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African setting TV show
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I don't know if that show aired in English (but I think it must have been). I was watching it in the 1990s on a French Canadian channel, it was called Ciel d'Afrique . I still have the intro in wav format. The intro song was sung in an african language. The setting were in Africa where a Caucasian mother and his young adult son live. The son was a blonde guy. His grand-father was living in the UK or USA... He and his mom was talking with him via a videophone. The blonde guy had a an african friend there. And I remember two episodes: one about the tsetse fly, and another one was about poachers (braconnage). And maybe a third one about sand storms.

All I need is the English title if it has one. If it can help you, on the same channel I watched Covington Cross, The legend of william tell, sinbad (live-action), the legend of the hidden city, Young hercules... (All in french too)
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