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Everywhere Trying To Kill You

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When, no matter how improbable it might seem, everywhere you go in a video game, Mooks are already there waiting to kill you. Not always so crazy. If you're running through a war zone and there are soldiers everywhere, or you're in a Temple of Doom and keep coming across death traps and zombies -- well, what did you expect? But what if you've just escaped capture, run 20 minutes in a direction no one should have been able to guess, sneaked stealthily into a huge forest... and behind every second tree is someone looking for you? How in the world did they get there?!

Thought of this while playing Uncharted, where you travel through a half-sunken city on a jet ski, and everywhere you go there are bad guys with guns standing in buildings on either side, trying to kill you. Which raises some sticky questions. Did they know where you were coming from? If so, why did they spread out across the entire city instead of ambushing you at some intersection? If not, are there really THAT many bad guys that they could afford to station one or two in every second building in the city? How did they get there, anyway, since the only jet skis you find are the ones you use?

This is a level design trope, where it seems like the bad guys know exactly where you're going to be, and do nothing but wait for you to show up so they can take a shot. Might make sense in certain contexts. This is for all the other ones. (alternately, the non-justified variant)

Maybe not exclusive to video games, but I can't think of any other examples.
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