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Perpetual Moon Appearance
The moon is always depicted as full, crescent or other specific phases in universe
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In Real Life, a complete lunar phase takes 29-30 days, and the specific phases takes only a few days. In particular, the full moon only appears for roughly 3 days per phase.

Stories, on the other hand, treat it differently: The moon is always shown in a same phase. More often than not, it's either the full moon or crescent moon; a new moon or gibbous moon isn't as much present. It's probably because the symbolism behind the full or crescent moon: full moon is related to Lunacy and story of lycanthropes while crescent moon symbolizes either the end of a period of time or the beginning and growth of something new (whether it is waxing or waning).

So when a moon is always in a same phase, it may symbolize the things above as a big (or subtle) part of the story. In particular, for full moons, it allows werewolves to become wolves for longer than they should have. But just as often it's not meant to be symbolic and is only there because it's not necessary to depict moon in phases unless it's relevant.

Subtrope of Weird Moon.


Anime and Manga
  • In Sailor Moon, the moon is always depicted as crescent.

  • In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the moon in Halloween Town is always an enormous yellow full moon.
  • Wallace & Gromit film, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, depicts the moon as being full for 4 days.
  • The 1986 movie, The Wraith has a full moon for the entire duration of the movie, which spans more than three days. The closing scene of the movie is the titular car/character riding off down the highway toward an impossibly huge full moon.


Video Game
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, the local moon is always shown full and huge, since it'll be important later in the story.
  • The first game in the Kirby franchise, Kirby's Adventure, begins with a full moon. The moon is always full during the game, until an explosion on top of the moon causes the once full moon to become a half moon. Future Kirby games that depict the moon of Pop Star always show it as a half moon as a Continuity Nod to this game.
  • In the Supernatural expansion of The Sims 3, there are two choices where you can adjust the moon phases. One of which is having a constant phase such as the full moon running every night, allowing the player to make this an Enforced Trope.
  • Artix Entertainment's Dragon Fable plays it straight with DoomWood, where the moon is always full. One character in the town of Amityvale, which lies in Doomwood, even Lampshades this when you talk to her.
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