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Blue and Orange Morality
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Characters can represent a wide range of moral viewpoints. They can be completely good, completely evil, or somewhere in between. In general, however, they can fit into a Shades of Conflict framework.

Not these characters. Their sense of morality is so alien from anything most people follow, terms such as 'good' and 'evil' simply don't apply. There might be a logic behind their actions, it's just completely divorced from human experience. That doesn't make them bad, although they are often liable to commit acts we would see as horrific; in that case, they're likely to follow these with completely benign behavior, and not act as if anything was the matter. Because in their world, that's just what they do.

Generally tends to refer to a non-human character, in which case the trope helps to emphasize its 'otherness'.


Any others?
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