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Drop the bass
When the percussion pauses and then comes back with a heavier bassline.
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The "drop" is a common feature of Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Brostep (but it can be found in other genres, too). It happens when the percussion of a song pauses for a few seconds, only to come back with a heavier bassline.

There are multiple types of drops:
Type A: Characterized by loud, explosive basses. Common in dubstep and house music, and made popular by artists such as Skrillex.
Type B: A smoother, quieter bassline than a Type A. Often uses a growl or fuzz bass, and is overlaid by synths. Common in variations of dubstep such as smoothstep, and some pop music.
Type C: Involves use of mid-range synths or guitars instead of or accompanying a bass. Used in dubstep and certain genres of rock and metal.


  • The trope namer is Skrillex.
  • Deadmau5
    • Raise Your Weapon at 4:07.
  • Jaga Jazzist
    • "I Could Have Killed Him in the Sauna" (the drop happens at 1:44)
    • "Oslo Skyline" (the drop happens at 2:35).
  • A Hawk And A Hacksaw
    • "A Black and White Rainbow" (the drop happens at 0:49).
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