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The Worlds Greatest Noun

Somebody/something is described as the greatest, most famous, great, best ever, etc.

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A title trope to describes someone is the greatest of his/her profession. In fiction, in order to say you are the best and that none can top you, you better have the words "World's Greatest" or "Ever Lived" in your name in order for people to recognize you and be known throughout (although some tend to reuse this title for their own). This turns out into a calling card. In general, you are the number one example.

The title can also exist in Real Life. But unlike in fiction which the title is given by writers, this title is earned in real life, either by being the greatest known expert of the profession or self-proclamation. But sometimes self-proclamation is rebuffed hard if people disagree.

Compare to Adjective Noun Fred. Subtropes include The World's Strongest Man, the World's Most Beautiful Woman, and the Fastest Gun in the West.


Anime and Manga
  • Lupin III aka Arsene Lupin III is The World's Greatest Thief.
  • Death Note - The Hero Protagonist L is the The World's Greatest Detective
    • If Batman is the world's greatest detective in comics, Holmes in literature, L is the world's greatest detective in manga.

Comic Books
  • Batman is named The World's Greatest Detective in the DC Universe
    • In Detective Comics #572, Batman and Sherlock Holmes actually met. So now there was two World's Greatest Detective.
  • Flash is The Fastest Man Alive or The Fastest Man In The World.
  • Hellblazer - The protagonist John Constantine is named The World's Greatest Con Man.
  • Hawkeye himself is self-proclaimed as The World's Greatest Marksman.
  • Hellboy is known in his universe as The World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator.
  • Richie Rich is The World's Richest Kid.
    • The name is abused much in the series. His billionaire dad is The World's Richest Man. His mom is The World's Richest Woman. And even Richie's dog Dollar is named The World's Richest Dog.

  • In a trailer for Pink Panther 2, Inspector Clouseau is named as The World's Greatest Detective. Although this is not yet official (or recognized).
  • 1973 Disney film The World's Greatest Athlete.
  • World's Greatest Dad
  • The film The Fastest Gun Alive - don't be fooled by the name. Its the gunslingers who are the fastest, not the guns.
  • In Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet, Nick Carter is a Great Detective and Famed In-Story Up to Eleven. He's frequently called America's Greatest Detective. He even has a signed photo of Sherlock Holmes in his office, with this note: "If I were not Holmes, I should wish to be Carter. Yours ever, Sherlock" It's a Shout-Out to Alexander the Great, paraphrasing his famous quote about himself and the greatest current Greek philosopher Diogenes.


Live Action Television

Real Life
  • Anyone who earned being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records is this trope. But those titles aren't permanent and must be defended, or someone else may take it away.
  • The World's Strongest Man is an annual competition taking place around Christmas time and pits strongmen from all over the shop in a very broad range of events designed to test all-round strength. The current record holder for an assisted bench press is Ryan Kennelly at 1,070 pounds.
  • Beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe.
  • The late Bob Munden earned his name as Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived by the Guiness World Record.
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