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Omniscient Source Of Answers
Something our character regularly consult to get answers to their questions.

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From this thread. Super Trope to Akashic Records, Magical Database (Rename Pending), Great Big Book of Everything, Database Of The Supernatural (Currently in YKTTW), Voice with an Internet Connection and (sometimes) Mission Control.

Needs a Better Description. Needs a Better Title.

The Omniscient Source Of Answers is something our characters regularly visit to get some information. On police procedural, this can be the various databases that lets them identify clues and find the suspect. It can be a figure the character turns towards to figure out what to do.


  • The Great Dragon in Merlin, especially in the first two seasons mostly existed to tell Merlin what's going on and what he should be doing to resolve the plot. Gaius has taken over the "explaining the threat of the week is" duties in more recent seasons.
  • The Batcomputer for Batman is pretty much his one stop shop for whatever plot-relevant information he might need.
  • Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer often became this.
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