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Mess of Woe
A character's living quarters go to pot in the throes of grief.
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A character is growing the Beard of Sorrow and indulging Drowning My Sorrows in his woe — both so seriously he Forgets to Eat. Naturally, he's not going to be picking up after himself.

May overlap Men Can't Keep House, because this trope is more male than female. Can also involve Rage Against the Reflection.

Compare Trash of the Titans.


  • A rare female example occurs in PS. I Love You after the protagonist's husband dies. She stops leaving the house, eschews bathing or cleaning up the piling trash and dishes in favor of slumping around in her dead husband's shirts, reenacting old movies line-by-line. ((Luckily he knew she'd react this way and has set a plan in motion to snap her out of it.))
  • Happens to Harry Dresden in the space between the books Grave Peril and Summer Knight in The Dresden Files due to traumatic events in Grave Peril.
  • In The Rose Tattoo, Serafina dresses very properly for husband, but after he dies she descends to hardly dressing at all.

Video Games
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution Adam Jensen's apartment is a complete mess. although the game implies he's also depressed about his unwilling augmentation as well as finding out his dog got euthanized not just about Megan's death.

Visual Novel
  • Happens to Takayuki in Rumbling Hearts after Haruka falls into coma. If it weren't for Mitsuki, his place would have been even worse off.

Web Comics
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