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Does Not Trust Women
Distrust towards women because of some past betrayal
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A specific subtrope of He-Man Woman Hater, this character is usually a casanova who believes women are untrustworthy. Sure, he may flirt and sleep around with any female, but he will never enter into a relationship that is not purely superficial or sexual.

More often than not, his behaviour is the result of a traumatic experience related to a mother figure or former lover. Because of some past betrayal, the character has grown wary and cynical, believing females are prone to deception and seek to use men, cheat on them and finally abandon them. No woman is good enough for him. He may have his fun, but he will dump her in the end.

May also be presented as a Straw Misogynist or a Politically Incorrect Hero. A common plotline involves him meeting an honest girl with genuine feelings and realising he can show trust again.


  • Such a character shows up in a Judge Dee story, accusing women of being disgusting whores. However, it's revealed that he's gay, and the guy he pined for was in love with a local prostitute, even planning to marry her. So he murders his own wife to accuse the other man, and commits suicide when found out.
  • Athos from The Three Musketeers, his traumatic experience being his past marriage to Milady de Winter. After that, he became "wary and cynical" to the point of misogyny, as well as very reserved and secretive in general.


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