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No one assumes the comic relief is really dying.
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The plucky comic relief is having a bit of trouble with an incurable cough of death, a hidden wound, or some other third thing. Unfortunately, this will be a serious matter and probably mean the end for the character.

But wait, this IS the comic relief, right? Isn't this the guy who's always messing around? He can't really be serious, can he?

The other characters won't seem to think so. They assume that he's up to another one of his hilarious antics, because it's something they would expect him to do. The character's attempt to try and tell the others that he really is dying will be shrugged off as just part of the show. Unfortunately, this nullifies any chance that they would have of being given help.The other characters usually realize that he was in fact being serious, but not until after the guy dies.

May overlap with Fatal Method Acting.

A death trope, so there will most likely be spoilers.

This one is Up for Grabs if anyone wants it. Alternate titles appreciated. Examples

Live-Action TV


Real Life

  • Andy Kaufman, and by extension the film Man on the Moon. When he announces to his friends that he is dying, they first believe that it's part of a new comedy act.
  • Redd Foxx, on the set of a new comedy show he was starring in, grabbed his chest and collapsed. Unfortunately, this was a trademark action of his from his comedy show Sanford and Son, and everybody thought he was only acting. He actually did die of a heart attack.
  • British comedian Tommy Cooper suffered a fatal heart attack during a live performance and the audience initially laughed, believing it was part of the act.
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