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Deflecting What
Like Defensive What, but after the other person said it first.
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Goku: "Yeah-huh!"
Krillin: "But how could you--?"
Krillin: "...What?"
Goku: "Huh?"

A situation where a person says something stupid, outlandish, offensive, or perverse, and they say "What" right back immediately to deflect their earlier statement, and act like it never happened.

Can also work with a "Huh?" or "Say again?" or "Eh?".


  • In one Speed Stick commercial, an impatient man at a laundromat decides to remove another patron's clothes from the dryer after the first patron hadn't returned in roughly an hour. When she comes back and catches him holding a pair of her panties, he quickly smooths the situation over by pretending he was going to fold her clothes for her. However, he then mutters under his breath something perverse, and when she responds with a Big "WHAT?!", he deflects it with this trope.

  • In Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic, Dojima states that he and his partner Adachi need to find clues before the killer's case goes stone cold. Adachi immediately responds with "Like your dead wife?" and when that gets Dojima's attention, he responds in accordance to this trope.
    "Huh? What?"
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