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The Audience is Mary Sue
The Audience has to be pampered as immature spoiled brats who will throw a temper-tantrum. Or worse!
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The writers are not stupid; they know what the audience (and its government) want to hear, and even more importantly, what they DON'T want to hear. What defines this trope is that it flatters the audience or demonizes its enemies by either being Very Loosely Based on a True Story, or Based on a Great Big Lie. Results are the Audience loves it, even after they find out it's not true, or even because it's not true, but still manages to insult some other group.

Just about every old war movie, cowboys and indians Westerns, etc. Surprisingly, still sells like snake oil.

Applies to any truth that will get the authors burnt at the stake rather than paid; forms the rotten core of the narrative, and strategically undermines Suspension of Disbelief, even if it works as a tactic See also: Awful Truth, Heel Realization, Broken Masquerade, Pandering to the Base

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