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That Thing On Your Neck
Pointing out weird quirks in a character's appearance.
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"That thing on your that your ear?"
Norm the Genie to Denzel Crocker, Fairly OddParents

Let's face it: The appearance of a human being is hard to replicate, especially when trying to avoid falling into the Uncanny Valley. In more lighthearted animated works, however, this is usually avoided by having character designs that don't bother with realistic depictions of humankind, instead settling for a more "cartoony" appearance. Usually, the more eccentric features of these characters often go unnoticed within the show's universe...unless the writer decides to get a laugh out of drawing attention to them.

A form of Lampshade Hanging. This usually only applies to animation, as making fun of a real-life actor's physical appearance would just be mean.

Not to be confused with that other thing on your neck. Or that other other thing.

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  • Fairly OddParents Provides the Trope Namer when Norm points out that, yes, Mr. Crocker's ears are located on his neck. Given the show's love for running gags, this was referenced in later episodes.
  • Family Guy has repeatedly pointed out that Peter's chin looks like balls. An Alternate Universe episode where Stewie was the King of England also gave us this:
    Stewie: (paraphrasing) I'm the king! Haven't you seen my picture on the new coin?
    Peter: Oh yeah, the ones with your profile. You know, your head looks really weird from the side.
  • In one episode of The Simpsons, Homer disagrees with the idea of his father marrying Marge's mother because he believes that would mean his marriage to Marge would be incest. He then imagines what their kids would look like if they were inbred and "deformed", ie: non-yellow skin, no overbites and five fingers on each hand as opposed to four.
  • "Move it, Football Head!"
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