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Men Are Always Sexual

Men are obsessed with sex

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(Splitting All Men Are Perverts. I may also merge All Women Are Lustful into it later. See Trope Repair Shop thread)

The tendency for men in a work of fiction to be portrayed as almost always wanting sex. This is often in contrast to women who, in the same works, are portrayed as never wanting sex. If any man shows an apparently innocuous interest in a woman, he probably just wants to lay her.

When this trope and All Women Are Prudes lead to the idea that sexual pleasure is something men get only by trickery or force, then Men Are Sexual Predators.

When this causes men to behave stupidly or irresponsibly, putting sex above things that really should be a higher priority, then Lust Drives Men Astray.

As with All Women Are Prudes, there is some Truth in Television at work here in that these tropes, albeit in an exaggerated manner, in that men tend to obsess over sex more than women.

In some periods of history, a gender-inverted version of this trope was common, with women, but not men, always being sexual. Since both the male and female versions have tended to be written by men, the male version tends to be self-deprecatory, while the female version tends to be more hostile.

Compare All Gays Are Promiscuous (what happens when there aren't any women involved to say no). May lead to claims that A Man Is Not a Virgin.

Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male results partly from believing this trope is true (a woman can't rape a man because men always want to have sex and would never turn it down). Both this and its Distaff Counterpart, All Women Are Lustful, can be invoked to support claims for the Mars and Venus Gender Contrast. ___




  • A Pepsi Max commercial starts off with a couple on a first date. The woman asks herself over usual questions of marriage and children, whereas the man constantly thinks about sex with her.
  • How many banner ads have you seen for "Hot Sexy Girls in [your area]"? And now, how many have you seen for "Hot Sexy Boys in [your area]" (or, if you have seen them, they are directed to gays)? Exactly...

[[folder: Anime and Manga]]

  • In Oniichan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Ja Nai N Dakara Ne, all recurring male characters are clearly this. To start with, male protagonist Shuusuke has a Porn Stash worthy to be the trope's page image, masturbates about five times a day, and his main social circle is an unofficial group call AGE Explorers, in which AGE stands for All Genre Ero. The group's main activity is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. His father seemed to be turned on with one of his SM porn. [spoiler]Even in preschool he played doctor with one of the girls specifically wanting to see her naked.[/spoiler]
  • In Popcorn Avatar, this is played with by Kurando's male classmates to the hilt, to the point where they interpret Kurando's injuries after a battle as the result of him and Lisa "playing rough".
  • While not as sexual (seeing as the show's specifically aimed at children), Brock on Pokémon is notorious for falling head over heels in love for any young woman (read: around his age) he sees, including every Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. Fortunately, Jessie hasn't noticed her inability to provoke a reaction yet.
  • A Running Gag of Kotoura-san is Manabe's imagine spots about different ways of sexualizing Haruka, and Haruka's Dirty Mind-Reading that immediately follows.

[[folder: Comic Books]]

  • In Ultimate Spiderman Jean Grey congratulates Peter on being the first guy in months to not picture her naked (thus also demonstrating that years of reading people's minds has taught her nothing about how they work, as the immediate result is him doing so).

[[folder: Film]]

  • American Pie. Granted, it's a sex comedy and focuses on that issue, but the sheer length the main characters of the movies will go to for their goal is ridiculous. All they want is sex and that takes priority over everything else. Sure, by the end of the first movie, they decide it's not that important, but they get it anyway and after that it's all they ever talk about. Even Eugene Levy's character, who as far as we can tell is in a loving relationship with his wife, falls into this: for example, when he buys hardcore pornographic magazines in order to give his son The Talk.
  • There are two male characters in Shame and both are depicted as sex maniacs.

[[folder: Literature]]

  • Scot Adams's book The Dilbert Future predicts the future based on the assumption that all people everywhere are stupid, lazy, and horny. One of his funnier predictions is that the human race is doomed once virtual reality gets cheaper than actual dating...
  • Jane Rizzoli of the Rizzoli & Isles series seems to believe this—she's disgusted with her partner when he falls in love with Dr. Catherine Cordell, accusing him of "falling for what every man falls for—tits and ass". This is in reference to the fact that Cordell is a very attractive woman who couldn't possible have any other qualities that a man might find appealing. She seems to think this of any man linked to an attractive woman, but her negative attitude stems from jealousy because she herself is average-looking and unable to garner similar attention.

[[folder: Live Action TV]]

  • In one episode of Seinfeld, Jerry wrestles with this one. He's dating a woman who's very attractive but also very dumb and unlikable, and he's debating whether or not to break up with her. He says this inner struggle is like a chess game between his brain and his penis.
  • iCarly. One of Carly's prospective dates in an episode wants to do nothing more than make out with her.
  • Frasier
    • In one episode:
    Daphne: Oh, come on Dr. Crane. It's not as if men have never used sex to get what they want.
    Frasier: How can we possibly use sex to get what we want? Sex is what we want!
    • In another episode, Roz is complaining about how she's been flirting with the guy who regularly sits behind her at professional basketball games, but he doesn't appear to fall into this trope. It gets so bad she begins to worry about whether there's something disfiguring about the back of her head that he can see but she can't. Frasier points out that he might be married, gay, or — inconceivably — attending a basketball game to actually watch the game and not trying to score with women.
  • An episode of Chappelle's Show had a parody of What Women Want called What Men Want, where a woman develops the ability to read men's minds. She walks into an elevator, and one by one, every man has some sort of thought about her looks. She's relieved when an eight year old walks into the elevator, and then he turns out to be even worse.
  • The protagonist of I Just Want My Pants Back begins the show incredibly distraught over not having had sex for six whole weeks. However did he keep from slitting his own throat after Week 1?

[[folder: Radio]]

  • This trope was mentioned and joked about in one round of Notes And Queries on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
    Humph: Graeme, this is your question. Is it true that men think about sex every seven seconds?
    Graeme: That is a complete phallus. ...Fallacy!
    Tim: There's a woman in the front row who said 'yes' would you know?
    Barry: I didn't hear the question, I was miles away.

[[folder: Religeon and Mythology]]

  • A genert-inverted example is the Super Hero Origin of Tiresias the Blind Seer. At an earlier point he was turned into a woman for seven years after angering Hera, during which he married and bore children. His manhood was later restored. Later, Zeus and Hera had an argument over who gets greater enjoyment from sex, women or men. Naturally, they asked the one person who'd experienced it both way, and he told them women get ten times as much pleasure from sex as men. Angry, Hera struck him with blindness. To compensate, Zeus gave him the gift of foresight and a long lifespan.
  • Another gender inverted example: the Qur'an has a rule to deal with woman like this. The Qur'an explicitly says that God gave men one-tenth of sexual desire, and women nine-tenths.

[[folder: Theatre]]

  • Avenue Q, of course, has the song (and the trope) "The Internet Is for Porn". All the male characters admit to masturbating to internet porn. Mind, Kate Monster, Christmas Eve, and Lucy the Slut are all pretty lustful themselves, though the play is fairly mum on whether or not they're frequent masturbators.
  • The comedy in Lysistrata originally came from the gender-inverted version. The women lock themselves in the city treasury and say that nobody's getting any cash or any nookie until the war between Athens and Sparta ends. The men don't take it seriously at first, and the women do, indeed, have a very difficult time with the whole "not having sex" thing (the title character had to stop a few of them from trying to sneak out to meet with their husbands), but the men end up being the ones who crack.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
  • Futurama has a short mental hygiene film about the dangers of dating robots.

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    • On Northern Exposure Holling goes to Dr. Fleishman with a problem: ever since she became pregnant, his wife has had less and less interest in sex; but he has "needs," as in several times a day. He tells a story of one time being shipwrecked on an island and after a few days he couldn't stand it, he managed to escape his predicament solely because his "needs" drove him.
    • A joke told on the tv series Dave Allen at Large:
      Scene: A funeral service, a man's wife is being interred. The Priest is consoling the grief-stricken man.
      Man: blubbering, and a bit drunk Me poor Agnes, I'll miss her so. What am I going to do?
      Priest: Be strong, my lad, for the Lord has taken her to Himself and will watch over her, until you're reunited.
      Man: more sobbing Agnes! My love! What am I going to do-boo-hoo?
      Priest: My son, she would want you to remember her love and let it guide you along the rest of your path.
      Man: bawling're gone...what am I going to do-oo-oo?
      Priest: There, there, George. You'll pull through this alright. You've always been a good man.
      Man: more crying I'm all alone...what am I going to do-hoo-hooo?
      Priest: The church has no prohibitions, my son, on remarrying. I'm sure that a fine man like you, will find another good woman to console him through the rest of life's journey.
      Man: sniffling But father...what am I going to do tonight?
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