Profane Last Words
A character's last words are a profanity/insult/curse.
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There are many ways of reacting to your imminent death. Some people whine, others smile, some others scream, others face it with grace and courage.

Then there's always the chance for one last profanity.

It can be a curse to your killer (which, depending on the work, will eventually strike him/her), or simply a dear old last F bomb before you go, caused by despair, rage, fear or whatever else. If the dying character is prone to Cluster F-Bomb then this is a must, but it doesn't stop well-mannered gentlemen from having one last Precision F-Strike before they go.

Likely to happen after a Villainous Breakdown. See also Oh Crap and, often, Curse Cut Short. Being a Death Trope, there could be some unmarked spoilers ahead, so be careful.


Anime and Manga

  • The quite vulgar Hidan from Naruto. After being blown to pieces by Shikamaru, his still-insulting head is Buried Alive while throwing a flow of insults at his opponent.
  • In Genzo, Kurojishi use his last words before exploding to smithereens to curse Genzo. Loudly.
  • Cirucci Sanderwicci from Bleach, when the Exequias come to take her away after losing to Ishida. In the fourth movie, Kokuto screams a loud "Kusooo" (Shit) as he's being dragged deeper into the pits of hell.

Comic Books

  • Preacher: Herr Starr's last words, on having most of his head blown off: "Shit."

Fan Fic

  • As Cure Hendrix in Pretty Cure Heavy Metal dies after being shot in the chest by one of Lady Marilyn's Mooks, she gives these parting words to Cure Nirvana (while also referencing The End Of Evangelion in her parting words):
    Cure Hendrix: So fucking what if I'm not you!? That doesn't give you the right to moan about your situation! Now go, and do me proud!


  • The Big Bad from The Professional. Also count as a Oh Crap moment.
  • Film Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, The Dragon's car crashes and explodes, the wreckage stirs, the Dragon raises his middle finger.
  • In The Core, when Zimsky is stuck with the nuke, talking into his recorder, he wonders aloud what the fuck he's doing just before his death.
  • Two examples in The Magnificent Seven: after a group of young Mexican villagers say Bernardo's name as he dies from his wounds, he responds by saying, "That's damn right." The first casualty out of the Seven, Harry Luck, has this to say as he himself dies:
    Harry Luck: Well... I'll be damned. [dies]
    Chris Adams: Maybe you won't be.


  • Captain Ahab's last words wount?
    "from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee."
  • The angel Aziraphile, in Gaiman and Pratchett's novel "Good Omens", faces bodily disincoporation with a muttered and furious "Oh Fuck!"
It takes a lot to make an Angel of the Lord swear....

Live-Action TV

  • Dead Like Me: George gets out a last "Oh Shit" before being vaporized from a space toilet that didn't quite get the memo on where and when to re-enter the atmosphere.

Video Games

Web Comics

  • Homestuck. The Sufferer's last word, uttered during his execution, is known as the Vast Expletive.
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