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Tragic Romance
Two characters are lovers. One of them dies.
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The trope itself refers to a specific plot where in it, two characters are intensely close lovers. Unfortunately, the one who's not the main character dies during the course of the story. The death of the lover has a profound effect on the hero and changes their lives forever.

It's important to note that
  1. The both of them cannot be killed off, or that'll be a case of Together in Death. And
  2. The supporting lead's death have to be a huge turning point in the story and for the hero.

Related tropes include: The Lost Lenore, I Let Gwen Stacy Die, Stuffed into the Fridge, Crusading Widower, Too Good for This Sinful Earth.

Compare and contrast with Did Not Get the Girl, where the lover merely leaves the hero rather than outright being killed off, and Death of the Hypotenuse, that's when one of the two Love Interests in the Love Triangle for the hero is killed off.

Not to be confused with Star-Crossed Lovers, where the two lovers who wishes to be together are doomed to have their romance forbidden by circumstances of fate rather than resulting in one of them being killed off.

As a Death Trope, all spoilers will be unmarked ahead. Beware.


  • Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight Saga. During his career as a vigilante, Bruce develops a Guilt Complex and blames himself for everything that goes wrong, including Rachel's death in The Dark Knight when she was killed in the building set up to be detonated by The Joker.
  • The eponymous character of Forrest Gump had to deal with his wife, Jenny Gump née Curran, dying from her unknown (possibly fictional) disease. By the end of the film, Forrest promises to his deceased wife on her grave that he'll take care of their son, Forrest Jr.
  • Jason Bourne and Marie Helena Kreutz in The Bourne Series films. Marie in The Bourne Supremacy was killed by Kirill after she exchanged seats with Bourne himself in their car and while trying to escape from the assassin who was sent to kill Bourne.

  • Severus Snape and Lily Potter née Evans in the Harry Potter series. It's a rather twisted version, since Snape drove Lily away by calling her a "mudblood" because of embracing Fantastic Racism and joining the Death Eaters results in her being killed by Lord Voldermort. Snape never gets over her death, and had spent his years trying to protect her son, who is none other than the eponymous character himself.

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