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Characters or groups with a fear, hatred, or aversion towards technology.
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Characters or groups who are afraid of technology and the evils that can arise from their use. Sometimes this arises from an event that happened in a person or nation's past, but often is just a result of fear of the unknown. Sometimes, these individuals or groups are concerned for the future if these advances go unchecked, leading Ludd was Right

This trope can also be brought on as a result of religious teachings (As is the case of Final Fantasy X's Yevonite religion or the real world Luddites), or as a result of a dichotomy such as magic vs technology (Darksword) or nature vs technology (FernGully or Avatar).

Evil Luddite is an extreme example of this trope. This trope is a lot milder, and often applies to some of the protagonists to create tension. Can be related to New Technology is Evil and Science Is Bad

This trope covers technology in general as the primary motivator. Aversion of a specific type of technology (such as {{Doesn't Like Guns}}) might be Sub Tropes.


  • Calzone from Transformers Animated.
  • Cobra-La in G.I.JOE the movie. All their "technology" including weapons and vehicles are entirely organic and they consider the human civilization and technology an abomination.

  • Most of the characters in the Darksword series of novels.
  • The remaining human population in The Chrysalids.
  • In the Anita Blake series, it's mentioned by Anita that really old vampires can be technophobes. They just aren't used to, don't trust and don't understand new technology.

Live-Action Television
  • In the American version of 'Being Human (UK)', some of the ancient vampires awake to pay a visit on the Chicago district. They are notably wary of all the technological advancements, and frequently make remarks about how the old ways were better.

Video Games
  • Cyan from Final Fantasy IV.
  • Wakka from Final Fantasy X (In fact, most of Spira, but this character in particular).
  • The Lord's Believers faction in {{Sid Meier's Alpha Centari}}. Strongly represented in their flavour text inserts, as well as their -2 research penalty.
  • The majority of the characters in Saga Frontier 2, except Gustav and his army, who use it and Iron Armour to make up for their lack of magic.
  • In the Age of Wonders games, Technophobe is a negative trait that be attached to Wizards at creation. It lowers that Wizard's production points in all cities.
  • The Vierra of Ivalice (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII) choose to remain in their forests sheltered from the outside world, thereby shunning technological advances that could harm nature.

Real Life
  • Luddites.
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