Animal Espionage

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Spying on people is an acitivty carried out by humans, but it can also be carried out by animals. These animal can have implants allowing for communication, be sentient or not sentient, chips that allow you to record what they see. The animals can be trained or used as tools by the humans or could be doing it for their own purposes.

for Carrier Pidgeons see Instant Messenger Pigeon


Tabletop Games
  • In the Star Wars RPG Sourcebook, "Cracken's Rebel Operatives", Moff Jarnek's Cool Pet Daerlar is a Covallon. Because Covallon walk on all fours, it isn't widely known that they're a fully sentient race. Dearlar chooses to keep this fact secret from his "master" in order to spy on Jarnek's guests.
Anime and Manga
  • In Zero no Tsukaima:
    • Dirty Old Man Osmand uses his familiar, Chuchu, a mouse, to determine what color underwear his secretary is wearing.
    • Malicorne uses his owl to deliver messages.
    • Guiche uses his mole for digging a hole in order to install a peephole in a basement wall.
Live Action TV
  • An inventor attaches surveillance equipment to animals, in order to identify the spies at the school in the MI High episode "Spy Animals".
  • In Terra Nova A dragon fly is used like a carrier pidgeon taking chips that contain information to spies in Taylor's Colony.
  • The book A sentient Animal involves dolphins being used and trained for espionage
  • Dean Koontz's 1987 novel Watchers deals with genetic engineering that uplifts a Golden Retriever named "Einstein" to near-human intelligence for the purpose of espionage.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, ravens are the typical way to send letters. More extreme examples are wargs, who are basically people that can fall asleep at will and look out the eyes of an animal. It's usually a pet they're very close to, but very talented wargs can become any animal they'd like.
Real Life
  • Vultures are claimed to have been used by isreal to spy on saudi arabia. The vulture had transmitters attached to it.
  • G Force has sentient guinea pigs that are spies.
  • Cats and Dogs uses this trope alot
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