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Counting Bullets
A character keeps track of every bullet fired.
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The sign of The Gunslinger or Action Hero who's really been through more battles than anyone else, or how an exceptionally smart or otherwise gifted character takes advantage in combat: in a fight, they can count the number of bullets fired by themselves and their opponents, keep track of it all, and use this to their advantage. With proper military experience, they might even be able to identify guns by the sound they make to know what weapon their adversary is using, so they know exactly when they run out.

A subtrope of Awesomeness by Analysis. Use of this trope will lead up to It Works Better with Bullets and One Bullet Left.

  • Vash the Stampede can do this to know when his opponents are out of bullets.
  • This xkcd strip, which should probably be the trope page image.
  • In ''Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake dares Ocelot to shoot him, knowing that he's already used all six bullets, having switched from an eight-shot semiautomatic to a revolver.
  • Subversion in the Eragon series, where Roran keeps track of how many men he's killed.
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