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Give em a big ol face full of pink sparkles!
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Some powers are cool, some are awesome, some are lame, some are strange........and some powers are made of pink faeries and glitter! This is a trope for any power that can be described as very, very, girly. Such as:

  • Summoning cuteness
  • Rainbow Beams
  • Shiny glitter blasts
  • etc

Sometimes the super cute power is parodied in-universe by showing itself to be useless, leading the other characters to exclaim "What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?" However, if the cutesy power turns out to be surprisingly Badass, then it falls under Heart Is an Awesome Power.

See also: Heart Beatdown, All Your Colors Combined and Tastes Like Diabetes.

(This should probably be in Sugar Wiki but I don't know how to do that.)

Girly Examples:

Anime & Manga Sunshine Glitter Attack! NOTE: Just about any Magical Girl counts, so for those just list examples of powers so girly that sugar-coated rainbows come poring out of your ears.
  • Bleach Orihime Inoue's attacks with fairies made from her hairpins. Granted, her offensive fairy is a bit of a badass for a fairy and her potential abilities are among the greatest in the work, but on paper it's an exceedingly feminine ability.
  • Sailor Moon: One Magical Girl of particular note is the pink haired Sailor Chibi Moon's "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" that's every bit as feminine as it sounds.

Comic-style super colour attack!!!
  • Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl can summon a flurry of squirrels to Zerg Rush an opponent. Though conceived as a Joke Character, Squirrel Girl has defeated Doctor Doom, Thanos and Deadpool, becoming a Memetic Badass in the process.
    • From X-Men there is "Dazzler:Disco Queen" whose mutant power is effectively to make shiny bright sparkling lights in time to music. In reality, her ability is turning sound into light which has staggering implications, but for the most part it's used for her disco image.
    • Jubilee whose powers have been described as "sparkles" or "fireworks".
  • Dagger of the Cloak & Dagger series can fling "light-knives" at foes, which can pierce armor and act like scalpels to "cut" the wickedness like tumors from her targets. These light-knife attacks appear wrenching and painful on impact, however.

Mythological strawberry icecream powwwer!
  • Jason and the Argonauts needed to sail past the sirens, a kind of mermaids called naiads that could sing songs so entrancing that sailors would abandon their boats, plunge into the sea and drown. Jason had his crew plug their ears with beeswax to render them deaf, while Jason himself was lashed to the mainmast, able to hear the sirens' song, but unable to pursue it.

Video Game Pink Puffy Puppy Assault!!! [[/folder]]

Webcomic unicorn blast! [[/folder]]

Western Animation Pink Sprinkle Surprise! NOTE: Just about any Magical Girl counts, so for those just list examples of powers so girly that sugar-coated rainbows come poring out of your ears. [[/folder]]
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