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8th Jun 17 05:00:35Video Game.Tales Of Legendia
14th May 17 01:46:42Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
31st Mar 17 04:17:26Comic Book.DC Comics Series
17th Mar 17 06:34:31Creator.Gabriel Garcia Marquez
26th Nov 15 03:30:30YMMV.Mampato
26th Nov 15 03:20:47Comic Book.Mampato
26th Nov 15 03:05:11Comic Book.Mampato
26th Nov 15 02:48:45Comic Book.Mampato
30th Sep 15 12:01:04Creator.HP Lovecraft
22nd Aug 15 03:15:25Useful Notes.Augusto Pinochet
16th Aug 15 06:03:46Literature.The Bad Girl
16th Aug 15 06:03:30Literature.The Bad Girl
16th Aug 15 02:45:25Literature.The Bad Girl
25th Jul 15 10:26:45Useful Notes.Andorra
3rd Jul 15 06:11:51Chilean Media
16th Mar 15 05:02:11National Stereotypes
23rd Jan 15 10:18:25Literature.Distant Star
26th Dec 14 08:49:53Literature.Dianetics
26th Dec 14 08:49:38Trivia.Dianetics
6th Dec 14 04:10:37Literature.The Charterhouse Of Parma
6th Dec 14 04:10:18YMMV.The Charterhouse Of Parma
6th Dec 14 04:08:46Literature.The Charterhouse Of Parma
6th Dec 14 04:06:37Literature.The Charterhouse Of Parma
19th Sep 14 05:03:02Roger Ebert Great Movies List
19th Sep 14 05:01:50Roger Ebert Great Movies List
10th May 14 08:50:43Roger Ebert Great Movies List
7th Feb 14 04:29:04Creator.Roberto Bolano
2nd Feb 14 05:53:05Literature.Congo
22nd Dec 13 02:12:54Useful Notes.Antigua And Barbuda
13th Dec 13 12:21:48Literature.Doctor Zhivago
12th Dec 13 02:29:03Literature.Ada Or Ardor
14th Sep 13 12:57:59Creator.Julio Cortazar
25th Aug 13 08:01:53Useful Notes.Maldives
25th Aug 13 07:54:06Useful Notes.Kyrgyzstan
25th Aug 13 07:17:52Useful Notes.Oman
25th Aug 13 06:38:44Useful Notes.Honduras
25th Aug 13 06:31:32Useful Notes.Mauritania
25th Aug 13 06:07:35Useful Notes.The Middle East
16th Aug 13 04:55:58Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
4th Aug 13 08:12:00Useful Notes.Palestinian Territories
4th Aug 13 08:06:48Useful Notes.Malawi
4th Aug 13 06:07:38Useful Notes.Sudan
16th Jul 13 05:28:55Creator.Roberto Bolano
16th Jun 13 05:28:05Literature.Doctor Zhivago
29th May 13 08:04:46Wars Of Italian Independence
28th May 13 12:59:06Useful Notes.Jordan
28th May 13 12:42:37Useful Notes.Laos
28th May 13 12:32:22Useful Notes.Bahrain
5th May 13 05:45:29Spanish American War
10th Apr 13 09:58:45Roger Ebert Great Movies List
8th Apr 13 06:10:14Useful Notes.Uruguay
22nd Mar 13 01:55:52Literature.A Clash Of Kings
9th Mar 13 10:04:14Useful Notes.Latin America
8th Mar 13 03:47:37Roger Ebert Great Movies List
7th Mar 13 03:27:17Useful Notes.Bolivia
23rd Feb 13 02:58:24Film.Last Year At Marienbad
15th Feb 13 05:05:50Spanish Literature
15th Feb 13 02:59:34Tropic Of Cancer
15th Feb 13 02:59:27YMMV.Tropic Of Cancer
12th Feb 13 03:52:54Useful Notes.Brunei
12th Feb 13 03:47:38Useful Notes.Tajikistan
10th Feb 13 09:22:15YMMV.A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court
24th Jan 13 06:41:27Roberto Bolano
24th Jan 13 06:37:41The Savage Detectives
7th Jan 13 03:50:19Film.Blowup
7th Jan 13 03:50:16YMMV.Blowup
7th Jan 13 03:45:37Film.L Atalante
7th Jan 13 03:45:34YMMV.L Atalante
7th Jan 13 03:29:15Film.L Avventura
7th Jan 13 03:29:08YMMV.L Avventura
25th Dec 12 05:09:55Tropers.Chris X
22nd Dec 12 06:31:32Roger Ebert Great Movies List
22nd Dec 12 05:57:54Roger Ebert Great Movies List
20th Dec 12 11:20:28Tropers.King Of Kings
6th Dec 12 02:42:13Roger Ebert Great Movies List
25th Nov 12 06:11:30Useful Notes.Nepal
21st Nov 12 01:31:45Roger Ebert Great Movies List
11th Nov 12 03:53:13Roger Ebert Great Movies List
7th Nov 12 05:41:32Useful Notes.Chile
30th Oct 12 02:48:25Roger Ebert Great Movies List
24th Oct 12 04:32:21Creator.Franz Kafka
21st Oct 12 04:44:27Tropers.Little Miss Space Monkey
18th Oct 12 03:51:19Pablo Neruda
20th Sep 12 12:16:56Eagleland
20th Sep 12 12:16:10Eagleland
20th Sep 12 12:14:42Eagleland
17th Sep 12 11:17:39Useful Notes.Cambodia
15th Sep 12 12:59:42Roberto Bolano
13th Sep 12 05:58:12Badass Mustache
13th Sep 12 05:00:55Roberto Bolano
3rd Sep 12 04:39:39Literature.The Prince And The Pauper
3rd Sep 12 04:38:17Literature.The Prince And The Pauper
3rd Sep 12 04:35:53Literature.The Prince And The Pauper
2nd Sep 12 04:58:03Tropers.Morwen Edhelwen
29th Aug 12 03:35:42The Red And The Black
29th Aug 12 03:32:53The Red And The Black
17th Aug 12 05:53:15Comic Book Creators
16th Aug 12 04:07:03Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
16th Aug 12 04:06:32Useful Notes.Presidents Of Chile
16th Aug 12 04:04:53Tropers.Mrs Ratched
10th Aug 12 06:08:43The House Of The Spirits
10th Aug 12 06:07:54YMMV.The House Of The Spirits
8th Aug 12 06:26:17Historical Domain Character
4th Aug 12 02:39:38Useful Notes.Chile
2nd Aug 12 06:47:13Film.Three Colors Trilogy
27th Jul 12 02:37:26On Heroes And Tombs
26th Jul 12 03:22:27YMMV.On Heroes And Tombs
26th Jul 12 03:22:26On Heroes And Tombs
23rd Jul 12 05:58:01Ouroboros
22nd Jul 12 05:57:13Literature.Foucaults Pendulum
18th Jul 12 06:34:35Roberto Bolano
16th Jul 12 05:32:14Literature.Foucaults Pendulum
16th Jul 12 12:39:43Bodyguard Betrayal
15th Jul 12 05:35:33Spanish American War
15th Jul 12 02:52:28War Of The Pacific
15th Jul 12 08:42:25Names To Run Away From.Conquerors
14th Jul 12 05:37:10Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
12th Jul 12 04:05:36Roger Ebert Great Movies List
7th Jul 12 03:48:25Tropers.Eternal Noob
6th Jul 12 05:54:15Tropers.JHM
3rd Jul 12 06:48:38Tropers.Johnnyfog
3rd Jul 12 06:26:20Tropers.Scholastica
3rd Jul 12 06:15:59Tropers.Aqueos
1st Jul 12 12:04:47Amarcord
26th Jun 12 03:19:23Tropers.Indigo12ash
22nd Jun 12 02:14:27Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
22nd Jun 12 01:44:54Useful Notes.That Dry Patch Of Land Unrecognized
21st Jun 12 06:10:21Useful Notes.Africa
21st Jun 12 06:06:53Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
21st Jun 12 06:05:27Useful Notes.Rwanda
21st Jun 12 05:53:37Shake Hands With The Devil
21st Jun 12 05:53:32YMMV.Shake Hands With The Devil
21st Jun 12 04:33:00Hitlers Revenge
21st Jun 12 11:37:05Useful Notes.Tunisia
20th Jun 12 05:46:39Tropers.Ironeye
20th Jun 12 05:43:07Tropers.Vandro
19th Jun 12 08:06:49Roger Ebert Great Movies List
17th Jun 12 08:06:31The Tunnel
17th Jun 12 08:06:26YMMV.The Tunnel
17th Jun 12 08:05:20Pedro Paramo
17th Jun 12 08:04:32YMMV.Pedro Paramo
17th Jun 12 08:02:13YMMV.Distant Star
17th Jun 12 08:02:09Distant Star
17th Jun 12 05:42:10Creator.Hermann Hesse
11th Jun 12 06:39:18Ace In The Hole
11th Jun 12 06:39:13YMMV.Ace In The Hole
2nd Jun 12 04:05:56Useful Notes.Greece
2nd Jun 12 05:53:44Creator.Guy De Maupassant
1st Jun 12 07:00:34Useful Notes.Signed Language
1st Jun 12 06:25:12Tropers.Great God Pan
1st Jun 12 01:52:01Useful Notes.The Moon
1st Jun 12 01:28:52Roger Ebert Great Movies List
31st May 12 01:26:01Roger Ebert Great Movies List
31st May 12 01:04:25Quotes.The Falklands War
31st May 12 12:17:16Literature.The Invisible Man
31st May 12 12:17:13YMMV.The Invisible Man
31st May 12 12:14:57Literature.The Invisible Man
30th May 12 07:39:53YMMV.Hopscotch
30th May 12 07:39:32Hopscotch
29th May 12 02:51:49Useful Notes.Somalia
28th May 12 10:11:52Song Of Song Titles
28th May 12 10:09:29Song Of Song Titles
28th May 12 08:46:25Roger Ebert Great Movies List
25th May 12 05:46:33Tropers.El Rigo
23rd May 12 03:34:33Latin American Literature
23rd May 12 03:19:56Literature.Dianetics
23rd May 12 01:09:01Theatre.Eumenides
23rd May 12 12:49:36YMMV.Nights Of Cabiria
23rd May 12 12:49:14Nights Of Cabiria
23rd May 12 09:34:09Based On An Advice Book
23rd May 12 09:05:01Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
23rd May 12 08:58:16YMMV.Dianetics
23rd May 12 08:07:30Small Genres And Unclassified Literature
23rd May 12 08:06:46Literature.Dianetics
23rd May 12 08:02:55L Ron Hubbard
22nd May 12 04:10:02The First Circle
22nd May 12 04:02:53YMMV.The First Circle
22nd May 12 12:48:02Captain Pantoja And The Special Service
20th May 12 02:09:47From The Earth To The Moon
20th May 12 02:05:19National Anthem
20th May 12 02:04:18From The Earth To The Moon
20th May 12 01:59:37Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
20th May 12 01:58:27Scenery Porn
20th May 12 01:56:57Human Cannonball
20th May 12 01:53:52Batman Can Breathe In Space
20th May 12 01:51:45Science Marches On
20th May 12 01:41:51Artistic License Physics
16th May 12 10:59:48Tropers.Rockonman
16th May 12 10:57:28Tropers.Malgent
16th May 12 10:51:34Tropers.Aramil
15th May 12 06:24:16Nightmare Fuel.Edgar Allan Poe
15th May 12 04:53:09Roger Ebert Great Movies List
9th May 12 04:57:50Foreign Language Title
6th May 12 01:44:06YMMV.From The Earth To The Moon
5th May 12 01:26:54French Literature
5th May 12 01:24:43Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
5th May 12 01:24:02Science Fiction Literature
5th May 12 01:23:36Nineteenth Century Literature
5th May 12 01:19:03Jules Verne
5th May 12 01:18:18From The Earth To The Moon
26th Apr 12 04:29:15Acquired Poison Immunity
19th Apr 12 10:26:26Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
19th Apr 12 10:25:32Spanish Literature
19th Apr 12 10:25:17Latin American Literature
19th Apr 12 10:25:02Comic Literature
19th Apr 12 10:23:30Captain Pantoja And The Special Service
19th Apr 12 09:37:30Write What You Know
18th Apr 12 03:42:35Roger Ebert Great Movies List
13th Apr 12 10:39:52Useful Notes.Presidents Of Chile
8th Apr 12 01:37:00Pedro Paramo
8th Apr 12 01:26:40Mexican Revolution
2nd Apr 12 04:30:09Roger Ebert Great Movies List
31st Mar 12 05:44:08YMMV.Notorious
27th Mar 12 09:50:26Headscratchers.The Good The Bad And The Ugly
27th Mar 12 08:17:03Roberto Bolano
25th Mar 12 04:19:54My Man Godfrey
24th Mar 12 06:39:02Roger Ebert Great Movies List
23rd Mar 12 05:30:26The Black Death
19th Mar 12 05:07:40Tropers.That One Guy Named X
16th Mar 12 12:08:52Useful Notes.Somalia
15th Mar 12 02:11:20Latin American Literature
13th Mar 12 10:03:28The Nineties
8th Mar 12 04:49:59Le Pere Goriot
8th Mar 12 04:46:14An Offer You Cant Refuse
8th Mar 12 04:43:37Le Pere Goriot
8th Mar 12 04:02:28Le Pere Goriot
6th Mar 12 04:00:43Banana Republic
5th Mar 12 01:58:04Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
5th Mar 12 01:57:17Useful Notes.Africa
5th Mar 12 01:56:54Useful Notes.Ghana
2nd Mar 12 05:35:38Tropers.Caissas Death Angel
1st Mar 12 03:19:13Blowup
1st Mar 12 03:23:56Roger Ebert Great Movies List
26th Feb 12 05:16:54Useful Notes.Morocco
26th Feb 12 04:18:21Milking The Giant Cow
26th Feb 12 08:55:05Roger Ebert Great Movies List
25th Feb 12 03:29:14Useful Notes.Benin
24th Feb 12 05:36:29Gabriel Garcia Marquez
20th Feb 12 09:07:49Tropers.Nerd At Computer
15th Feb 12 04:54:55War Of The Pacific
15th Feb 12 04:54:51War Of The Confederation
12th Feb 12 05:17:42Other Royal Families
11th Feb 12 05:27:46Elective Monarchy
11th Feb 12 05:10:47Useful Notes.North Korea
11th Feb 12 02:12:09La Casa De Bernarda Alba
10th Feb 12 04:43:38Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
10th Feb 12 04:34:48Theater
10th Feb 12 04:34:19Poetry
10th Feb 12 04:33:16Authors
10th Feb 12 04:29:39Federico Garcia Lorca
10th Feb 12 04:24:33Useful Notes.Spain
10th Feb 12 03:35:59The House Of Bernarda Alba
10th Feb 12 03:35:29Cloud Cuckoolander.Literature
10th Feb 12 02:32:18Nikolai Gogol
10th Feb 12 02:29:19Machado De Assis
9th Feb 12 03:29:53Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
8th Feb 12 01:28:55Our Homunculi Are Different
8th Feb 12 10:27:03Tropers.The Bat Pencil
8th Feb 12 07:44:52YMMV.Custers Revenge
8th Feb 12 07:42:56YMMV.Custers Revenge
8th Feb 12 07:42:42Custers Revenge
7th Feb 12 08:14:36Tropers.Fuzy 2 K
6th Feb 12 05:13:51The Red Badge Of Courage
6th Feb 12 05:12:45The American Civil War
6th Feb 12 04:43:37Historical Fiction Literature
6th Feb 12 04:43:13Nineteenth Century Literature
6th Feb 12 04:41:09The Red Badge Of Courage
6th Feb 12 04:39:25YMMV.The Red Badge Of Courage
6th Feb 12 10:16:02Tropers.Devious Recital
6th Feb 12 10:14:03Tropers.Mr Pastry
6th Feb 12 10:12:30Tropers.Kazuna Rei
6th Feb 12 10:07:16Tropers.Alrune
6th Feb 12 09:20:32Tropers.Alucard
4th Feb 12 02:47:26The Autumn Of The Patriarch
4th Feb 12 02:38:51Sophies World
4th Feb 12 11:21:00Tropers.Hellman Sabian
4th Feb 12 11:11:24Tropers.Sirboulevard
4th Feb 12 11:10:30Tropers.Montagohalcyon
4th Feb 12 11:08:46Tropers.Ailedhoo
4th Feb 12 11:02:37Tropers.The Proffesor
4th Feb 12 10:59:33Tropers.Dracosketch
4th Feb 12 10:59:22Tropers.Dracosketch
4th Feb 12 10:49:06Tropers.Motor Runner
4th Feb 12 10:45:12Tropers.Mukora
3rd Feb 12 11:43:48Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
3rd Feb 12 11:39:50Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
3rd Feb 12 11:19:15Tropers.Leradny
3rd Feb 12 11:18:29Tropers.Wicked 223
3rd Feb 12 11:11:48Tropers.Blamspam
3rd Feb 12 10:54:53Tropers.Away Laughing
3rd Feb 12 10:53:20Tropers.Eldritch Blue Rose
3rd Feb 12 10:50:12Tropers.Away Laughing
3rd Feb 12 10:48:27Tropers.Keybreak
3rd Feb 12 06:46:40Roger Ebert Great Movies List
3rd Feb 12 03:15:46Tropers.Who Needs Sleep
2nd Feb 12 05:21:35Tropers.Who Needs Sleep
2nd Feb 12 05:19:53Tropers.JR Pictures
2nd Feb 12 05:18:58Tropers.Tre
2nd Feb 12 05:17:14Tropers.Lord Fenric
2nd Feb 12 05:08:35Tropers.Mamanerd
2nd Feb 12 05:04:45Tropers.A Crack In Time
2nd Feb 12 05:01:29Tropers.Fuschlatz
2nd Feb 12 05:00:55Tropers.Fuschlatz
2nd Feb 12 04:59:12Tropers.Rmctagg 09
2nd Feb 12 04:57:02Tropers.Balmung
2nd Feb 12 04:55:06Tropers.Aliroz The Confused
2nd Feb 12 04:50:27Tropers.Iamdatroper
2nd Feb 12 07:11:17To Kill A Mockingbird
2nd Feb 12 07:10:12Wild Things
2nd Feb 12 06:52:21Webcomic.Brawl In The Family
1st Feb 12 03:47:06Tropers.Kexruct
1st Feb 12 03:46:02Tropers.Boolean Earth
1st Feb 12 03:45:11Tropers.Metalitia
1st Feb 12 03:38:02Tropers.Gentlemanorcus
1st Feb 12 03:35:28Tropers.Braincogs
1st Feb 12 03:32:15Tropers.Boolean Earth
1st Feb 12 03:31:02Tropers.You Must Die
1st Feb 12 03:28:38Tropers.Bonsai Forest
1st Feb 12 03:25:17Tropers.Awesome Zombie 22
1st Feb 12 03:18:29Tropers.Kuro Fox
1st Feb 12 03:17:24Tropers.Dontcallmewave
1st Feb 12 03:15:51Tropers.Lolipod Distortion
1st Feb 12 03:11:38Tropers.Compassionate Sadist
31st Jan 12 11:51:22Trope Namers.Literature
31st Jan 12 11:48:09Trope Namers.Literature
30th Jan 12 05:27:44Tropers.Game Spazzer
30th Jan 12 05:25:31Tropers.Jesska
30th Jan 12 05:24:31Tropers.XSOULFIRE
30th Jan 12 05:22:07Tropers.Elemcee
30th Jan 12 05:20:39Tropers.Blake Diamond
30th Jan 12 05:18:25Tropers.Pastylover 2
30th Jan 12 05:15:18Tropers.Miijhal
30th Jan 12 05:13:35Tropers.Sporkaganza
30th Jan 12 05:12:29Tropers.Chester A Bum
30th Jan 12 05:11:58Tropers.Megamagikarp
30th Jan 12 05:09:39Darth Wiki.Snicklin
30th Jan 12 05:02:30Tropers.Att Obl 227
30th Jan 12 05:01:11Tropers.Ithilion The Brave
30th Jan 12 04:59:26Tropers.Not So Badass Longcoat
30th Jan 12 04:57:05Tropers.Noaqiyeum
30th Jan 12 04:54:14Tropers.Longfellow
30th Jan 12 04:52:53Tropers.Completely Normal Guy
30th Jan 12 04:51:18Tropers.Mr W
30th Jan 12 04:45:53Tropers.Steventheman
30th Jan 12 04:44:20Tropers.Blaine The M0n 0
30th Jan 12 04:42:18Tropers.Betterthanstrawberry
30th Jan 12 04:38:23Tropers.Msieur Lapin
30th Jan 12 04:36:29Tropers.Color Printer
30th Jan 12 04:34:41Tropers.Shlapintogan
30th Jan 12 04:33:01Tropers.The Inferno
30th Jan 12 04:30:59Tropers.Fringe Benefits
30th Jan 12 04:30:46Tropers.Fringe Benefits
30th Jan 12 04:28:10Tropers.Al Bundy Fan 365
30th Jan 12 04:22:51Tropers.Whataboutme
25th Jan 12 04:40:22Doppelganger
25th Jan 12 04:36:32Polish Media
25th Jan 12 04:31:18Three Colors Trilogy
21st Jan 12 08:14:35Authors
21st Jan 12 04:05:25Roger Ebert Great Movies List
18th Jan 12 12:10:16Hopscotch
14th Jan 12 03:00:35Julio Cortazar
13th Jan 12 02:14:28Tropers.M0ther Brain
13th Jan 12 02:11:57Tropers.Anomalocaris 20
13th Jan 12 02:09:59Tropers.Sean Murray I
13th Jan 12 01:21:00Tropers.Merlo
13th Jan 12 01:16:07Tropers.Demongodofchaos 2
13th Jan 12 01:14:12Tropers.Noirceur
13th Jan 12 01:11:56Tropers.Kay4today
13th Jan 12 10:21:44Tropers.The Adversary
13th Jan 12 10:20:08Tropers.Aspie
13th Jan 12 10:17:32Tropers.Carla
13th Jan 12 10:14:44Tropers.The Girl With Pointy Ears
13th Jan 12 10:08:36Tropers.Joaqs
10th Jan 12 05:06:41Roger Ebert Great Movies List
30th Dec 11 04:37:32Roger Ebert Great Movies List
24th Dec 11 03:16:36Internal Reveal
24th Dec 11 12:25:35Peloponnesian War
19th Dec 11 07:40:53Useful Notes.Argentina
17th Dec 11 02:21:17Land Of One City
15th Dec 11 03:01:54When Trees Attack
14th Dec 11 04:35:05Julio Cortazar
11th Dec 11 05:31:09Tropers.Yog-So Soft
11th Dec 11 05:26:16George Orwell
11th Dec 11 01:53:42Literature.Aesops Fables
11th Dec 11 11:15:53Ubik
6th Dec 11 04:08:58Roger Ebert Great Movies List
3rd Dec 11 05:43:44Tropers.USAF 713
3rd Dec 11 05:21:31Tropers.Geek Code Red
2nd Dec 11 08:41:06Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
29th Nov 11 05:37:45Useful Notes.Uruguay
29th Nov 11 05:11:47Tropers.Amused Troper Guy
25th Nov 11 12:07:19Jurassic Park
25th Nov 11 10:46:16Useful Notes.Uruguay
24th Nov 11 10:55:57Roger Ebert Great Movies List
24th Nov 11 10:49:05Useful Notes.Antarctica
24th Nov 11 06:30:06HP Lovecraft
22nd Nov 11 10:45:31All Just A Dream
19th Nov 11 04:36:46Gabriel Garcia Marquez
19th Nov 11 04:35:29The Feast Of The Goat
19th Nov 11 04:35:17The Autumn Of The Patriarch