Bonding
13th Feb 12 02:17:40Age Inappropriate Art
13th Feb 12 02:14:44Age Inappropriate Art
7th Feb 12 11:35:13High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Accidents And General Body Horror
7th Feb 12 07:28:15Headscratchers.Jingo
7th Feb 12 07:21:49YMMV.Jingo
6th Feb 12 04:52:24Royally Screwed Up
1st Feb 12 10:19:06Discworld.Snuff
31st Jan 12 11:17:54Film.Repo The Genetic Opera
31st Jan 12 09:28:07Artistic License Religion
29th Jan 12 04:27:29Conspicuous CG
28th Jan 12 06:34:00Music.Sarah Brightman
27th Jan 12 09:21:59YMMV.Digimon
10th Jan 12 10:32:52Scary Impractical Armor
9th Jan 12 02:26:42Awesome.AMV Hell
6th Jan 12 08:18:48Unsettling Gender Reveal
6th Jan 12 08:08:43Recap.Community S 3 E 06 Advanced Gay
2nd Jan 12 11:57:15Playing With.Scooby Doo Hoax
2nd Jan 12 11:55:35Playing With.Scooby Doo Hoax
2nd Jan 12 11:54:40Playing With.Scooby Doo Hoax
1st Jan 12 08:34:30Homestuck.Tropes A-C
1st Jan 12 04:57:36Video Game.Bayonetta
31st Dec 11 01:50:21Forced Meme
25th Dec 11 12:28:58Uncanny Valley.Live Action TV
25th Dec 11 12:17:36YMMV.Happy Feet
12th Dec 11 04:13:38Misaimed Fandom.Video Games
11th Dec 11 11:32:54Headscratchers.Neon Genesis Evangelion
11th Dec 11 05:35:10Pink Means Feminine
11th Dec 11 03:33:23Video Game.Scribblenauts
4th Dec 11 10:07:38Organ Autonomy
4th Dec 11 03:18:59Explosive Leash
3rd Dec 11 06:50:41Nazi Germany
3rd Dec 11 06:44:38Nazi Germany
29th Nov 11 11:52:39Character Filibuster
29th Nov 11 11:38:09Character Filibuster
29th Nov 11 08:24:43Wall Bangers.Anime
28th Nov 11 04:45:48Unfortunate Implications.Anime
23rd Nov 11 04:59:17Characters.Minecraft
15th Nov 11 06:29:06YMMV.Good Omens
13th Nov 11 05:24:46Headscratchers.Discworld
13th Nov 11 05:20:50Fridge.Discworld
13th Nov 11 03:45:29Characters.Discworld
13th Nov 11 02:04:56Special Effect Failure
11th Nov 11 09:08:51Headscratchers.Azumanga Daioh
3rd Nov 11 03:01:09Mukoku Seki
1st Nov 11 12:34:23Acceptable Nationality Targets
31st Oct 11 10:46:42Funny.AMV Hell
30th Oct 11 12:52:27Music.Tenacious D
30th Oct 11 12:25:39Characters.Gears Of War
30th Oct 11 05:49:15Politically Incorrect Villain
30th Oct 11 05:48:43Politically Incorrect Villain
26th Oct 11 01:55:56YMMV.The Rocky Horror Picture Show
22nd Oct 11 06:18:22Awesome.AMV Hell
21st Oct 11 01:46:04Contemptible Cover
20th Oct 11 06:34:22Ryona
18th Oct 11 08:56:39YMMV.Franken Fran
18th Oct 11 08:50:50WMG.Franken Fran
18th Oct 11 08:49:54WMG.Franken Fran
16th Oct 11 03:05:08YMMV.Rebuild Of Evangelion
15th Oct 11 11:48:58Class Trip
13th Oct 11 11:19:11Bottle Fairy
13th Oct 11 11:15:05Viewer Gender Confusion
11th Oct 11 10:55:42Mystery Of The Necronomicon
11th Oct 11 10:55:15Mystery Of The Necronomicon
11th Oct 11 10:54:58Mystery Of The Necronomicon
11th Oct 11 06:25:25YMMV.Dumbledores Army And The Year Of Darkness
11th Oct 11 06:25:13YMMV.Dumbledores Army And The Year Of Darkness
11th Oct 11 06:12:07Helicopter Blender
11th Oct 11 06:10:53Helicopter Blender
9th Oct 11 03:50:10Headscratchers.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
9th Oct 11 02:49:36Hipster
8th Oct 11 05:03:28Harry Potter.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
8th Oct 11 03:05:20New Technology Is Evil
8th Oct 11 02:44:06YMMV.Texhnolyze
7th Oct 11 07:27:02Video Game.Darkspore
6th Oct 11 11:20:40Headscratchers.Harry Potter Universe
6th Oct 11 11:20:16Headscratchers.Harry Potter Universe
6th Oct 11 10:18:23Headscratchers.Harry Potter Universe
6th Oct 11 10:17:32Headscratchers.Harry Potter Universe
6th Oct 11 09:46:53Headscratchers.Harry Potter Universe
4th Oct 11 12:27:08Funny.Harry Potter
4th Oct 11 11:15:18
4th Oct 11 10:49:52
4th Oct 11 10:36:56
29th Sep 11 11:00:43High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Real Life Crime And Punishment
29th Sep 11 10:43:15High Octane Nightmare Fuel.War And Crimes Against Humanity
29th Sep 11 10:43:13High Octane Nightmare Fuel.War And Crimes Against Humanity
27th Sep 11 11:21:24Easy Sex Change
26th Sep 11 07:44:53Sugar Wiki.Superlative Dubbing
26th Sep 11 03:23:03Playing With.Life Energy
26th Sep 11 03:20:11Playing With.Life Energy
26th Sep 11 02:31:39Seinen
26th Sep 11 01:25:41Nerds Are Sexy
24th Sep 11 03:04:45Characters.Minecraft
21st Sep 11 04:19:52The Unspeakable Vault Of Doom
21st Sep 11 04:19:12WMG.HP Lovecraft
21st Sep 11 03:59:33YMMV.Re-Animator
20th Sep 11 09:31:05Rooting For The Empire
20th Sep 11 09:13:44YMMV.Gears Of War
20th Sep 11 07:12:06Neon Genesis Evangelion
20th Sep 11 07:03:35Anthony Head
20th Sep 11 06:19:12Headscratchers.Rebuild Of Evangelion
20th Sep 11 05:49:20High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Rebuild Of Evangelion
16th Sep 11 04:27:44Series.Torchwood Miracle Day
15th Sep 11 12:44:23High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Minecraft
15th Sep 11 01:41:33Funny.The Magids