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Dependable Brown Eyes
A character's brown eyes symbolise their dependability.
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This is part of a TRS mandated split of Brown Eyes, which tends to get misused for any character with brown eyes.

Possible alternative names: Trustworthy Brown Eyes, Brown Eyes Of Stability

The color brown, being associated with earth, is symbolic of sturdiness and dependability. For that reason, a character with brown eyes can have that color, not because it's the most common eye color, but because it symbolizes this aspect of their personality.

Expect a character with brown eyes to be down-to-earth, trustworthy, loyal, calm, and/or stable. They may frequently be the Only Sane Man or in a Mentoring role.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • Luna (as a cat in the anime) in Sailor Moon has brown eyes and is the (supposedly) down-to-earth mentor to the main heroine.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Street Smart and intensely loyal Jonouchi Katsuya/Joey Wheeler has golden-brown eyes.
  • The wise, calm and caring healer Tanda from Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit.
  • Bleach: Sado and Ichigo are both down-to-earth and trustworthy and they have the brown eyes to go with it (slightly different shades of brown to each other).
  • Lucy Heartphilia of Fairy Tail has brown eyes, which indicates her tendency to play the Only Sane Woman of her team.
  • Nami and Robin from One Piece are also, in individually different ways, the Only Sane Women of their group, Robin being the stoic one with no exaggerated facial expressions nor Large Ham tendencies, while Nami is probably the one with most common sense - and both of them have brown eyes. Throughout most of the series, Nami's irises are drawn completely black and only shining with brown colors in moments of strong emotions, but recently she is drawn with obvious brown eyes most of the time thanks to Art Evolution.
  • Tsuna of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! -in the anime, at least. (He has Eyes of Gold in the manga instead, inherited from Vongola Primo). He happens to be the Only Sane Man in the main cast and is also unfortunately the series's main Butt Monkey.

  • Discworld's Tiffany Aching and Agnes Nitt are both sensible and reluctantly brown-eyed.
  • Elene from The Night Angel Trilogy has brown eyes, in accordance to her calming and patient role in the story.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • Djaq from the BBC's Robin Hood had large brown eyes, was a wise and stabilising force in the outlaw camp, and had a wounded puppy-dog look that could tear your heart out. Notable mainly because almost everyone else in the cast had blue eyes.
  • Glitch of SyFy's Tin Man has big brown eyes. They're a sign of his trustworthiness and bravery, since he's anything but stable.
  • Neil and Mike of The Young Ones both have brown eyes. Out of the four flatmates, their personalities are the most low-key and down-to-earth -- well, as down-to-earth as you can get on the show -- and contrast wildly with those of the noticeably younger, Hot-Blooded Rick and Vyvyan (who both have blue eyes).
  • Niles Crane on Frasier, in contrast to his brother's blue eyes while he is more rigid, neurotic and fussy than Frasier, he is also more down-to-earth and practical (not to mention Woobieish) and often plays the Straight Man to his brother's overblown, self-deluding shenanigans.
  • Hurley of Lost has brown eyes and is one of the most stable of the Losties. Jack, the physician and leader, also has brown eyes.
  • Cameron of The Sarah Connor Chronicles has brown eyes, which do fit with the notion of stability and trustworthiness; since she's a machine whose primary purpose is protecting John, she is pretty much incapable of not being trustworthy. Until her processor gets damaged.

[[folder:Video Games]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • Dib from Invader Zim has brown eyes; somewhat fitting, since he is possibly the sanest character in the show.

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