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Rice Cakes Are Terrible
Rice cakes are terrible and only eaten by people who are forced to while on a diet.
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Gotta go on a diet? Don't let yourself be forced to subsist on rice cakes! They are hard, flavorless, and have no nutritional value. Nobody chooses this as their chosen diet food- usually somebody has forced them to eat them. Expect jokes comparing them to coasters, as well maybe a joke about "putting a little something on them for flavor", which is usually something like cheese or bacon. NO ONE eats rice cakes of their own choosing.

Examples: The Simpsons- Homer goes on a diet, and Marge gives him rice cakes. She tells him to put something on them for flavor, and Homer loads it up with cheese, ham, bacon, and such, topped off with an olive. I have seen this on several sitcoms (mostly in the 90s), Home Improvement being one, I think, and at least a couple stand up comics, but can't remember more off the top of my head. In older shows such as I Love Lucy, celery was used for the same jokes. This is a "thing", right?
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