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I Was Quite A Fashion Victim
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"I can't believe I thought that looked good. I must have been high."

This trope is when people used to get caught up in the fashions of a certain time, and just cringe thinking about it today. This can be any time, but The '70s and The '80s are popular subjects for this.

Sometimes it's the character acknowledging how dumb he/she looked, but just as often it's their friends laughing at how dumb he/she used to look and that character not denying it. Or once in a while we just see the character back then and get a good laugh out of it.

Often shown during a Flashback, home video, or Embarrassing Old Photo.

Compare Old Shame.

Contrast Fashion Dissonance, I Was Quite a Looker (when a character looks better in the past), Outdated Outfit.


  • Death in Family Guy, as seen in the picture.
  • Friends did this any time there was a flashback to when they were teens or in college.
  • Expecting some Troper Tales here.
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