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retrieving the last image the victim saw
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The dead tell no tales, but sometime it is possible using mad science or psychic powers to retrieve the last thing a dead person saw from their eyes or minds, where it burned itself in when they died. A form of (pseudo) scientific necromancy or fortean forensics if you will.

This is mostly a dead trope nowadays and not used very often any more. If it is used at all than it is either played with somehow or used in a medium that does not take itself all that seriously. It might get used in a setting where anything goes or where one deliberately tries to evoke the bygone tropes of a different era. Sci-Fi plays on the trope might involve accessing a persons cybernetic ocular implant or similar.

- Trope Maker might be Jules Verne in his novel "Les Frères Kip"/"The Kip Bothers". - The Wild Wild West Movie with Will Smith used it. - The Fringe used it directly referencing Jules Verne in the process.

Anyone can think of any others?
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