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The Harder They Fall
Bigger isn't always better.
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How did we miss this one?

So things look bleak. Perhaps the villain just went One-Winged Angel, or maybe it's merely a Giant of some kind. Regardless, the enemy is freaking HUGE. We're talking enormous. Your sword is like a toothpick. Your bullets are like grains of sand. This is not going to go your way. He raises one ponderous foot, slowly...slooooowly...

...and you dodge out of the way easily. Heck, you barely had to walk. Those little grains of sand you shoot may not hurt much, but there's no way you could miss. That toothpick is sharp and strong, and can still hit an artery. It isn't long before your giant opponent is completely at your lilliputian mercy.

Guess it's true that the bigger they are, The Harder They Fall.

Often a cause of Clipped Wing Angel, an inversion of Giant Equals Invincible. Not always a villain, giant-sized heroes can run into this problem as well. This is when being super-size actually serves as a hindrance to a character instead of a benefit.


Anime and Manga
  • In the Kyoto arc of Rurouni Kenshin, one of his first opponents is a giant man who is basically as fast as Kenshin. Kenshin forces him to accelerate to keep up, until his larger size simply can't take the strain and his ankle snaps.
  • In One Piece, Oars Jr is a giant larger than three regular giants standing on each other. Against giants, he does pretty well as they never fight anyone bigger than them. Against small opponents who are used to fighting giants and have impressive firepower of their own, he just presents a massive target, and he falls to focused fire very quickly.

Comic Book
  • In Run, part of the Final Crisis aftermath series, the Human Flame grows into a massive monster made of radioactive slag. He keeps growing bigger and bigger until he can't move under his own weight. It's suggested he might be able to shrink as well, but the thought never occurs to him.

  • In the 'Dresden Files'', one of the Brothers Gruff is a giant in armor the size of an elephant, with his bipedal gait supported on relatively small goat feet. Attempting to turn rapidly on a waxed floor proves to be a very bad idea for a creature his size.

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