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They've-Come-So-Far Song
A song emphasizing how much has happened up until that point in a series.
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You've come such a long, long way; and I've watched you from that very first day.

This is a song meant to emphasize how far the characters have come along and/or how much has happened since the beginning of a story. Often placed before, during, or after an unusually significant event in the story.

While it seems to make the most sense to use in the context of a long series or the like, it can work in a relatively short work such as a movie so long as the events referred to are spread out throughout it.

May or may not include a Fully Automatic Clip Show portraying said previous events.

Contrast Expository Theme Tune, which often describes how the characters initially got to their current situation for works that represent ongoing stories.


  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic brings us the song simply known as "Celestia's Ballad," where Celestia sings about how far Twilight has come so far in the context of telling her it's time to fulfill her destiny.
  • "It Takes Two" from Into the Woods has the Baker and his wife singing about how their quest has helped them develop character.
  • Seussical either has one, or multiple that apply to different characters. "All For You" is one, relating the sheer hell Gertrude has gone through to get to Horton. However, everything mentioned in the song happened off screen, so it's either a variation or a subversion.
  • Hairspray has the powerful "I Know Where I've Been," which is about the continuing fight against prejudice as much as it is about the progress of the characters and plot.
    • Interestingly, another song called "Come So Far (Got So Far to Go)" was written for the 2007 film adaptation. However, unlike "I Know Where I've Been," it lacks the narrative significance typically associated with this trope, as it is played over the credits rather than as part of the film.
  • Season three of Reboot ends with a large-scale Gilbert and Sullivan-style musical number that summarizes the entire series up to that point.
  • Enchanted has "So Close", a diegetic song sung at the ball before the big confrontation.
  • Beauty and the Beast has "Something There", in which the two main characters remark on how their view of each other has changed.
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch has "Wig in a Box"
  • The "Adventures in Unova" arc of Pokémon has the following in its theme song...
    It's the next chapter, the ultimate goal
    Ready for battle, brave and bold
    I know we're gonna make it, we will find a way
    We've come so far, we've fought so hard to get where we are
    We belong together, it's always you and me Pokemon...
  • The film The Land Before Time had the closing song 'If We Hold On Together' with its line "you've come so far, don't throw it away..."
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie has "Now That We're Men", when Spongebob And Patrick finally pass through the monster-filled trench...with the monsters singing with them.
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