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The Handgun that breaks the game.
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This gun is everything. Cleanly polished, bright silver. It never jams, it has a large magazine so it barely ever needs to be reloaded. It has the stopping power of a shotgun, the fire rate of an SMG, and it can do headshots for instant kills from a mile away, and it has a scope and a laser sight to boot.

It is . . . a 9mm/.45 caliber pistol?

There is a strange tendency in video games to make the starting pistol so ultimately powerful that you may never have to use anything else, since ammo is so plentiful and the gun is so practical. These are those guns.

In Video Games, Sniper Pistol is a subtrope, in Real Life, a scope can be a worthwhile addition, but that doesn't make the gun overpowered.


Video Games
  • Deus Ex
    • The first game is infamous for it's pistol which almost perfectly fits the trope description.
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution continues the tradition by making a silenced pistol with a laser scope one of the best weapons in the game.
  • Half-Life:
    • For some reason the same 9mm cartridges do more damage when fired from the Glock then when fired from the MP 5. Also the Glock is given the miraculous ability to be fired underwater.
    • The Python does far more damage than the .357 it's supposed to be; they should have said it was a .44 Magnum or even something bigger like the .454 Casull.
  • Halo
  • Left 4 Dead: The pistol is quite an effective weapon, particularly when it's upgraded to Guns Akimbo (while the weapon's technically being upgraded, it remains the Emergency Weapon). The original even has an achievement for completing an entire campaign with one.
  • Mass Effect: Pistols tend to have decent range and are often the best weapons to use against armored opponents. Not to mention that all classes have proficiency in them. But they have less ammo than anything but sniper rifles and some shotguns, except for the pistol in the final bit of Mass Effect 3, which has unlimited ammo
  • Metal Gear
  • Resident Evil 4 gives you a 9mm handgun at the start that you can make very powerful through upgrades. Then, a second gun comes around with better starting stats that can be made even better. Infuriating, right? Nah, the upgrades on your old handgun make it astoundingly valuable, so you can buy the new gun and get started on upgrades. That's an Overpowered Pistol that breaks two parts of the gameplay system.
  • Resonance of Fate: Breaking your pistols is actually one of the main game mechanics. It doesn't show on the models, but in the inventory screen you can see your pistol decked out with ridiculous stuff like a drum magazine for absurd amounts of ammo before having to reload (really good, since you unload one cartridge with every attack), scopes stacked on top of each other, and multiple handles for decreased recoil.
  • Splinter Cell also features one of these. Even better, it's silenced from the start and never stops being that way.
  • For Vampire Bloodlines characters who don't specialize in combat, the late-game Colt Anaconda offers the best combo of accuracy and firepower. Even combat-based characters may find themselves using it primarily, despite the availability of automatic rifles and shotguns.

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