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Post-Rebellion Armageddon

In which the revolution sequel continues with a Downer Begining

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After years of fighting, the LaResistance has finally defeated the evil empire and freed the townsfolk! Now all that's left is for your group's valiant struggle to go down in history and a new republic to be form!

But first, you'll have to deal with the thousands of starving citizens, the fractured economy, oh, and the thousands of other countries waiting in the wings to invade now that your armies are fairly weakened

Rebellion equals Armageddon is when Reality Ensues with the LaResistance tale aftermath. Now with The Empire gone, you're going have to deal with all the political fowlups they left behind - not to mention sheltering refugees, creating a new government system that everyone has to agree on, rebuilding destroyed towns, and getting the outside nations to acknowledge your newly gained freedom. Oh, and don't forget about the massive piles of debt you racked up fighting and buying supplies with. And while you saved them from generations of evil and oppression and stuff - don't expect the peasants to be happy with the new situation especially if you screw up

No Real Life Examples please! Too many to count
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