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A beast can't have a catch phrase, so it uses a roar instead
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While many characters have a Catch Phrase, it's difficult for a monster, animal, or other kind of non-intelligible creature to have one. As such, they'll often have a recurring noise they make that serves as their calling card: a signature roar.

This is not just a roar that a monster happens to make; it is unique to that creature, or in the very least hearing it will instantly remind one of it.

A Signature Roar is usually a result of a Roar Before Beating. Compare Hell Is That Noise, Signature Sound Effect and Mighty Roar.


Anime & Manga



  • Tarzan's yell qualifies, as despite being a human, he's known for his famous jungle cry.

Live-Action TV
  • Shadow ships in Babylon 5 have a high-pitched inhuman screech as their signature sound.
  • The cat in MTM Productions Vanity Plate is a parody of the MGM lion.
  • The Prisoner. Rover (the giant white bouncing ball) has a horrible roar that it uses when pursuing a victim. Listen to it here.

Video Games
  • In Chrono Trigger, Lavos has a very well-recognized BREEEAAAAWWWWAAAUUURRRRGHHHH-sounding roar.
  • Ganon's skreech in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • All Pokémon have a distinctive roar; while the anime has them speak their own names, the video games have them making digital noises (often being more advanced and realistic sounding the farther along you go).
  • The Tank's roar in Left 4 Dead is always a signal for disaster.
  • Bowser of the Super Mario Bros. games has two different well-known roars from separate eras: the more bestial, hissing roar first heard in Mario Kart 64 and also prominently used in Super Mario Sunshine, and the deeper, more human-like roar first heard in Super Mario Galaxy and featured in every subsequent game in which Kenny James provides Bowser's voice.
  • Most bosses from Terraria use the same roar sound effect when transforming into their second form. Whenever you hear this, you know something bad is about to happen.

Real Life

  • Many animals have a distinctive roar that is impossible to mistake for anything else, such as lions, elephants, bears, and so on. It would probably be easier to list animals that don't have a unique roar.
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