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Increasingly Wrecked Wreck
A vehicle gets more and more beat up throughout the movie, but it somehow still runs.
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A character's car (or other object) gets more and more beat up throughout the work. By the end it's a heap of junk, but it still probably works just fine. Sometimes in a final sequence it will fall apart catastrophically. Will spend about a third of its existence in comic disrepair.


  • The Big Lebowski. The Dude's car gets stolen by a teenager, crashed by The Dude, used as a toilet, beaten with a crowbar, and finally set on fire.
  • The Other Guys. The car hosts a hobo orgy, is used as a toilet, and is shot about a thousand times, but it still runs.
  • The Blues Brothers' car starts out in good shape, gets slowly more beat up as they accumulate enemies, but continues to work fine until the final chase sequence, where the problems escalate all the way to catastrophic engine damage — and yet it keeps going just long enough to get them to their destination. When they get out of the car, all the body panels fall off at once.
  • Jumanji. Officer Bentley's brand new police car (which was actually four years old by then) gets increasingly damaged throughout the movie until it is finally swallowed by a giant plant.
  • The Hangover. The trio's loaned Mercedes at first is found to be in perfect condition even after their crazy night, but the next day suffers punishment from a tiger, another car, and gangsters.
  • Smokey and the Bandit. Sheriff Buford T. Justice's police car gets damaged throughout the movie until there's not much left but a steering wheel and two seats.
  • A Goofy Movie has a variation. Goofy and Max's car has a giant sack of equipment on top. At the end of the "On the Open Road" music number, some of the equipment at the very top gets knocked away. The same thing happens when they pull into a diner at the end of a montage. Finally, the whole thing gets knocked off clean when the car rolls away at the canyon. As for the car itself, it falls into a river and eventually over the Inevitable Waterfall. We don't see it again until after the Powerline concert scene, when Goofy and Max drive the car up to Roxanne's house, and it looks like a complete mess. When they park, the front bumper falls off. After Max talks to Roxanne, they watch Goofy put the bumper back on, but moments afterward, the car explodes.

Live-Action TV
  • Pretty much every car in Trailer Park Boys. Lahey's police cruiser (for example), flips upside-down off a cliff, yet it still runs. All of Lahey's cars get progressively more destroyed as seasons progress.
  • Top Gear wanted to see what it would take to destroy a Toyota Hilux. They start out by crashing into objects around Bristol, submerging it in the sea, the wrecking ball, and then setting it on fire. After each trial, and a bit of work with WD-40 and a wrench the truck starts up again. So they placed it on top of a building about to be demolished. The truck, which is very visibly worn is then driven into the studio. The presenters decided to give up on destroying the truck.


Real Life
  • Demolition derbies, a motorsport in which cars are driven around an arena trying to run into each other and damage the other cars enough so that they can't continue driving. The driver of the last car still able to move wins.

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