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Wind Lines
Lines of wind drawn in to show that wind is blowing, usually hard.
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When media allows the viewer to see the wind. This is done by adding lines, usually white,but sometimes other colors, moving in a direction. Partially Truth in Television, as sometimes when the wind is strong enough, it will pick up rain and move it in a way that looks like you are seeing the wind. Mainly limited to visual media that is not live action. Related to Razor Wind. A form of Briffits and Squeans. When used in an elemental powers setting, it is very likely that Wind Is Green. Does not apply to times when a flag or banner of some sort is blowing a certain direction to show wind.


  • Pocahontas has some during the Colors of the Wind number. Interestingly, this film colors the wind purples, reds, and pinks.

Video Games:
  • Ōkami has you control the wind. When you do, little green lines cross the screen.
  • The Kingdom Hearts series had the Aero Spell which makes white lines of wind surrounding Sora
    • Also in KHII when Sora gets blown off the Black Pearl in Port Royal
  • Ape Escape 3 had this in one level where a giant snow monkey head is blowing wind.
  • The Pictochat stage of Super Smash Bros..Brawl has a strong wind represented by black lines being blown by a giant drawn face.
  • As part of its cartoony feel, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker shows the wind as white streamers of sorts. This comes in very handy when gliding with the Deku Leaf since you can easily tell which direction the wind is blowing.
  • In the Final Fantasy series, the Aero series of spells is drawn with either green or gray lines.
    • In Final Fantasy VII, visible wind is the point in one location, the Northern Crater. You watch the winds and have to jump over chasms when they are the weakest.

Western Animation:
  • Airbenders in Avatar The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra usually have the air they bend be visible to the viewers. The main exception is when they use their bending to fly; neither Air Nomads using gliders nor sky bisons seem to create any kind of visible signature of their powers while airborne.

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