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Obliviously Moral Race
When a race of people are advanced enough to have a complex society, yet their politics have little to no intrigue
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This is a very unusual trope about a race of people, usually some advanced form of tribal primitives, have no concept of deceit or intrigue. This race are NOT weak. They will fight, and they will kill, and they can be Badass, but within the context of their society, they are completely honest and uncomplicated in their politics

For example: in a regular society when 2 people compete for a position of power, they can engage in backstabing, bribing, fraud, all sorts of things. In a Naive moral race guy society, they would probably argue and try to reach a compromise in full view of the public, and if that fails, then it will be solved by a Duel to the Death.

They also usually subscribe to gender freedom. When introduced to "Polite society" they usually think that they are the Only Sane Man

For more context, the poster boy for this trope are the Marat, from Codex Alera They had no concept of lies for most of their history, until learned the concept from Alerans. Even then they refer to lies as "intentional Mistakes" They do not even know of the word Lie as such, because they to them it means to lie down, since they think the concept of Homophones are rediculous.

This trope is very close to Noble Savage. The only difference is thatt while a noble savage upholds a higher moral standard than most of the other characters, someone with this trope doesn't uphold a higher moral standard,He literally CANNOT and does not understand or comprehend a Lower Moral code than the one they have. Like I said above. it's not that he's honest, it's that he literally cannot understand the concept of Lying. to him it doesn't even exist

This trope often overlaps with Proud Warrior Race Guy, and could be considered the opposite of Deadly Decadent Court


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