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Single Target Pervert
They have one very obvious kink, but are otherwise non-pervy.
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Do We Have This One??

OK, let's make this more clear and specific:

  • A character with one specific thing or person that they perv over,
  • They don't try to hide it, and in fact you may not be able to get them to shut up about it,
  • They are otherwise perfectly well-behaved, usually modest and respectable.

Generally Played for Laughs. A frequent trait of the Yaoi Fangirl. May act as a Audience Surrogate, allowing the audiece to vicariously enjoy Fanservice / pandering aspects of the show that they might otherwise not be comfortable with.

Compare the Loveable Sex Maniac and Dirty Old Man, who are broadly lecherous, and Casual Kink, who have a kink but don't automatically drool over it whenever possible and may be more overtly sexual. Contrast Covert Pervert.


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