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Can Always Tell Them Apart
He's the only one who can tell the identical twins apart.
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I'm not sure if this qualifies as a trope, since I can only think of two examples, but we definitely don't have it... so if some more examples accumulate, there's something here.

Basically, you have a pair of Always Identical Twins, or even Identical Strangers. Either they always dress alike, or they're fond of pulling the old Twin Switch... either way, nobody's entirely sure who's who at any given time. Except for this guy, who - SOMEHOW - can always tell 'em apart. Generally, it's not due to some sort of Sherlock Scan, but rather an emotional connection to one or both of the twins...

  • In Ouran High School Host Club, the identical twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, delight in confusing people as to who's who, often turning it into a game (with varying degrees of seriousness). They're usually only distinguished by the way they comb their hair, and they switch that out at random. Even their own mother couldn't tell them apart, and indeed, NOBODY had been able to do so reliably - until Haruhi comes along and proves an inexplicable ability to tell them apart even when they're actively trying to be each other. In her own words, she's able to tell because Hikaru is one degree meaner than Kaoru...
  • In Turn A Gundam, Identical Stranger Queen Diane and Kiel Heim switch places enough times to confuse everyone, imitating each other to such a degree that people targeting Queen Diane basically just shrug and decide that one's as good as the other. However, Harry Ord, the Captain of the Queensguard, becomes able to tell them apart after a short time. Not because of his dedication to the Queen (though he's certainly got that), but because he falls in love with Kiel Heim. When asked, he claims to be able to tell due to them displaying 'different kinds of sadness'.

I'll clean up the description if this accumulates some more examples...
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