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My Breasts Are Down Here
Outfit makes a character's breasts impossible to ignore.
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A typical example.

Everyone (almost) appreciates big breasts. And of course, large breasts are an ever-popular choice for female characters. Sometimes the creator doesn't stop with just making a character busty -- they'll give them an outfit that pulls the audience's glance inevitably to her rack. We're not talking about Stripperific, Cleavage Window, Under Boobs, Side Boob, Absolute Cleavage, or Impossibly-Low Neckline here. My Breasts Are Down Here uses visual trickery to pull the gaze, and doesn't depend on the viewer's fascination with breasts.

There are several ways to acheive this, but circle-shaped motifs on/around the breasts is a classic type. Usually paired up with bikini, Breast Plate and Belly Dancer tops (nipple tassels ahoy).


[[folder: General]]


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]

  • In One Piece we have Nefertari Vivi's first outfit. It was changed to a striped one in the anime.
  • Jinx in Pokemon
  • Haruka Gracia from Basquatch
  • Bouquet from the Blue Dragon anime sports in the second season a pink outfit with a circle pattern just on her impressive chest.

[[folder: Comic Books]]


[[folder: Film]]

  • Non fanservicey example: the large woman from Modern Times has two large, suggestive buttons placed on her chest area.
  • Played for laughs in one of the The Naked Gun movies: in that case it had even flashlights on the top in case the pattern wasn't allusive enough.

[[folder: Live-Action TV]]

  • Xena: Warrior Princess has this, overlapping with Breast Plate.
  • Laurie's "Ohio" T-shirt from Cougar Town.
    "I've never been to Ohio, but I do love this shirt because the 'O's frame my boobs perfectly, and it says 'hi' in the middle!"

[[folder: Video Games]]

  • In World of Warcraft the Paladin's Tier 8 armor has a chest piece wich creates such an effect if worn by female characters.

[[folder: Western Animation]]


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