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Justin Bailey

It looks like an easter egg but it's actually a bug or

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You just discovered an awesome Easter Egg in your favorite game. You do something specific but obscure and get a really unexpected and fun result.

Then you look it up online, and it turns out that it's not an Easter Egg at all; it's a bug that just happened to produce results that looks like something intentional.

Subtrope of Good Bad Bugs. See also Minus World.


  • The Trope Namer is the infamous "Justin Bailey" password for Metroid. Entering it gives you a very powerful Samus wearing a leotard instead of the bulky power armor, but this was never intended by the programmers; it's just that that string of characters happens to parse as a valid password and evaluate to those results.
  • Bush hid the facts: a glitch in the Unicode checker for Notepad in certain versions of windows can make some strings, such as "Bush hid the facts" load as garbled Chinese characters instead of English text. For extra fun, "this app can break" also works.
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