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Predator Blood Lust
A predator seems more interested in killing than actually eating
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Carnivores aren't that bad in real life. Everything needs to eat to survive, and they just so happen to need to eat meat. But try telling that to fictionland. Here, predators kill to kill and hunt to hunt. A lion sees a herd of zebra? Slaughter them all, but don't eat any(or only eat a couple bites of each). A T. rex sees some raptors? Pick them up, bite, let go.

See also Super-Persistent Predator where a predator seems very picky about it wants to eat.

  • The raptor-type dinosaur pack from the CGI King Kong seem more interested in chasing down anything that moves than in stopping to eat the brontosaurs they'd already killed.
  • The monsters in Deep Rising supposedly fed on liquified human remains, but really seemed much more interested in fucking around with the protagonists and generally being bastards than what you might expect from a carnivorous invertebrate.

Live Action
  • In Dinosaur Revolution the Torvosaurus kills an entire herd of stegosaurs(genus needed) and only appeared to have taken a bite out of each.
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