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One step up from the Cowboy Cop who enters Hot Pursuit with no regard for their own safety or anyone else's, here you have the police who actually have the equipment, the powers, or whatever else that puts them above the beyond the capabilities of the average police officer. This is common to the point where one of the Stock Superhero Day Jobs is police work, though they don't always do both at once.

  • Four words: I am the law!
  • Appleseed ESWAT units (mecha).
  • The animated series {{C.O.P.S.}} was about a team of these.
  • Power Rangers SPD and the Super Sentai original Dekaranger. Cops... with Zords! And their headquarters is a Zord too.
    • There's also the Blue Centurion in Power Rangers Turbo.
  • In his first episode of Heroes, cop Matt Parkman is able to telepathically hear a little girl calling for help. In later episodes and seasons his uses his powers to also try to help people, even when he is no longer a cop.
  • Inspector Gadget. In the revival series, he gets promoted to a secret agent. (and becomes Lieutenant Gadget}
  • The robot Yoyo from the TV series Holmes And Yoyo.
  • Alan Moore's Top 10 series (and it's spinoffs) is all about this trope.
  • The Night Watch from Discworld may fit in this trope. Living in a fantasy world, they've got trolls, golems, zombies, vampires and werewolves in their ranks. And Carrot.

Anime and Manga
  • Section 9 Public Security in Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Cyborg bodies, advanced weapons, Tachikomas, super hacker skillz, etc.
  • Averted with Patlabor. They could be Supercops, but requlations have them stuck in the station until a crook brings out his own Humongous Mecha. For regular criminals they have to go on foot just like all other cops, and face the same obstacles.
  • Dominion Tank Police probably counts. I mean, these are cops... with TANKS. Really BIG tanks, at that. And unlike the Patlabor dudes, these fellows DO move against any and all crime, with superior firepower through and through. Unfortunately for the city, they're also all Cowboy Cops... can you say 'Collateral Damage'?


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