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Non Gameplay Elimination

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In a Reality TV show, or rather, any game show that involves contestants being Eliminated from the Race or Voted off the Island, some players may actually be eliminated from the game without being either. Sometimes, factors that they weren't in control of caused them to be eliminated from the game. It's usually counted as being an actual elimination, sometimes taking the place of a scheduled elimination episode or changing it into a double-elimination period.

Non-Gameplay eliminations currently come in three types:

Evacuation: Commonly seen in shows such as Survivor in which characters are put in a physical risk, or have to compete in physical challenges. Some players may actually be injured or develop an ailment in some way that requires the medics to inspect them, and if they're deemed incapable of competing, they are evacuated from the show for medical treatment.

Ejection: Breaking the rules should not go unpunished. While some people have gotten away with breaking rules or having rules slanted towards them, some people deliberately break rules or attempt to cheat using loopholes. Contestants may also be removed from a reality TV game show because they may pose a danger to the other contestants, such as violent outbursts or threats of physical violence.

Quitting: Sometimes, a contestant may be eliminated simply because they quit or dropped out of their own will. They all have their own reasons; maybe they feel they'll be eliminated either way and it wouldn't make a difference, maybe they're having a nervous breakdown, or it may actually be a strategic attempt to throw a wrench into the game's works. Most commonly, contestants will quit a game show for urgent personal matters - such as a death in the family. This is not the same as simply asking other people to vote you off the island.

Not to be confused with Shocking Elimination, although the reality of some peoples' elimination can be just as shocking as the early favourite to win being eliminated.

  • Evacuation has become fairly common in Survivor.
    • It happened as early in the second season, The Australian Outback, in which contestant Michael accidentally passed out in the fire from a freak gust of wind and suffered burns to his face and hands.
    • Again in Panama (Many seasons and years later), Bruce was eliminated from the game due to illness.
    • Gary "Papa Smurf" Strikesky was evacuated in Fiji because he was having trouble breathing as a result of an allergic reaction to bug bites.
    • Two people were actually removed due to injury in Micronesia aka Fans vs Favourites. Jonathan Penner was removed due to a horrible puncture wound on his knee that was actually shown on TV. Shame, since he was playing better that season. In another moment of squick, James was removed from the game for having a really terrible injury to his finger, but he could at least serve in the Jury. He was seen as reeling in an IV to Tribal Council.
      • And to make matters worse, several other players had some rather bad things happen to them. There was a rumour that Chet Welch may have actually been evacuated due to a piece of coral that was stuck in his foot.
    • Joe was removed in Tocantins for a life-threatening infection in his leg. (It was likely that this was why they used a "Jury of seven, final two" format as opposed to the "Final three, Jury of Seven-nine" Survivor has been more fond of using in recent years)
    • Oh my gosh, Samoa. The most recent season has evacuated two people due to injury. Mike had incredibly low blood pressure and almost passed out in front of the medics (Around 62). And this happened in the second episode - earliest someone has ever been evacuated from the game. Then later on, Russell S fell unconscious in a challenge and was found to have blood pressure even lower than Mike's. (When he was around twenty years younger) Fans even pointed out signs of Jaundice.
      • Perhaps the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming was when Russell was still insisting that he get sent back to the game, Jeff was actually pleading him to stop, he's not even that medical-savvy and he was worried for his life.
  • Survivor was also not without several people quitting.
    • The most famous was Osten in Pearl Islands. He claimed that his body was shutting down, but nobody believed him and said that it was because he just couldn't take it anymore. (Well he did barter away all his clothing except for his boxers...)
    • The next season, All-Stars had two people voluntarily quit the game. Jenna Morasca was actually highly justified, as her mother was undergoing treatment for cancer and she received some "Bad vibes". Turned out, her mother died eight days later. Susan Hawk, meanwhile, left just because she felt violated and hated Richard Hatch.
    • Janu Tornell of Palau quit the game, and she actually was the first to attempt to do it as a gameplay maneuver - Everyone else on the Koror tribe was mocking her and constantly belittling her. She obviously wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon, since their main target was Stephanie La Grossa (the true outsider and the only Ulong member left). So in order to "Throw a wrench in their works", she voluntarily quit the game.
    • Kathleen Sleckman of Micronesia also quit the game, but it was a good thing she did...she was having a nervous breakdown on the set.
  • The american Big Brother has ejected a total of three people and only one person has walked ever in the history of the show.
    • The earliest was Justin Sebik, who was ejected 10 days into the show because he repeatedly threatened houseguests and held a knife to Krista Stegall's throat after a busy night of drinking. Said incident is now called "The Knife Incident".
    • Scott in season four was expelled after repeated rulebreaking and a few outbursts in the house where he made many of the houseguests feel uncomfortable.
    • And in the most recent season, Chima was expelled about half-way through the game. Since week one she had knowingly broken rules such as refusing to come to the diary room when called, not wearing a microphone, and covering cameras with blankets, but during week six, she just broke down. Chima walked out to practice for the upcoming Veto competition and didn't take her microphone with her. Natalie and Kevin then went to get her microphone for her so she wouldn't get penalized, but instead of accepting it, she threw it in the hot tub, then refused to pay for it. The following night, she was removed from the house for knowingly breaking rules and refusing to pay for the microphone she destroyed.
      • And this, children, is why her nickname after that was Hirochima - pronounced the same way.
    • The one houseguest who left, Neil, was promptly replaced and his reasons for leaving were not made public, all that is known was that it was an "Urgent family matter". Any reasons for him actually leaving are purely speculative.
  • This troper remembers a Boot Camp show in which someone was evacuated for having a heart attack. One of the marines actually cried.
  • The UK version of Big Brother has loads of this happening. Explaining them all will make a huge page, but there are several very good examples:
    • Emma should definitely be mentioned for Fight Night 2004.
    • Shahbaz was not only unfairly bullied by all the houseguests (Being isolated, locked into the back yard, and had his clothes stolen) but was rumoured to be mentally unstable. He chose to leave on Day 6.
    • Two days later, Dawn was ejected for trying to cheat the rules. She admitted to having a code set up with her family in which they would give her the message "Your sister is Ill" (This was allowed in the event that people had to leave for family matters) if the media was saying bad things about her. She was going to leave, but was ejected first.
    • After the incident involving Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty, Channel 4 was very touchy about the N-Word Privileges and expelled Emily for using the N-Word while talking with a few black houseguests. They were also brought into the controversy...because the black houseguests too used the N-Word but didn't receive repercussions for doing so.
    • Several people have actually decided not to say "I want out" but actually climbed out of the Big Brother House themselves, amusingly.
    • And last but not least...Alexandra. She had been expelled due to threatening to have her gangster friends kill people who nominated her.
  • The Australian Big Brother has had this happen. Once a woman was removed due to breaking her leg on-set, and perhaps the most controversial example was when two houseguests were removed from the game for a "Turkey slapping" incident. Let's leave it at that.
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    All of this information is from The Other Wiki.

    • MTV's Road Rules
      • Season 7: Latin America. Gladys Sanabria attacked Abe Ingersoll and was sent home.
      • Season 12: South Pacific. Abram Boise was forced to leave after physically attacking Donell Langham.
      • Season 13: X-Treme. Ibis Nieves volunteers to go home after she feels like she lost the mission for the team.
      • Season 14: Viewers' Revenge. Abram Boise is sent home (yes, again) for hitting Adam Larson.
    • MTV's The Real World
      • Los Angeles: David Edwards is evicted by the other members and Irene Berrera-Kearns leaves to get married.
      • San Francisco: David "Puck" Rainey is evicted by the other members due to his misbehavior.
      • Miami: Melissa Padron moves out after an argument with Sarah Becker.
      • Seattle: Irene McGee leaves the house. She said at the time it was due to Lyme Disease but later claimed to have left because of ethical objections to the show.
      • Hawaii: Justin Deabler left the house due to his frustration with the other housemates and a family emergency at home.
      • San Diego: Frankie Abernathy leaves due to conflict with her housemates and homesickness.
      • Sydney: Shauvon Torres moves out to reconcile with her ex-fiance and Trisha Cummings is sent home for shoving Parissa to the floor.
      • Hollywood: Joey Kovar moves out because he fears relapsing into alcoholism and Greg Halstead left after being fired from the group work assignment.
      • Cancun: Joey Rozmus was evicted after being fired from the group work assignment, but returned later.
  • November 24, 2009
    Wow, That's a lot of examples. Strictly Come Dancing: John Sargent quit because he was only still in the competition since the public, who considered him a Woobie kept voting him back in, to the judges' dismay. Or So I Heard.
  • November 24, 2009
    Unknown Troper
    • In the second season of Top Chef, Cliff was disqualified (ejected) for, quote the show, "Aggressive Physical Content". He along with multiple contestants had planned to shave the head of Marcel, another contestant. Cliff was assigned to hold him down, which he did dutifully, but the others who planned the whole thing backed out of it. Cliff was then ejected for his conduct, and the others were given a strict warning.
    • In Hells Kitchen (US) season 5, several oddities-
      • Ji voluntarily left the show after episode 2 due to an injury. She could have stayed, but felt that she would not be able to perform. That episode, she had completed the entire dinner service while injured and without pain medication; host Gordon Ramsey was so impressed by her dedication that he allowed her to leave the show with her "Hell's Kitchen" chef's coat as a trophy and reminder of her successes, something that has never happened before or since.
      • Robert left the show under a combination of evacuation and voluntarily quitting- seriously obese, Robert nearly had a heart-attack on the show, and it was recommended that he leave by medical personnel. He had already been considering leaving, due to the limitations of his weight- he hadn't been allowed to go on a helicopter trip with his winning team, for example, due to weight restriction.
      • Lacey was ejected from the show for being so extremely untalented (and of a bad attitude) that Ramsey refused to wait for elimination. She was kicked out before the challenge was even completed. Later, another chef was eliminated through the formal channels.
  • November 24, 2009
    Unknown Troper
    Oh, remembered another-

    • On Ego Trip: The White Rapper show, contestants would go through a number of challenges to prove themselves as the best rapper of the bunch, however, many challenges really had nothing to do with their skills as a rapper, but were physical challenges built around humiliating them. The most talented rapper of the first season, Dasit, quit the very first episode (announcing his quitting via rap, actually, and doing so very stylishly) because he knew he was too good for the show. Which is actually true.
  • November 24, 2009
    random surfer
    • In the first season of WWE's Tough Enough two participants quit simultaneously, because they decided that they didn't "want it" as much as necessary.
    • In the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf" the Doctor is trapped in a deadly version of Big Brother and breaks the rules in order to be ejected.
  • November 24, 2009
    Whoa, a lot of examples. Should it also be included when people voluntarily quit game shows, or are quit for breaking the rules?
  • November 24, 2009
    Unknown Troper
    Two people have left Solitary without being eliminated. Cliff in the first season and Kimberly Shields in the second (who left in the first episode!).
  • November 25, 2009
    Troping in 48 hours, it seems.
  • November 26, 2009
    Silent Hunter
    • Strictly Come Dancing
      • Kelly Brook pulled out after the death of her father.
      • Jade Johnson pulled out after a knee injury.
      • John Sergeant quit.
    • I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
      • Katie Price.
  • November 26, 2009
    The Amazing Race tends to have type three and not the others, but the threat of "evacuated" has been cited by contestants at least once -- Steve and Dave in season 4; Dave wrenched his knee badly while doing a glacier trek on the first episode, and rather than allow the show's medics the chance to declare him unfit to continue, he declined medical attention. It was, it turns out, badly enough damaged that he required surgery to repair it once he got home. Despite that, they made it several more legs before they were eliminated. Jim and Marsha during season 5 nearly missed the very first flight of the game after Jim tripped on the run from the starting line to their baggage for the first clue and tore his knee open in the fall. The airlines refused to let him board without getting medical attention first, and the time it took to get to the first aid center and back nearly made them too late to board.

    For the Quitting, there was Marshall and Lance, who simply stopped during a task in Egypt in season 5. In this case, there was also a knee injury involved, but they did quit rather than being removed from the Race for medical reasons.

    The Amazing Race also has a fourth type that most other shows don't -- the Mercy Kill. Because the production has to stay on a fairly tight schedule, when a team fall so far behind the others that's there's really no way they could catch up, the will receive a clue envelope that instead of containing the instructions for the next task tells them to go directly to the Pitstop, where they are eliminated. 2 Mercy Kills were administered in the very first season, when the team "The Guidos received one in the final episode (they were in Alaska, nearly 20 hours behind the other two finalist teams, who were already in New York heading for the Finish Line). Season 2 had two Mercy Kills among 11 teams.

  • November 26, 2009
    Unknown Troper
    Type 2: Joanna Pacitti from American Idol.