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Triangle Shades

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These are the absolute coolest variety of cool shades. Rather than those frightfully dull oval, circular, or square lenses, the lenses in these shades are in the shape of isosceles triangles, joined at one point and with the shortest sides resting on the bridge of the nose.

A variation is for robots to have their actual eyes in this shape. This serves no purpose other than looking cool.


  • Kamina of Gurren Lagann starts off with a pair, and everybody gets in on the act towards the end of the series.
  • Squirtle in Pokémon has a pair that he whips out every no and then.

  • The ABC Warriors probably made this trope famous; depending on their current bodies, at least a few of the titular robots have them at any one time. Hammerstein and Mek-Quake are the most fond of theme.
  • The character designs in Transformers Animated were influenced by those of ABC Warriors, and that famously included the eyes.
  • As if the humans having them wasn't enough, the Gunmen in Gurren Lagann also sport triangle shade-shaped optical receptors.
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