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Male Frontal Nudity
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I tried to make a YKTTW a few months ago, it's gone now, so I'll try again.

We all know that the Moral Guardians of America loathe and fear the female nipple. But there is one thing that is more vile, disgusting, and taboo in their eyes: A penis. In fact, it's not just prudish Moral Guardians that get upset when one does make an appearance on the movie screen. Most writers (and directors, and producers, and movie-goers) are male. And straight. And are somehow convinced that seeing a penis will turn them gay (they must not ever look in the mirror while nude then).

So, when one does er, pop up in a film (and that is indeed a lame pun, since erect penises are not allowed in mainstream films), whether it be Fanservice, Fan Disservice, or just there, expect it to be the only thing anyone talks about.

In Europe, they don't make a real big deal about nudity in general, so there are a lot more examples from their films.

American examples:
  • Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. There was a lot of controversy about this. It's pretty much all non-fans know about the film, in fact.
  • Brüno had a talking penis. Or So I Heard... and had the displeasure of seeing an animated gif of. D:
  • Robin Williams in The Fisher King.
  • Would Bart Simpson in The Simpsons Movie count?
  • According to Wikipedia, Kinsey was the first film permitted to show uncensored genitalia in Japan. And Liam Neeson fangirls (and some fanboys) did rejoice.
  • Color of Night had Bruce Willis's penis.
  • Walk Hard does this for laughs.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall has Jason Segel doing two full-frontal scenes for laughs.
  • Boogie Nights with a fake penis.
  • Arnold Schwartzenager in the first Terminator film, at least in one of the DVD releases.
  • Jonah Falcon, in several documentaries.

European examples:

Non-film examples:
  • When Daniel Radcliffe starred in Equus, there were a million jokes about Harry Potter showing his "wand".
  • Gokuu's penis was censored out of Dragon Ball for the American release.
  • In South Park Cartman's naked penis was far more important than the fact that they threw a shrunken into Butters' eye.
  • Channel Four's notorious one-off gameshow Naked Jungle was just that... a jungle adventure game where all the contestants and the presenter were nude, with no censorship.
  • Shin-chan (although recent episodes pixellate his penis).
  • The boys in Doraemon have this hapen to them lots of times. Lots.
  • Non-film: Ian Mac Kellen's recent run as King Lear had him going nude as a part of Lear's madness
  • The Venture Brothers had Dr. Venture having a flashback to seeing his father's giant penis. later got Henry Killinger's face on the end of it and it Talked to Rusty.

Feel free to expand... I mean add to this.
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