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Hypocrite Wasn't Listening
Dosn't listen, then berates for not telling.
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A character is desperately trying to give another an important warning, but the recipient keeps brushing them off. But that's not the worst yet. The worst is the recipient's reaction when the message finally gets across: The recipient will immediately berate the speaker for not telling them sooner, completely oblivious that it was their fault in the first place.

Most of the time, the speaker will let it slide rather than point out the hypocrisy. Rather understandable when the recipient has authority over the speaker; but when he doesn't, sucking it up is an invitation to do that again.

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Anime and Manga
  • In Dragon Ball GT, when their capsule is stolen, Goku tries to warn Pan about enemy movement, but she brushes him off, only to react angrily when he finally gets her to listen.
  • Early in Love Hina, the girls believe Keitaro is depressed because he failed an exam, and refuse to believe him when he says he succeeded. They throw a pool party to cheer him up, but when the truth is revealed and they finally believe it, they chase him out of the pool for not telling them sooner.

Comic Books
  • In The Smurfs, even Papa Smurf isn't immune to this, inflicting this on another Smurf in A Child among The Smurfs.

Truth in Television
  • Happens a distressing number of times in retail, with customers who take "always right" literally. One example among so many others. Has the customer go to the wrong shop, refuse to believe the retail workers telling him so, and leave angrily after finally seeing the store logo:
    Why didnít you tell me I was in the wrong place? Iím going to be late because of you!

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