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Believe the impossible, not the improbable
Viewers are more likely to accept impossible breaks from reality in a story than improbable ones
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We probably already have this trope, but it's something that I was unable to find. It's advice I hear a lot when writing, that viewers are more likely to accept something downright impossible, like magic in the real world, science that doesn't actually work that way and they know it, someone surviving a No One Could Survive That, than small things that are just highly improbable, like, say, a character who grew up in the projects speaking Newscaster English natively. I think the idea is that by getting one's facts right for the not-plot-relevant stuff in a story builds up trust in the creator to tell a good one, and extends the suspension of disbelief further than it would normally go.

There could probably be a catchier name for this, or if this trope already exists, there already is.
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