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Mystic Eye Of Depth Perception
A mundane skill narrated as something awe-inspiring
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The title refers to binocular vision, as in "having a second eye allows you to see in 3D!".Inspired by this little article (don't click on any othe the links or your count will soon explode). Basically a skill that's described in a very overblown way, to awe the reader as much as possible. Many legitimately magical skills can be described this way, when in their setting they should feel a lot more habitual to the POV characters, but this is especially blatant when the skills already exist in our world.

  • This article tries to give us a good appreciation of how awesome the five sense plus "reason" are, by describing them like they were superpowers. It works, too, in a way.
  • Dune is filled to the brim with this when it comes to mentat and Bene Gesserit ways: sure, you need exceptionally gifted, intelligent, skilled, well-trained humans to achieve the stuff they do, but it's still just Hyper Awarenes, a sense of the Sherlock Scan and the ability to use all that information to plan Xanatos Gambits for the former, and The Power of Acting and reading people in the latter. The only real superpowers are blatantly impossible stuff such as deliberate manipulation of molecules and Genetic Memory. As for the QuidditchKwizatch Haderach, his prescience power seems to be simply the ability to extrapolate future events from current data, treated as some sort of Vison Quest.
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