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The Call Got a Wrong Number
The hero who got the call wasn't its intended recipient
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Carol mysteriously receives a message or an item of some sort, triggering the plot. Later, Carol finds out that the message wasn't intended for her at all but for Bob, the mysterious old man who lives just outside of town. As it turns out, Bob is a retired member of some ancient order of do-gooders, and the senders thought he would be the perfect person to take care of their problem, perhaps they even believe Bob is the Chosen One. Occasionally they didn't intend it as The Call To Adventure at all, and merely wanted Bob to keep an eye on the item while continuing to lie low.

So why did Carol get the message instead? Maybe Bob is dead. Maybe Bob wasn't in at the time. Maybe the senders of the message just had really lousy aim. For whatever reason, they got Carol instead and Carol, not Bob, ended up as The Hero, possibly even the Chosen One.

Oftentimes, Bob will end up joining Carol's party anyway, usually as The Obi-Wan.



  • In the original Star Wars trilogy has a partial example. Although Princess Leia's message was intended for Obi-Wan and not Luke, this was clear from the start.

  • In Eragon, the dragon egg was supposed to go to Brom, but due to a hastily prepared spell, ended up appearing to Eragon in middle of the nearby wilderness
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