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Bladed Shoe
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Take a shoe, add a blade on it (switchblade-function optional) and voilà! You have something that your combatant won't notice until you literally kick his ass.

A weapon preferred by assassins and dirty fighters alike.

Subtrope of Armed Legs and Tricked-Out Shoes. Compare Leg Cannon.


Anime and Manga
  • Ninja Maid Fabiola Iglesias in Black Lagoon has blades hidden in her shoe soles. Which she reveals by means of a Groin Attack.
  • Vash The Stampede uses one of these for a while in Trigun. It gets destroyed about a fifth of the way through the series.
  • In Gamaran, a Ninja from the Tamagakushi school wears sandals with sharp hooks on them.
  • In One Piece, the fishman and pirate captain Vander Decken has sharp blades hidden in his sandals. Considering that he has four legs, he's far deadlier than the usual type.
  • Kanae Takaya from Cynthia the Mission has blades built into her shoes, which she uses in one chapter in a very nasty Groin Attack. On another girl.

  • X-23 a female clone of Wolverine, who instead of three claws per hand, has two and the extra located in her foot.

  • In From Russia with Love, a SPECTRE operative who failed the main mission, is disposed with a poisoned blade shoe. The trick returns for the finale where it is tried against Bond. The same thing occurs in the original novel.
  • Yet another asskicking ensues in Road House when Dalton spots a troublemaker wearing one.
  • The Joker uses one of these rather unsuccessfully in The Dark Knight.
  • Gordon gives shoe with a blade in the tip (activated by tapping the front, but Fridge Logic says that this would be a terrible idea) to West in The Wild Wild West. It doesn't quite work out because one of Loveless' henchmen had TWO of them.
  • In Salt, a man the CIA were interrogating escapes from their custody using one of these.
  • In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, one of the assassins sent after Inspector Clouseau had a boot with an extendable blade.


Live-Action Television
  • The KGB vs. CIA episode of Deadliest Warrior tested all sorts of unusual gadgets, including a shoe with a retractable knife.
  • In Cutey Honey The Live, one of the main villains of the show has very long blades extending out of his feet.

Tabletop Games


Video Games
  • Jude The Dude, a killer cowboy boss from MadWorld. His roller skates have blades that he uses in kicking attacks.
  • Valeria in Soul Calibur III has blades on her shoes and fights with kicks.

Real Life
  • Japanese kunoichi (female ninja) were said to keep hidden blades in their sandals.
  • Truth in Television with ice skates, although they aren't generally intended as weapons.

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